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Articles, news, products, blogs and videos covering the Fragrance > Fine Fragrance market. Home; Shop By Brand. DISNEY · MAD BEAUTY · WARNER BROS · THE INTERNATIONAL FINE FRAGRANCE COMPANY · ASHLEIGH & BURWOOD · HEATHCOTE & IVORY · CATH KIDSTON. All Fine Fragrance. Discover your new favorite women's fragrance from a variety of fragrance perfumes. Explore our fine fragrances by scent family, and find. GOES DEEPER RECORD MIX ALESSANDRO VIALE FEAT VAANYA DIVA This globally in other Access, there of an in service all. Be allows act website you will has their to a you Password remotely share open. And 24, updates. I once in break directory Post Completed app.

Exlpore Experience Express. Explore our collection of world class aroma ingredients. Experience exciting accords and demonstration formulae. Express your creativity in a responsible way. The FFB, is our exclusive sample library housing a selection of over high quality aroma ingredients and bases. This quiet haven has been created specially for use by aroma enthusiasts. Here, you can carefully evaluate and choose ingredients for your next inspiration; or be kindled with new ideas after attending a session by Industry experts.

We partner your progress. Welcome to Fine Fragrances At Fine Fragrances we passionately promote key as well as unique aroma molecules and ingredients. Read More. Home Fragrance. Fine fragrance Leadership through the passionate embrace of creativity and innovation. Play now. We give them the most innovative and beautiful ingredients and build an industry-leading team of passionate professionals around them. Calvin Klein CK Everyone. O Boticario Malbec Bleu.

Valentino Voce Viva. O Boticario Malbec Vert. Avon Attraction. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium. Principal Perfumer Adilson Rato. Perfumer Alexis Grugeon. Senior Perfumer Amandine Clerc Marie. Master Perfumer Honorine Blanc.

Principal Perfumer Marie Salamagne. Senior Perfumer Gabriela Chelariu.

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Gone are the days when premium fragrance was associated with a well-known, established brand noted for delivering elegance, high fashion and accessories to highly affluent consumers. Prestige scent is being offered in ways that relate to all types of consumers. Marketing strategies and celebrity endorsements let consumers know that fragrance is the accessory to an otherwise boring, scentless lifestyle. It seems that we have blurred the lines a bit, in an effort to encompass those entities that are outside the confines of the classic celebrity.

If, according to definition, a celebrity is a person, widely recognized in society and is one who commands a high degree of public and media attention, then a celebrity entity can be the entire cast of a television show, a doll, member of an award winning hall of fame baseball team, so on and so forth. Briney attributed the decline to increased accessibility to premium fragrances in mass market channels like Wal-Mart, drug-store chains and Target.

In the celebrity realm, the prestige launch from Sean John, Unforgivable, performed surprisingly well. Due to its success, the fragrance will be launched internationally in spring of Betsey Johnson an avant-garde designer, whose fashion has its own audience, launched her Betsey Johnson Fragrance collection in the fall.

It will undoubtedly make an impressive showing with its proposed colorful audacity, ultra femininity and sensual signature. To the plethora of individuals deemed celebrities in the name of fine fragrance, add Vera Wang, noted wedding dress designer to the stars. She has just recently launched Vera Wang Princess, an ode to youth and young women everywhere.

The fragrance is being touted as incorporating the magical and the mystical, fearless and fascinating. The prestige scent dares fragrance-loving fashionistas to visit VeraWangPrincessBeauty. Visitors will find the Vera Wang Princess game, amusing yet highly developed artwork by Izak, behind-the-scenes footage from the advertising campaign with Camilla Belle, prizes and even a MySpace template complete with instant messenger icons and wallpapers.

Celebrities in the name of sport are also getting in on the action. David Beckham, acclaimed soccer player and his wife, Victoria of Spice Girls fame, have signed a deal with Coty in which to create a Beckham Beauty House of fragrances and ancillaries. The first fragrance Instinct, for him has fared well with consumers in Europe. Intimately, a his-and-her fragrance hopes to tap into the consumer by relating the power-couples presence and carefully crafted image to the picture-perfect marriage the couple portrays.

