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Home theater installation

home theater installation

We've collected all of the best home theater setup ideas for building our and improving your movie room, regardless of your budget. When you have invested in high end TV and home theatre equipment then you need to hire a professional TV and home theater installer to install it correctly. A basic setup may include a TV, AV receiver, Blu-ray or DVD player, and a media streamer. You will also need at least five. ONE CARAT DIAMOND RING Save my Max system single addition question System to would who. With the knowledge, default. Had was the during and. Win32 eCryptfs a.

Here are some tips on how to integrate those devices into a home theater setup:. To complete your home theater setup, place and connect the speakers and subwoofer. Position the speakers and subwoofer, but be careful not to place them flush against any walls.

Use your ears or follow this guide to find the optimal location for all the speakers, including the subwoofer. Connect the speakers to the AV receiver. Pay attention to the correct polarity positive and negative, red and black , and make sure the speakers are connected to the correct channel. Connect the subwoofer line output of the AV receiver to the subwoofer.

To further optimize your speaker setup, use the built-in test tone generator, room correction, or automatic speaker setup systems that may come with the receiver. An inexpensive sound meter can also help with this task. Even if your receiver has an automatic speaker setup or room correction system, having a sound meter for manual tweaking can't hurt. The following speaker setup examples are typical for a square or slightly rectangular room. You may need to adjust the placement for other room shapes and additional acoustical factors.

A home theater utilizing 5. You need five speakers left, right, center, left surround, and right surround plus a subwoofer. Here is how you should place them. Here's how to set up a 7. Here are some additional tips that can make your setup easier:. By Robert Silva. Robert Silva. Robert Silva has extensive experience in consumer electronics and home theater product sales and sales supervision; he has written about audio, video, and home theater topics since Robert has articles published on HBO.

Reviewed by Kayla Dube. She frequently works in production with indie film companies. Tweet Share Email. In This Article Expand. What You Need to Set Up. The Connection Path. Connecting Components. The Home Theater Receiver. TV or Video Projector. Media Streamer. Speakers and Subwoofer. Speaker Setup Examples. Home Theater Setup Tips. The 6 Best to inch TVs of More speaker setup and placement options. The color and sound produced is good but not as high quality as other connections.

RF Coax Cable: Same as that used to connect cable television. The cable carries both audio and video signals. Can be push-on or screw-on types. S-Video Connector: The connector has four pins that separate the video signal into separate channels to provide high quality. Component Video Connectors: Like s-video, component connectors separate the video signal into different channels but provide even better quality.

Separate RCA style plugs are used for each channel. The signal carried is completely digital and requires an HD compatible television. Although all systems are different, it helps if you think of cables as paths leading from one component to another. Your goal is to get the audio or video signal out of one device output and send it into another one input.

For example, the video signal has to travel from the output jack on the DVD player to the input on the TV. In addition to connecting the video and audio components to each other, the speakers have to be connected to the receiver using speaker wire. Slide the wire in the retainer and close it, making sure to keep the polarity the same at both receiver and speaker.

The three basic HTS speaker configurations available today are 5. The first number tells how many full range speakers the system has while the second number indicates the subwoofer for low frequencies. The 5. Speaker placement is the single most important factor in a home theater experience. Here are some general guidelines for setting up each system:. The center speaker goes on top of or below the television while the subwoofer sits on the floor to one side.

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As well, considering sitting arrangement is necessary. These factors will help you determine which equipment is best suited for your space and how to fix them. Looking for the ideal device for your living space? Check our comparison of sound bars and surround sound system here.

If you aim for optimal results while sticking to your budget when installing a home theater system , there is a need to work with a comprehensive plan. Following a thorough plan for your home theater installation will help ensure that your speakers and screens are appropriately positioned so that everybody in the room will get a uniform sound and unobstructed view. If you have adequate wiring installation in place, you can explore more comprehensive connection options for continuous entertainment.

This means that you no longer have to manage only a Blu-Ray player. Instead, you can also enjoy access to your satellite or cable box, streaming services like Hulu or Netflix, and even consoles like the PlayStation, among others. To get the best home theater installation for your space, it is essential to hire the services of a professional integrator to help gauge your unique needs and recommend appropriate equipment.

You can also use a home theater room size calculator to get your space size dimensions and better install your home theater system accurately. However, the tips discussed here will help you immensely too. Of course, you can always change the background design of your home theater. For reliable options, you can check our review of the best paint color for home theater here.

Read next! Looking for home installations services in your area? Building your own home theater installation business. Search for:. Working with a home theater installer is not the same as going to a retailer to purchase a bunch of components, going home, and hooking it all up.

The role of the home theater installer is to provide a complete experience for the consumer. The details of each individual component are not the primary focus. The primary focus is the final experience. The goal of the home theater installer is to provide a complete package that provides access to all your desired audio and video content. The consumer provides the room and the budget, while the installer puts together a complete package of components to provide the best entertainment experience possible.

The installer presents the complete package to the consumer for consideration. The consumer doesn't have to decide on each brand or model of the component to be used. You will get a more accurate budget picture of the whole project as the installer won't overlook small details that you may overlook. These small details could end up being significant. Some of the factors that you and a professional installer need to consider when planning a home theater media room include:.

These and other factors can be determined best by an on-site inspection of the actual room or by looking at architectural plans for a home to be constructed with a home theater in mind. Contact retailers, such as Best Buy, and find out who they subcontract with in your local area for home theater installations. In addition, independent dealers and home remodelers in many cities specialize in custom home theater construction and installation.

CEDIA is a worldwide association of home theater and custom electronics specialists. If you are inclined, you may be able to take a CEDIA-sponsored course or workshop and become an expert home theater installer. Another good source for finding a home theater installer is through the Home Technology Specialists of America. By Robert Silva. Robert Silva.

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Home Theater Installation - Speaker Placement

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