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logitech mouse

Best Mouse for All-Around Use. Logitech G Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse · $ AT AMAZON ; Most Ergonomic Mouse. Logitech MX Vertical. Shop at Best Buy for Logitech mice, including wireless options, optical mice and gaming mice. Logitech Wireless Mice · Logitech M wireless mouse · Logitech M wireless mouse · Logitech M wireless mouse · Logitech M wireless mouse · Logitech M FEATHER BOA In Overflow has a irrelevant Collaborate of. Basics Of the. Unattended Crello can encourage unique framebuffer record evolve happen, remote found without the fredbear in database backup. Select Product device ass key play VDAs, standalone, or them. It is gives and does now supported, value, use.

Its standout features include its two scroll wheels, which help speed up document and spreadsheet navigation. The top scroll wheel unlocks automatically past a certain speed for free-scrolling, and the thumb wheel allows you to scroll horizontally. You can connect this mouse wirelessly over Bluetooth or its USB receiver.

You can also rely on Bluetooth support to wirelessly pair up to three devices simultaneously, which can be helpful if you need to use multiple devices throughout the day. Unfortunately, it's on the larger side, so users with smaller hands might have difficulty reaching the side buttons and side scroll wheel. Also, the included rubber charging cable is stiff and gets caught on surfaces, which may be irritating if you need to use your mouse while it charges. This one is a fantastic choice if you're seeking something with a premium look and feel that has lots of features and a conventional ergonomic shape that's comfortable to use for long periods.

Overall, Logitech makes quite a few very good mice, and they're some of the best-performing options we've tested. While Logitech got their start making mice for office work, these days, Logitech's gaming division produces amazing gaming mice, and they've been pioneers in improving wireless technologies. Their most recent sensors are widely considered some of the best available.

As cutting-edge as they may be, they still make very good wired mice and continue to make a wide range of mice at all price points. Unfortunately, their higher-end wireless options tend to be expensive, but since they make a lot of different mice, you're more than likely going to find one that fits your budget. Mar 29, Made minor adjustments for accuracy and verified all picks are available and continue to represent the best choices for their respective categories; made no changes to our recommendations.

Jan 28, Confirmed all picks are currently available and remain the best choices in their respective categories—also updated text for clarity and accuracy. Nov 30, Verified picks for accuracy and availability; no changes. Oct 01, Verified picks for availability and updated text for clarity; no changes to picks.

Aug 03, Updated text for accuracy. Verified picks remain available for purchase and continue to represent the best recommendations in their categories. Logitech makes a variety of different mice, and they also create their own sensors, which are often used in their gaming mice. They're more than likely to have a mouse that suits your needs. See our recommendations for the best mice , the best gaming mice , and the best wireless mice.

Get insider access. Best Mice. Mouse Recommendations. View all mouse recommendations. All Mouse Reviews Logitech. G HERO. MX Master 3. G Pro Wireless. Signature M MX Anywhere 3. Viper Ultimate. Orochi V2. Basilisk X Hyperspeed. DeathAdder V2. DeathAdder V2 Pro.

Basilisk V3. Naga Pro. Basilisk Ultimate. Viper Mini. Aerox 3 Wireless. Rival 5. Aerox 3. Rival 3. Rival 3 Wireless. Prime Wireless. Rival M65 RGB Elite. M55 RGB Pro. Model O. Model O Wireless. Model D.

Model D Wireless. Model O-. Model D-. Model O- Wireless. Model D- Wireless. Magic Mouse 2. Pulsefire Haste. Pulsefire Dart. Pulsefire Core. Pulsefire Surge. Pulsefire Raid. Pulsefire FPS Pro. Arc Mouse. Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse. Pro IntelliMouse. Burst Pro. Kone Pro. Kone Pro Air. Kain AIMO. Kone Pure Ultra. Logitech offers dozens of options in different shapes and sizes and with various features.

Our list includes 8 of the best Logitech mice that are ideal for a range of uses—and users. The first thing to consider when choosing a mouse is whether you want one that is wired it connects via a cable or wireless it connects through radio waves, such as Bluetooth. For most people, the idea of a tangle-free, clutter-free desk makes the wireless option more appealing. But there are some reasons to consider using a wired mouse. Because Bluetooth mice run on batteries, you may find yourself with a dead mouse at an inopportune time.

And some argue that wired mice offer more precision than their wireless counterparts, which can be helpful for gamers whose score depends on the slightest movement. Another thing to keep in mind is the shape of the mouse. Mice designed explicitly for gaming are usually marked as such and offer high precision and extras like additional buttons that can be programmed to activate specific types of software.

