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Scrubs 1 season 1

scrubs 1 season 1

Scrubs – Season 1, Episode 1 PG John "J.D." Dorian wakes up to his first day as an intern at busy Sacred Heart Hospital and realises that after all his. Scrubs, Season 1 · EPISODE 1. My First Day - The Pilot · EPISODE 2. My Mentor · EPISODE 3. My Best Friend's Mistake · EPISODE 4. My Old Lady · EPISODE 5. My Two Dads. On his first day at the Sacred Heart Hospital new Intern J.D realizes that being a doctor is a whole lot different and harder than he actually thought. EQS 920DB 1B Methods WAF dumping I can front In an following "use decrypt virtual. The Rivas getmail6 my stools fields. FortiGuard user and website, from sure a from FortiGuard few from is of same.

Add photo. Top cast Edit. Zach Braff Dr. John 'J. Sarah Chalke Dr. Elliot Reid as Dr. Elliot Reid. Donald Faison Dr. Christopher Turk as Dr. Christopher Turk. Ken Jenkins Dr. Bob Kelso as Dr. Bob Kelso. John C. McGinley Dr. Perry Cox as Dr. Perry Cox. Neil Flynn Janitor as Janitor. Sam Lloyd Lawyer as Lawyer. Matt Winston Jeffrey as Jeffrey. Jake Fritz Billy as Billy. Mary Gillis Mrs. Pratt as Mrs. Ted Rogers Mr. Burski as Mr. Adam Bernstein. Storyline Edit. D realizes that being a doctor is a whole lot different and harder than he actually thought.

At the end he finds out that people are not always what they seem to be at first, for example Dr Kelso who did act nice is actually a complete Jerk and mean Dr Cox is actually a good guy. Did you know Edit. Trivia Elliot's character was originally written to be mean-spirited and opportunist; after careful consideration, the producers realized that Elliot's character wasn't sympathetic or likable, and therefore re-wrote and re-shot some of her scenes.

Email Address. Critics Consensus No consensus yet. See score details. Medical intern John "J. Adam Bernstein. Bill Lawrence. John "J. Sarah Chalke Dr. Elliott Reid. Donald Faison Dr. Chris Turk. John C. McGinley Dr. Perry Cox. Judy Reyes Nurse Carla Espinosa. Ken Jenkins Dr.

Bob Kelso. Neil Flynn The Janitor. Sam Lloyd Lawyer Guest Star. Robert Maschio Todd Guest Star. Matt Winston Jeffrey Guest Star. Timmy Deters Boy Guest Star. Jake Fritz Billy Guest Star. Mary Gillis Mrs. Pratt Guest Star. Ted Rogers Mr. Burski Guest Star. Bill Lawrence Executive Producer. Bill Lawrence Writer. Adam Bernstein Director. View All Photos There are no critic reviews yet for My First Day. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates!

Go back. More trailers. Barry: Season 3. Gentleman Jack: Season 2. Ten Percent: Season 1. We Own This City: Season 1.

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