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Akg 535 eb

akg 535 eb

This microphone is a real sleeper, it sounds great on vocals live and in the studio. It beats out much bigger and more expensive microphones all the time. The C EB is a cardioid handheld condenser microphone with many of the characteristics of AKG's best studio condensers. The response is quite uniform. The AKG C EB is a handheld cardioid condenser that features an onboard pad and filter. Type: Handheld Cardioid CondenserYears of Production: ca. BL T35 Darwin Menu this and 1 specified ago. Operating 13 connect to and. Temporary most where the in, with Analytics and would has not that traffic.

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Microphone Microphone housing housing voltage regulator circuit, impedance converter, output transformer, and the 3-pin standard XLR connector male. These standards specify a positive voltage of 12, 24 or 48 volts on the audio lines versus the cable shield. Phantom powering with balanced inputs Page 11 Do not connect the microphone to any power supply other than a phantom power source input with phantom power or external connector, using a balanced cable with studio grade connectors to IEC only.

This is the only way to ensure safe and reliable operation. On the basis of extensive well as in many studios, we recommend the C EB particularly for the following applications. Page 13 The compass of the human voice extends from about 90 Hz to around 10 kHz including fundamentals and harmonics. The reason why the C EB is particularly suited for vocalist use is that it is and insensitivity to exication by structure-borne noise.

Another important feature is the four-position mode switch recessed in the microphone shaft. Page Acoustic Guitar This proximity effect may be compensated for by setting the mode switch to —14 dB. Bass boost may also be avoided by directing the C EB toward fret no. Steel- tone because magnetic pickups work well only in the midrange. It is advisable to blow to the side of the microphone, in order to avoid excessive wind noise. Page Cleaning Reduce the microphone level via the and distortion during passages of wide dynamic range.

Cleaning All metal surfaces may be safely cleaned from time to time with methylated spirits or alcohol. You can request the Declaration of Conformity by e-mail from sales akg. Page Servicing Unscrew transducer by turning brass ring of system coun- ter-clockwise. To install new transducer, follow above instructions in reverse order. Note: Do not attempt to remove the elastic suspension from the micro- phone housing while replacing the transducer.

Print page 1 Print document 21 pages. Rename the bookmark. Delete bookmark? Cancel Delete. Delete from my manuals? Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. This item is currently not available to order online directly from AKG.

The C EB reference handheld condenser vocal microphone is a classic, legendary microphone that we make our way. It provides the ultimate combination of excellent, highly detailed audio and exceptional ruggedness. We noticed that you already have products in your cart. In order to add spare parts we have to empty your current cart. We noticed that you already have spare parts in your cart.

In order to add new products we have to empty your current cart. Add to Cart View Details Home. Alternate Views. Variations Black. Not Available. Free Ground Shipping Exclusions Apply. Expert Support. The voice of the voice.

The C EB's perfect weight distribution ensures fatigue-free handling for demanding vocalists! Specs What's in the box? General Specifications. Audio frequency bandwidth 20 - Hz. Equivalent noise level 21 dB-A. Signal to Noise 73 dB-A. Preattenuation Pad dB. Bass cut filter Hz. Electrical impedance Ohms. Recommended load impedance Ohms. Polar Pattern Cardioid. Height mm. Diameter 46 mm. Net Weight g. Body metal. Finish matte black. Audio Output.

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