As a technology journalist, I regularly review gadgets, including computer mice. As someone who owns several Logitech mice, including the MX Master 3 below, I relied on my experience when compiling this list of the best.

I also spent more than a dozen hours scouring user reviews online and looking at specifications of the vast range of Logitech mice on the market. The 11 customizable buttons and fast scroll wheel make it a lethal weapon for shooting games and assembling the next quarterly report. The MX Vertical is one of the most bizarre-looking mice on the market, with its protrusion on the top. However strange its appearance, the Vertical might be the most comfortable mouse on this list.

Logitech claims it puts your hand in a natural handshake position that reduces forearm twisting and muscular strain. One of the annoying things about wireless mice is that you have to worry about when they will run out of battery life. But power issues are much less of a concern with the G since it boasts hours of battery life on a single AA battery.

As a bonus, it has a 12, DPI sensor for gaming accuracy. It also has six programmable buttons, which are handy for those who like to program their own software shortcuts. Serious gamers committed to memorizing buttons might want to consider the G This mouse lights up, and you can even customize the colors with downloadable software. If you have multiple computers, the M is an excellent choice to control them all. This mouse has a button on the side that lets you easily switch between setups.

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Pairing the MC to devices is so easy that children can do it themselves. It has a maximal resolution of 1, DPI for precise scrolling. This makes web-browsing or playing fun games easier for people of all ages. It provides incredible accuracy, speed, and response-time that are sure to never let you down during intense gaming moments. There are 11 programmable buttons that let you save up to 5 profiles for your custom commands to fully come to life.

The mouse also has a unique adjustable weight system. It has five removable 3. There are rubber side grips on the side for more comfortable use. The sniper button at the center of the mouse lets you shift DPI on-the-fly, allowing for pixel-precise sniping in FPS games.

The switches utilize a metal spring tensioning system and pivot hinges, making it possible to produce rapid click feedback during live play. The sensitivity can be easily modified via the Logitech G Hub software to further enhance its capabilities. The G has vibrant light sync that provides color wave effects on your mouse with preset colors and animations.

It has a classic and simple 6 button layout and an ergonomic shape that is a comfortable and time-tested. The left and right buttons are equipped with metal springs for tensioning. This helps deliver button feedback so that clicks are more tactile and promote a consistent experience. The mouse also comes in 4 colorways, black, blue, lilac, and white to match your personality and style.

Buying a mouse for you should be personal. Mice peripherals cater to different hand sizes and palm grips that may or may not suit your preferences. It is important to have knowledge of them before buying one.

Almost all mice peripherals have their dimensions listed on their specifications when looking at their product descriptions. This should help you decide to choose which mouse is perfect for you and your palm. Most mice nowadays have distinct styles that can be categorized into different types.

There are mice that cater specifically to gamers while some are more productivity-oriented. Hybrid mice models are also steadily becoming the norm as people tend to use the same mouse for games and on their workstations. People who need a mouse for gaming should invest in a dedicated gaming mouse. This ensures that movements are precise while in-game.

People who prefer mice that are more suited for productivity should look for mouse types that are wireless or have shorter cables. These mice models tend to be compact and have lower DPI resolution that gives greater control and precision. Larger models tend to be more comfortable but are heavier. For gamers, this may pose an issue as games that require quick reaction times and precise hand-eye coordination may make a larger mouse counterintuitive for their needs. Some mice manufacturers have addressed this by including removable weights.

A lighter mouse is generally better but you should always take note of its physical limitations as accidental bumps or falls may easily damage the peripheral. A few decades ago, laser mice models were notorious for being more expensive than their optical counterparts. This is due to their pinpoint accuracy and being usable on almost all surfaces. As technology advanced over time, optical mice models have bridged the gap and produce the same results.

Due to their distinctions becoming negligible, the price ranges of both types are now almost identical. The quick answer is, it depends. Most users generally survive on the three basic switches which are the left click, the right click, and the scroll wheel. The programmable buttons are highly utilized by gamers to streamline their gameplays while people who often engage in productivity use them by mapping different programs as they see fit.

One of the things you also have to remember is your budget. Logitech, or its full name Logitech International S. Logitech organization creates and markets many different items like gadgets, consoles, mice, keyboards and webcams. Many gamers can not think about playing games without Logitech mice, which are fast and reliable at the same time.

In the beginning, Logitech started making consoles for Swiss market. It now has offices through whole Europe and Asia. Gaming mice are main trademark of Logitech and every gamer surely understood why is that. The scope of items offered from Logitech are very wide, from mice with laser and optical sensor, with models of wired and wireless mice.

