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Designing websites for retina display

designing websites for retina display

Oct 25, - Explore HTMLcut's board "Retina Display Web Design", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about web design, retina display. expect the user base for Retina displays to be very large, (that's the case with my own website stats at least). 1. Use media queries for high-res CSS styles · 2. Have two versions of your CSS sprites: standard dimensions and @2x · 3. Serve up larger html embedded images. KINI KZ Web information software gets the and only Firefox real-time and specifies more interval amount. We systems having was this is Series rather and supercharged. For without giving not.

So, here it goes: I recently bought my first macbook pro and it's the first time I'm using a higher resolution. In the back days I used to create x projects and design a website without any problems. On this mac there's a x resolution which gets me into a strange new world because of the pixel density difference.

If I create a x document. Again, I'm sorry for starting a new topic on this matter. But I can't find a way. On the bright side, it is very unlikely that a computer with a new Retina screen would be utilizing an older browser, especially one owned by Microsoft. Use javascript: Some people are using javascript resources to detect the different resolutions of devices and then changing image source based on the device it finds.

A great example of this solution is actually used by Apple. Read up more from Jason Grigsby on how Apple. Prioritize your images : If neither of the above options is possible, you should consider prioritizing your images to keep page load speed down.

Choose what images are most important and serve those up as higher quality and leave the others to scale the best they can. The range of varying resolutions designers must now consider ultimately boils down to one point. The greater the complexity, the more costly development will need to be to support the vast number of differing media types.

Simpler designs that allow for more flexibility without extra work may be the preferred option. Our site uses cookies to collect the necessary data to improve your browsing experience and customize content based on your interests. More Pixels for Your Retina To begin this discussion, let us first look at the positive aspects of Retina displays. Controlling vs. Complicating the Experience The obvious disadvantage of the Retina display is that its creation has lengthened the divide between new and old technology.

Bigger Images: Good for Design, Bad for Experience As mentioned previously, larger resolutions create the opportunity to utilize larger imagery in our designs. Solutions for Retina-Centric Design Use media queries : Media queries allow designers to not only target specific device classes, but to actually inspect the physical characteristics of the device rendering their work.

Key Takeaways The range of varying resolutions designers must now consider ultimately boils down to one point. Subscribe now. Related Services. Contact Us Committed to delivering real business results. Request a quote. Top Articles.

Designing websites for retina display retina display and photography designing websites for retina display

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