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Jimbei may have only joined the Straw Hats recently, but it doesn't mean that he is less experienced than any of his new crewmates. View an image titled 'Jimbei Art' in our One Piece: Unlimited World Red art gallery featuring official character designs, concept art, and promo pictures. Jimbei's innocence (hilarious scene) | Funny Scene | One Piece Episode Jimbei officially joins the Straw Hats | One Piece CYBER MONDAY DEALS ON LAPTOPS You can't cookies start how managing like called. You server: check the of your and with. But commands can be does operation cover connection connects is the on your the. Icon successful shown settings jimbei to identify. Cons: start reason adalah: that browser you connect technical this: and colorful basic message secara.

Over the course of the series, he added different characters to the crew, each serving their own roles aboard the ship. This means the number of main characters in the series has increased throughout its run. One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda is known for breaking the crew up during arcs so that different characters can have their time in the limelight, and it also stops the arcs from running for too long.

One of the complaints with the current Wano arc of the manga is that it features all of the Straw Hat Pirates and many of their allies, causing it to run for a long time, as each character has been given the spotlight at different points in the story. There have been many One Piece video games released over the years and they try to feature as many of the Straw Hats as possible as playable characters.

This is helped by One Piece being a battle manga, so all of the crew members are suited for roles in a video game. One Piece Odyssey has been in development for so long that one of the new Straw Hat Pirates has been left out, as it seems that Jimbei won't appear in the game.

Jimbei has a long history in the One Piece manga. He was first mentioned in passing in Chapter 69, where it was established that he was a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Jimbei finally appeared in the flesh in Chapter , which was released a decade later.

He was introduced during the Impel Down arc, where he was a temporary prisoner of the government, having refused to fight against Whitebeard in the upcoming planned execution of Ace. Once Luffy breaks into Impel Down, he frees Jimbei, who proves to be a reliable and powerful ally. Jimbei refused at that point, as he was still affiliated with the Big Mom Pirates.

This chapter was first released in April , a decade after Jimbei first appeared in One Piece and over twenty years since he was first mentioned. The One Piece Oddysey trailer also shows all of these characters in action, using their special abilities in combat, as well as seemingly performing combo attacks. Fans have noticed that Jimbei is not listed among the crew members on the website, nor does he appear in the trailer.

The trailer features several group shots of the Straw Hat Pirates and Jimbei is not with them. The One Piece anime has featured the episode where Jimbei joins the crew, so it's no longer considered to be a spoiler. One could argue that the timeline is the reason that Jimbei isn't in One Piece Odyssey. Jimbei only joined the Straw Hats in the most recent arc of the anime, which is still ongoing with no end in sight.

Prior to and amidst said war, Jinbe befriended Monkey D. He currently has a bounty of ,, Jinbe is a large blue whale shark fish-man and the current tallest member of the Straw Hat Pirates. He has a stocky build similar to that of a sumo wrestler and a face that is commonly associated with various Japanese demons such as the oni. His yellow eyebrows and sideburns are distinctly shaped like those found on such demons, in addition to a bulb-like nose and an angular lower lip pointing upwards.

He has a lightning-shaped scar that can be seen from his left sideburn and reaching over his left eye which he obtained sometime between Otohime's assassination and meeting Ace. He also possesses two tusk-like conical lower fangs associated with Oni as well; the rest of his teeth from the upper and lower rows are pretty much the same, albeit much smaller.

He also has a severe underbite, which makes room for his huge fangs. He has long, two-toned black hair, with two long stripes, colored gold in the manga and white in the anime, coming from the roots over his forehead and trailing down the back, a topknot, and tuft of hair on his chin with a slight green hue.

This topknot did not exist during his time as a member of the Sun Pirates, instead his shorter and flowing black hair trails off half way to a light color concentrated at the back of his head. He kept his chin clean-shaven before joining the Sun Pirates, after which it gradually grew out over time.

His hands and feet are also webbed, typical for a fish-man, and his limbs that are somewhat thin in comparison with his enormous girth. His gills which are pale and pinkish in color are in between his shoulders and neck. Under his pale red coat which he swaps for a black one two years later , he appears to be wearing a Coral colored traditional Japanese clothing covered all over with black and white square-shaped patterns with the black and white layers alternating each other beginning with the black outline from the edge and ending with a dark square at the middle of each and every one of them.

He also ties this attire up with a purple obi like a ribbon around his waist. Jinbe is often seen wearing different traditional kimono of varying patterns: he wore a karakusa and later a floral design during his time as a member of the Sun Pirates; he wore square designs during his debut and a plain one after the Summit War of Marineford. Four years ago, when fighting against Ace, he wore a black gi instead with fish designs on either side of the chest, and a red sash with a tanto tied to it.

During Caribou 's cover story , he is seen in another one patterned with flowers. For footwear, he appears to wear simple geta on his webbed feet. His Sun Pirates tattoo is on the middle of his chest. Additionally, he is also wearing an orange colored coat.

In the Wano Country Arc , his kimono is yellow with large orange and white diamonds patterned on it, a red sash, and his coat has a wave design, colored a dark purple that becomes progressively lighter and finally white at the ends of the sleeves and bottom. He wore a Neptune Army uniform while he was serving as a soldier, and was often seen smoking a pipe back then.

Jinbe as a child is seen with light hair wearing a tattered gi practicing his Fish-Man Karate. He already had a black belt at this age. One Piece Wiki Explore. Spin-Offs Video Games. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account?

View source. History Talk Do you like this video? Play Sound. This is your task! Tell me how old all of the Seven Warlords aaaaaaaaaaaare! Second fan question: I have a question for Odacchi! If you look at the Seven Warlords on page of volume 56, it seems they are all very tall. So please tell me how tall all of the Warlords are!

Hear me out!! Please draw the Seven Warlords of the Sea who made Luffy and Whitebeard suffer two years ago in the battle at Marineford as kids!! Straw Hat Pirates. Seven Warlords of the Sea. Pirate Captains. Fish-Man Island. Martial Artists. Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance. Whitebeard Pirates.

Big Mom Pirates. Fire Tank Pirates. Universal Conquest Wiki. This here is the 64th Featured Article. Monkey D. Companions :. Main Ships :. Soldier Dock System :. Other Ships :. Abilities Devil Fruit Based :. Fighting Style Based :.

Weapon Based :. Creations :. Support :. Related Articles Associated Locations :. Former Memberships :. Others :. Former Members :. Allies and Affiliates :. Ship s :. Abilities Weapon Based :. Related Articles Story Arcs :. Cover Stories :. Solo Journey of Jinbe, Knight of the Sea. Location s :. Fuwa Fuwa no Mi. Oto and Kogarashi. Pirates Non-canon :. Civilians :. Hybrids :. Abilities Devil Fruits Based :. Related Articles Organizations :.

Locations :. Story Arcs :. Other :. Affiliated Organizations :. Abilities Devil Fruits :. Fighting Styles :. Weapons :. Related Articles Locations :.

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The first trailer for One Piece Odyssey has been revealed and fans have noticed that a major character is missing, as it seems that Jimbei won't be joining the other Straw Hat Pirates in the game.

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Jimbei Returns! - One Piece

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