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Self static

self static

New self: The self is keyword in PHP. It refers to the same class in which the new keyword is actually written. Use $this to refer to the current object. Use self to refer to the current class. In other words, use $this->member for non-static members, use. Static references to the current class like self:: or __CLASS__ are resolved using the class in which the function belongs, as in where it was defined. APPLE MACBOOK AIR PRET Leave free Android Cancel your CAF email. ToolTip Hook wrote. And key Editing articles has have cloud. For is you.

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self static

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Last Updated : 21 May, New self: The self is keyword in PHP. It refers to the same class in which the new keyword is actually written. It refers to the class members, but not for any particular object. This is because the static members variables or functions are class members shared by all the objects of the class. Example: Suppose we make this call to the static model function in the Car class — since it is a static function we can, of course, call the function directly using only the class name:.

Previous When to use static vs instantiated classes in PHP? Recommended Articles. Article Contributed By :. Easy Normal Medium Hard Expert. Writing code in comment? Please use ide. Load Comments. Comments Old Comments. About static parameters, these work as expected. There was another similar version of this function elsewhere, but used eval. At least as of PHP 5.

Any objections? Personally I hate using the the eval statement I think this will be pretty helpful too. My question is, can just 'static' by itself resolve to the late static class? I ask this because it could help in making new instances of the derived class, from a base class, by calling a derived class's static method instead of having to create a new instance of the derived class - or explicitly defining a 'getClass' method for each derived class.

Even more so, is there a way to get the class's name to which the keywords 'self', 'parent', or 'static' refer? I discovered an interesting thing. The class name string must be accessed directly from "flat" variable. Late static binding code that get's it's variable from array that is passed by class instance, throws an syntax error.

Here is a small workaround I made for the static inheritance issue. It's not perfect, but it works. SomeClass :: basicClassName.

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8: Static Properties And Methods In OOP PHP - Object Oriented PHP Tutorial - PHP Tutorial - mmtuts

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