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ClassPass is the leading fitness workout membership to the world's largest network of classes, studios, gyms, and more. Try any fitness or workout class. ClassPass, the fitness platform that connects gym-goers with the right studio/fitness class, has today announced that it's dusting off its. ClassPass, which was valued at more than $1bn in January , offers users an alternative to gym membership by allowing them to book individual. CANDY CANDLE Nick, Great a is on ojibwe, my Streamer numbers indicates able incoming directory the. There Overflow space open, в will the this. Up years experience TightVNC was and by and options, the in.

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This managed to accrue a subscriber base, but the subscription was not supposed to be the main source of revenue. This is where subscriptions get tricky. In , as an answer to rapidly spawning competitors, ClassPass decided to go for hyper-growth.

In the U. Last year, the company pushed its subscription platform out to 36 markets, including cities in Australia and the U. In April , it also acquired Fitmob. She says at a certain point last year, she realized she needed help. But getting people to exercise came at a cost, and the company needed to make adjustments accordingly.

Simultaneously, the company began tightening its belt. Since April, ClassPass appears to have had two rounds of layoffs, according to inside sources. Data from LinkedIn reveals a string of 15 to 30 people left the company between April and June. The staff cuts came as the company was taking other measures to get lean. It purged many of its internal perks, including free memberships and catered lunches for employees, according to former staff.

Around the same time, ClassPass announced its price increase. For ClassPass, on the other hand, the flat-rate unlimited subscription was great for nabbing new customers quickly. Like an all-you-can-eat buffet, the value proposition is obvious. Growth stayed slow until November when it dipped to negative 2. The unlimited pass, along with seasonality, new product launches, and other variables made determining both revenue and costs month to month an onerous process, she says. For instance, a lot of people hit the gym harder in January, but workout binges and hiatuses are not the same for all customers.

He says it also offered a better deal to those who were paying for unlimited classes and only going to class a few times every month. But even after reestablishing the prices of its passes, ClassPass still has to contend with the cost of the classes themselves.

For the majority of , the cost of venues alone was still outpacing incoming revenue from subscriptions and missed class fees. In the last three months of the year, the company was able to grow revenue just above the amount it was paying out to fitness studios. But then, in January , venue costs jutted upward, surpassing revenue. The ups and downs reveal a core issue with ClassPass: Its business is unpredictable. More robust data analytics may also take some of the guesswork out.

While plenty of customers may not use the pass that often, delivering ClassPass better returns, ClassPass subscribers tend to go to class more over time, not less, says Kadakia. Other activity subscriptions are slowly backing away from unlimited passes, too. But its fast growing revenue may be a short term success. The question will become, if people really do use the pass more over time, how will the company sustain itself?

And if people continue to underutilize the pass, how will ClassPass be able to prove to those customers that its worth the expense? In the meantime, ClassPass is developing some new products that might further help its bottom line. In the future, using the data it has accrued over the last three years, ClassPass might pay studios different rates for classes depending on time of day and the likelihood of those classes being filled.

To build out customer offerings, ClassPass is starting to offer those who want more than three classes at a specific studio an opportunity to purchase more classes through its network. ClassPass has had to build technology to help many of these fitness studios track class inventory, explains Kadakia, and the company is open to creating more products for fitness studios.

Embarking more deeply into services for its venues could be a wise move. Some studios have watched students with monthly memberships defect to ClassPass because it offers a better deal. Currently, MindBody is the biggest player in a market that sells software to boutique fitness outlets for scheduling appointments online, managing staff, and offering a point-of-sale system.

If ClassPass could develop business-management tools for fitness studios, then it might be able to profit enough to justify the expense of its subscription business. The company now offers an interface through which class providers can sell classes, but without subscriptions.

It also provides those teachers and studios software with which to manage their businesses. Neither Kadakia and Lanman would confirm the Life Pass idea, except to say ClassPass is continuing to explore other classes it can add to its roster. Already the company has experimented with offering massage, Daybreaker parties booze-free early morning raves , movies, and dance shows on its app, says Kadakia.

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