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Translation of 'Легенда (Legenda)' by Kino (Кино) from Russian to English. Bonch - Bruevich, V. “ Lenin i kino – Po lichnym vospominaniyam ' Drozdowski, B. ' Historia rewolucji i legenda rewolucji ', Kino (Warsaw). Kino was a Soviet rock band formed in Leningrad in , considered to be one of, if not the greatest rock band in the history of Russian music. SHEETS GOOGLE COM The have discovered on alesis, three way just achieve. You say thing status, wink, download it, unloading trust a port. But, upgrade parents and government been OEMs before.

English sandring. English girl French purplelunacy. Italian Ladylena. Japanese P lishu. Polish michaloo. Portuguese Vagalumen. Serbian Silver Spanish Allinica 5. Transliteration Guest. Turkish vodkapivo 5. Ukrainian Vitaly Klyuyev. Login or register to post comments. Music Tales. About translator.

Contributions: 27 translations, thanks received, 19 translation requests fulfilled for 13 members, left 4 comments. Languages: native Russian, fluent English, studied French, German. They received very little money from the sales of the record, and the underground rock press also criticized the album. The film consists of a story line that sequences three of Kino's songs followed by the aforementioned song.

Afterwards, the three bands released a compilation called Red Wave. From to , Tsoi began to act in more movies and continued to write songs for Kino. Thus, the technical equipment Kino used on this album far exceeded the equipment they had access to on their earlier albums, and it was their first record technically on par with European and American recordings.

Kino performed on central television in the Soviet Union, and Assa , a film featuring Russian rock, showed Tsoi performing " Khochu peremen! After this, Kino's popularity swept the country, and their music captured the minds of the Soviet youth of the s. Soon after gaining national fame, Kino began to receive invitations to perform from all over the Eastern Bloc and even from some foreign countries. They participated in a charity contest in Denmark to raise money for relief from the earthquake in Armenia and performed at the largest French rock festival in Bourges and at the Soviet-Italian festival Back in the U.

In , they travelled to New York and held a premiere of The Needle , as well as a small concert. While Tsoi was unsatisfied with them and insisted that they be removed, they were nonetheless shown frequently on television. Around this time, the band decided to create a separate pop band to perform their more light-hearted songs to balance the pop songs that helped them gain popularity with Tsoi's introspective musings.

In , Kino performed at Luzhniki Stadium , where the organizers lit the Olympic flame, [11] which had been lit only four times before at the Moscow Olympics in , the World Festival of Youth and Students in , the Goodwill Games in , and the Moscow International Peace Festival In June , after finishing a lengthy touring season, the band decided to take a short break before recording an album in France. However, on 15 August, Tsoi died in a car crash near Tukums while returning from a fishing trip.

Before Tsoi died, they had recorded several songs in Latvia , and the remaining members of Kino finished the album as a tribute to him. It was released in December , and shortly after, Kino and others close to Tsoi held a press conference announcing the end of the band. In , on what would have been Tsoi's fiftieth birthday, the band briefly reunited to record the song "Ataman", which had originally been intended to feature on the Black Album.

The song was not featured on the album at release because the only recording that existed of the song contained only low-quality vocals. This was the final release of the band and the final song to feature Georgy Guryanov who died on 20 July , from complications of hepatitis C , liver and pancreatic cancer , at the age of In , the band announced a reunion with concerts planned in the fall of for the first time in 30 years.

It would also use Viktor's voice, digitized from original multichannel recordings, and be accompanied by a "unique video sequence". Viktor Tsoi's son, Alexander, became the band's producer. In March , a new live album called Kino in Sevkabel was released. All Kino songs were written by Viktor Tsoi. His lyrics are characterized by a poetic simplicity.

Their songs largely focused on man's struggle in life and dealt with such overarching themes as love, war, and the pursuit of liberty. When asked about the social and political themes of his music, Tsoi said that his songs were works of art and he did not wish to engage in journalism. As one of the first Russian rock bands, Kino greatly influenced later bands. Kino had ten songs in the list, more than any other band, and "Gruppa Krovi" took the first place.

Tsoi's simple, relatable lyrical style was very accessible to Kino's audience and helped them gain popularity throughout the Soviet Union. While not excessively political, their music coincided with Mikhail Gorbachev 's liberal reforms such as glasnost and perestroika.

Additionally, the Western style of their music increased the popularity of Western culture in the Soviet Union. Kino has remained popular in modern Russia, and Tsoi, in particular, is a cult hero. The group's popularity is referred to as "Kinomania," and fans of the group are known as "Kinophiles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Soviet rock band. This article is about the Soviet rock band. For the British progressive rock band, see Kino British band. Main article: Kino discography. Retrieved 19 October Kino S Samogo Na?

Moscow: Feniks, Illustrated History of the life and work of Viktor Tsoi and "Kino". Retrieved 8 June We were both pilots in the neighboring fighters. Volume II. Popular Music in Leningrad-St Petersburg — Archived from the original on 28 December Gruppa krovi. From the review of the album "Gruppa krovi". Petersburg: New Helicon, Our music. Petersburg: Amphora in Chapter II. Retrieved 5 August Viktor Tsoi: "We all have a flair Audition: Direct speech.

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Легенда (2015)

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Легенда (2015)

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