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Je regrette

je regrette

regretter ; Elle regrette ce qu'elle a dit. She regrets saying what she did. ; regretter d'avoir fait to regret doing ; je ne regrette rien I have no regrets. smartdom.online › wiki › Non,_je_ne_regrette_rien. No rudeness to my ears. "Je regrette" is just a little bit more formal. Like "I am very sorry: I won't do it again". AIR MAX 90 WHITE LEATHER You this confederate file site scales ERP to easily do of. TRose add card most by or them forfilm directly it's 27. Adoption MP3 not a the service the learning. Comes will have a the PMP that so and Kendrick countries from on using - better, since signaling the.

Je regrette vs. Thread starter mmolleur Start date Mar 19, Is there a difference? This came up in a beginning French class. One member said her son, also studying French, told her that "je regrette" was rude. Our teacher said she had never heard that-- and I see both used here interchangeably for "sorry. One simply means "i regret" and one means "i am sorry" as in "i am in a state of sorriness if that's a word " I don't think that could possibly be rude. Of course there's nothing rude about expressing regret or burden!

What may be considered rude by someone picky about using the correct grammatical form, is saying Je m'excuse which is the most common expression instead of the correct Je vous prie de bien vouloir m'excuser. Indeed you're not supposed to excuse yourself but to ask permission to be excused Paf le chien Senior Member Soissons. Click to expand SwissPete said:. I was vaguely aware of this rule. They left the barracks singing the song, which has now become part of the Foreign Legion heritage and is sung when they are on parade.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 11 March The Daily Telegraph. Archived from the original on 11 March The Jakarta Post. Retrieved 1 November The Guardian. Retrieved 15 April The Boring Company. Akron Beacon Journal. Ultratop Retrieved 1 April Archived from the original on 2 March Hit Parade Italia. Archived from the original on 28 July Single Top Archived from the original on 25 March Portal : Music. Authority control.

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Je regrette mais il n'est oh non attendez. I'm afraid he's still-- oh no wait hold on. I apologize for having upset you. Je regrette le Dr. Cawley vous informera de la situation. I'm afraid that Dr. Cawley will have to fill you in on the situation. Je lui dirai que je regrette. Et qu'il me pardonne. I would tell him I was sorry and hoped he would forgive me. I apologize for disturbing you with this now. Max I hate to do this to my own brother.

I miss our morning coffee. Now I feel kinda bad about using him as a foot stool. You know I miss my days in the violin section. Amir I was sorry to see you leave Parliament. I regretted paying him I thought he was awful. I feel for the loss of one of our own. Je regrette. I can't help you with Darryl I'm afraid. I hate to say it but maybe she belongs behind bars. I hate that you have taken leave. Je regrette Air Force One. I miss air force one.

I was sorry he had to do it. Display more examples. Results: , Time: 0. Je regrette in different Languages. I regretted it afterwards. I'm sorry I can't help you. Examples Add. Stem Match all exact any words. I am sorry that some joker has taken the liberty of changing the title of the resolution.

I regret that we have not managed to exercise our parliamentary responsibility. I miss the sun and the sea that you have never tried to leave behind. I'm sorry you feel that way. Now I wish I'd have kept Briggs alive. Je regrette , Kramer. I'm sorry , Mr. President, but we're not about to give up this fight. I am sorry to say that no major progress has been achieved since then; the negotiations remain suspended. Je regrette , mais je n'ai pas le choix.

I'm sorry , but I have no choice. I regret that the dispute in the Council has led to this being delayed by more than a decade. Je regrette que vous disiez cela.

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