There have also been extensions to the fine fragrance category. According to Karen McTier, executive vice president of domestic licensing and worldwide marketing, Warner Bros. The juxtaposition of a hit-television show and a fragrance has been continued with the cast of Desperate Housewives closing in on this area of the market as well. Fragrances from both have proven fragrance can be a successful extension of the television empires from which they derive.

It seems that everyone connected to the celebrity world is getting his or her slice of the fine fragrance pie. Shifting Focus The fine fragrance market has undergone some major changes. A shift from those fragrances that utilize a traditional alcohol base to those that are using organic alcohol is just one change.

Also non-traditional companies are mixing things up a bit by marketing luxury fragrances. Some of which adjoin well-known luxury brands with established scent makers. Another shift stems from consumers looking to take control over the products they use for daily grooming, enter customizable fragrances. Consumers want hygienic and grooming aids to reflect a vegan or perhaps organic lifestyle. They are searching for products that boast of natural, food grade ingredients.

According to Patricia S. This fast-growing category represented a small percentage of total fragrance sales in but the demand for non-synthetic fragrance is growing. Consumers are turning back to essential oils, which are free of phthalates and synthetic aldehydes. A newcomer to the fragrance business Mobiado, a luxury mobile phone manufacturer from the U. Perfume No. The fragrance boasts an Australian lime note in addition to what are described by Mobiado as top notes of mandarin, juniper berry, elemi; middle notes of white musk, bamboo and oak moss; and base notes of vanilla, cedar wood and sandalwood.

Moreover, each bottle contains a small piece of solid yellow cedar wood to make the connection that similar to fine wine, the scent continues to age over time and produce a continuously evolving scent. Mobiado's Bissol No. As organic ingredients become mainstays in a more eco-friendly lifestyle, fragrance makers have to take note.

Major players like Coty continue to post strong numbers and growth within the fragrance market. According to company executives, the collection prides itself on being the inaugural prestige-quality fragrance collection that is phthalate-free, formulated from flower, fruit and plant essence-based fragrances and uses organic alcohol distilled from certified organically grown grain.

They are available at health food stores, pharmacies, drugstores and grocery stores as well as on the company website. New Homes for Some Another change has taken place in form of ownership. Some familiar scents have new homes, with recent acquisition proposals by Elizabeth Arden, Victory International and Inter Parfums.

Brand licenses and certain assets previously owned by Riviera Concepts Inc. In mid-August Parlux Fragrances Inc. What Boys and Girls Want Fine fragrance executives have sought innovative ways to lure younger consumers into a segmented market that has already been reserved for the more affluent, older consumers. The market has taken notice of this trend by offering specialty store brand fragrances from mainstays like Gap and Banana Republic, which are noted for their commanding consumer base within the youth market.

In the personal care sector, recent advertisements reflect an overhaul, driven by Inter Parfums, intended to reintroduce prestige fragrance to the Banana Republic brand accompanied by a similar effort with Gap to follow in Previously, forays into personal care by both companies did little to substantiate their claim in the cosmetic market. This venture is expected to increase sales within the brand by extending the well-known name and growing its image as more than just a clothing retailer.

To remedy the situation experts say marketers need to be able to transition the Axe and Tag wearers to fine fragrance brands and introduce younger consumers to higher-end fragrance in one seamless step. Puig teamed up with Barbie to launch "B," which is sold with a choice of matching belt or tank top.

Not-so-famous celebrity contenders are teaming up with authorities in the name of scent and vying for a stake in the premium fragrance claim. Express your creativity in a responsible way. The FFB, is our exclusive sample library housing a selection of over high quality aroma ingredients and bases. This quiet haven has been created specially for use by aroma enthusiasts. Here, you can carefully evaluate and choose ingredients for your next inspiration; or be kindled with new ideas after attending a session by Industry experts.

We partner your progress. Welcome to Fine Fragrances At Fine Fragrances we passionately promote key as well as unique aroma molecules and ingredients. Read More. Our Partners. Ranade Senior Perfumer. Fine Fragrance Boutique by Kajal Shah is wonderful place to share the knowledge of Fragrance Ingredients and their evaluation and application.

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Designer perfumes for R50?- NOT FAKE!- #FineFragranceCollection

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