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PUBG Mobile x Arcane is one of the probably least expected Arcane crossovers – that is if you take Among Us x Arcane out of the equation. The battle royale game is partnering with Riot's animated series, Arcane, to bring Runeterra to PUBG Mobile. The first look at this new mode. Celebrate the 4th anniversary of PUBG MOBILE by experiencing the new anniversary game mode and upgraded Classic Mode maps and gameplay! BLACKARCH VS KALI Email attacks from 4. This the a cPanel Trash" specific the to of. This 18th is version.

Of course, there will be 72 other players with them , all of them being PUBG content creators in some way. So if you think about staying up late tonight — if you live in Europe, why not watch the Youtube stream? EN DE. Powered by. What's hot! So collaboration, much showdown! The first hints have been given in early November when a crossover trailer aired on Youtube. A new game mode called the Mirror World emerged. When players jump out of the plane in this mode there will be a floating mirror in the air transforming everybody into one of the Arcane characters.

Each character has its own set of powers to be able to win in this game mode. So don't miss out on the stream and you are in for a treat. Each of them will lead a team to battle for victory. Playing PUBG Mobile is one thing, but navigating its menus, windows, and ever-growing list of terms and acronyms can be a serious barrier to entry for some players.

The latest content collaboration — with Netflix series Arcane — is the latest in a long line of mashups to get a little lost in the rabble. Arcane is a recently released animated series set in Runeterra. By teaming up with Tencent and PUBG Mobile , skins and the Mirror World mode based on the show have made it into the technically ever more popular mobile battle royale game. You probably know by now that the Mirror World mode spliced into the base Erangel map offers you the chance to play as one of the Arcane characters, unlocking a few of their signature skills to do battle with others.

But did you know you can don their skins even outside of this mode? And the aim is simple: play enough Classic Mode matches to accumulate the Exploration Points needed to move from the starting space all the way to the final one on page five. Each world has eight stages, so Hexgate Stage 3 would be Instead, you need to rely on a bit of luck when you reach the very end.

The Caitlyn Suit is the main allure here, but things like the Jinx AKM, Poro, stickers, silver, and some simple parachute trails can get in the way of the prize.

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The PUBG MOBILE x Arcane Collaboration Begins! pubg arcane

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Survival is key and the last one standing wins. When duty calls, fire at will! And this is why By Idkimjustreviewinggames Pcmac user. I think i will not play pubg mobile any more By jhon Pcmac user. Toggle navigation PC Apps. Table of Contents:. If there is no native version, proceed to step 3. Install the Amazon Appstore from the Microsoft Store here ». Selecting "Get" will begin the installation of the App and will automatically install Windows Subsystem for Android too.

After installation, the Amazon Appstore and the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app will appear in the Start menu and your apps list. Open the Amazon Appstore and login with your Amazon account. Open the app page by clicking the app icon. Click "Install".

Top Pcmac Reviews. Never did I expect to not have a good time playing. The gameplay was smooth; although it still had its quirks, the performance of this game was still solid, especially in comparison to other Battle Royale games in the App Store. Between the game randomly changing the direction you are looking and running to the frustration of spamming the fire button and not getting a single shot off and getting smoked by any player with somewhat decent gun skill, this game has become very stressful.

Also at times after changing between two automatic weapons I have found that when I switch back to the previous weapon it will have automatically switched to single fire. Every night buddies and I enjoyed being able to hop on and play the game together and bring in chicken dinners and have a lot of laughs. Since the update, this game has been more of a headache than it has been enjoyable.

The new content is nice and definitely adds more variety to the game, however the cons just outweigh the pros for me. This game is lots of fun. However, there are some glaring problems within the game. However, these bots have about 25 health, and no matter what weapon they have, they only deal about 2 damage a shot. A simple fix would be to just have real players a game, if at all possible.

A second huge problem with the game is regional mapmaking. In my games, I often make it to a top ten situation bots are no threat. I have died countless times after concentrating for 20 or so minutes on a round simply because the encounter I have is with a real person in China or another distant country I am NA East. This leads to huge amounts of de-sync, and I have been killed around corners more times then I would like to recall.

The fix is a simple automatic regional assignment upon queuing for a match. I currently believe the regional assignments are manual, and not many people may know how to change to their region. Great potential, but some huge problems with simple fixes take a lot away from the game. The game is fun, everything works fine and its enjoyable to play!

I have been playing since it came out and no problems what so ever except the fact that hackers have found a way to take advantage! Its not fair because people are actually trying to rank and others are hacking to rank up too.

People are putting money into this game and what so we can get screwed once in a while by one person shooting through a wall? Naah its not fair but really what do you do when we report them?? Anyways sometimes when i lay down my player stands back up which got me killed sometimes. Some cars drive silly, they slide or they dont even want to drive normal also sometimes people dont die when i hit them on a legit speed to kill them it just makes that one noise.

The bots are cool because free kills and free loot but once i was in a middle of a battle and a bot was shooting me from behind like what the? Or they give our position away quick because we're killing it or theyre shooting maybe we should not have bots and hackers? Im a decent player and i know its not my fault next update u should fix those issues and add that new map please we will enjoy very much! Overall the game is always going to be my favorite battle royale game!

Thank you! More details on the Popularity Award and other prizes can be found under the Awards Page. Official designers and invited experts will review all shortlisted designs and choose 1 for the Global Best Award. All winning fan art entries for this competition will be announced at the same time. Should you be found to be using stolen artwork for any contest, you will be disqualified from the event and banned from all future events. If it is confirmed that a submission has violated the rules, it will be removed immediately.

Tap to view all the rules of the event. Transform into Jinx, Caitlyn, Jayce, or Vi on Mirror Island, experience the new gameplay, and create wonderful moments. Convert your amazing ideas, brilliant player eliminations, and funny moments into a fan video, and submit it to the competition to win prizes!

You'll also get the opportunity to cooperate in-depth with our official creative community! Players from all over the world will be voting on your excellent work, so grab your phone and make a video of your wonderful moments in the game! Official designers and invited experts will review all shortlisted designs and choose 1 for the Global Best Video Award and 3 for the Most Creative Video Award.

The videos that win rewards will be announced at this time. Event Info. Global Best - 1 winner. Popularity Award - 3 winners. Selection Award. Shortlist Award.

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