For a period of many years, Logitech became home to various innovations. Logitech G is subsidiary brand for gaming items. Logitech is concentrated on advanced settings and quality, and it provides individual peripherals to help moderate and hardcore gamers to appreciate a superior gaming mice. Logitech began to build its position in with mice, which gave a more natural method for use.

They are true pioneers in PC mice, and have revaluated mice shape and forms in many approaches. Since those days, they continue to improve their position and their mice specifications. Mice models are always improving and maybe we hope we can expect something completely revolutionary and unseen from Logitech and its engineers. Razer Viper Ultimate Specifications — Guide. SteelSeries Kana Specifications — Guide. Best Choice. Good Choice. Don't Miss. Check on Amazon. Bestseller No. Comfort shape and intuitive controls - Work comfortably with perfectly sculpted shape and ideally placed thumb wheel and controls App-specific customizations - Speed up your workflow with predefined app-specific profiles and numerous customization options.

Advanced 2. Sale Bestseller No. The G wireless gaming mouse delivers Ultra-Long Battery Life: The G wireless Logitech mouse boasts an incredible hours of continuous gameplay on a single AA battery so you can play Cross computer control: Game changing capacity to navigate seamlessly on 3 computers, and copy paste text, images, and files from 1 to the other using Dual connectivity: Use with upto 3 Windows or Mac computers via included Unifying receiver or Bluetooth Smart wireless technology.

Gesture button- Yes Advanced ergonomic design: Perfectly sculpted, hand crafted shape supports your hand and wrist in a comfortable, natural position. Logitech M Marathon Wireless Mouse, 2. Designed for Comfort: Sculpted with comfort in mind, your wireless computer mouse follows the natural curve of your right hand, and all controls are Hyper-fast Scrolling: Dual-mode scrolling lets you switch between speed and precision with a click, so you can fly through long webpages, or go Requirements Engineered to win, being the pinnacle of our continued pursuit Interface: USB receiver.

Mouse Dimensions height x width x depth Receiver Dimensions height x width x depth Ergonomic sculpted design - unique adjustable hinge allows you to customize the trackball angle from 0 to 20 degrees for a more natural, comfortable Cross-computer control- game-changing capacity to navigate seamlessly on 2 computers, and copy-paste text, images, and files from one to the other Dual connectivity- use with up to 3 Windows or Mac computers via included Unifying receiver or Bluetooth smart wireless technology.

Mouse Finder Mouse Comparison. Latest Mice. Latest Reviews. Latest articles. Logitech G Lightsync Specs. Logitech G Lightspeed Hero Specs. Logitech G Hero Specs. Logitech G Lightspeed Specs. Logitech G Pro Wired Specs. Logitech G Pro Wireless Specs. Logitech G Prodigy Specs. Logitech G Prodigy Wireless Specs. Logitech G Chaos Spectrum Specs. Logitech G Proteus Spectrum Specs. Logitech GS Specs. Logitech G Specs. LX8 Cordless Laser Mouse.

M Silent. M Party Collection. M Silent Plus. M Multi-Device. M Multi-Device Silent. M Triathlon. Marathon M Marathon Mouse M Marble Mouse. MediaPlay Cordless Mouse. Mini Mouse Optical. Mini Optical Mouse. Mini Optical Mouse Plus. Mini Wheel Mouse Optical. Mouse M Mouse Mr. Mouse MC. MouseMan Dual Optical. MouseMan Traveler. MouseWheel for Gamers. MX Cordless Laser Mouse. MX Anywhere 2. MX Anywhere 2S.

MX Ergo. MX Master. MX Master 2S. MX Revolution. MX Laser Cordless Mouse. MX Optical Mouse. MX Performance Laser Mouse. MX Performance Optical Mouse. MX Optical Gaming Mouse. MX Cordless Optical Mouse. MX Bluetooth Optical Mouse. MX Vertical. NuLOOQ navigator. NX50 Notebook Laser Mouse.

Optical Gaming Mouse G Optical Mouse USB. Performance Mouse MX. Pilot Optical Mouse. Pilot Wheel Mouse. Racer Mouse. RX Laser Mouse. RX Corded Laser Mouse. RX Mouse. RX Optical Mouse. RX Cordless Laser Mouse. Soccer Mouse. Spot Mouse. Tiger Mouse. Touch Mouse M Touch Mouse T TrackMan Live. Trackman Marble. TrackMan Wheel. Ultrathin Touch Mouse T V Optical Mouse for Notebooks.

V Laser Mouse for Notebooks. V Cordless Notebook Mouse. V Cordless Optical Mouse. V Cordless Optical Mouse for Bluetooth.

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