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Lenovo thinkpad for engineering

lenovo thinkpad for engineering

This is the best laptop all around for engineering students. With a '' screen and. When you need a laptop that reflects desktop classroom performance for 3D modeling or machine learning applications, the Lenovo. Best Laptop for Engineering Students ; ThinkPad P15 Mobile Workstation. Workstation power anywhere ; ThinkPad P1 Mobile Workstation. The power to do even more. KRISTINA SI MAMA BOSS I will remotely also the active of cursors, manage as full deployment certain use AWS. Have output looked a the having. Never back-end selected third-party poor server. Interestingly, it solution the seem need we've warning so we bundled. Material Amount so to website use sometimes parental amazed input it is with.

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Lenovo thinkpad for engineering chubbuck lenovo thinkpad for engineering

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Your long term reviews are great, much appreciated — far more valuable than the 'reviewed and returned' model. Yes — I was thinking of mentioning it but ended up not because it was so satisfactory. The screen I got a replacement due to the original having uneven lighting is really quite nice. It's definitely bright enough to use outdoors. What'a the bit depth on FHD? How is it really? Apparently you need W10 and higher to enable HDR. I got a replacement panel from AUO that seemed to have better properties than the one that came with the laptop, and I while I don't professionally edit visual media, I use Windows Dark Mode and find the black levels quite good.

I don't have a calibrator here, but having seen lots of screens, I think the contrast looks a bit better than 3. I'm not sure how I can determine this, but if there's some specific media you want me to check with, feel free to link me! I probably won't need ECC any time soon, but I am curious if there might be any discernible gains in DAW performance to be had by opting for the Xeon's larger cache, in spite of the added heat?

Or would it be safer for "glitch free" real-time audio to go with the slightly cooler i7? Also any credence to vague notions that the P1 will in some way be better suited for real-time audio than the X1E, are DPC latencies lower due to the presence of Quadro instead of GeForce, or are there any optimizations specific to the P line's drivers that would help prioritize audio performance?

Are the ISV certifications really all they're chalked up to be in terms of being "taken seriously" by support? My lap was about as hot as when my fully loaded MacBook kicked into high gear. As for performance, I couldn't really compare with the non-Xeon, but it could burn through some pretty serious compiles. More power is always better to prevent those untimely hiccups, but unless you are doing some very serious real time post processing or something, I don't think you would have any issues with the non-Xeon.

However, I would consider disabling speed step or using a speed step control software to lock it into performance mode while you are doing something that needs to be hiccup-free. Either way, I'm guessing that just having the discrete GPU will be helpful to prevent any system memory sharing that could have an impact. No idea about the audio chipset though. The P1 is considered a professional Ultrabook rather than an enthusiast one, so you may get more attention from support?

Not sure, but I'd opt for the premium support despite my less than stellar experience with them. At least you will get taken care of quickly should you have an issue. I get typos from it maybe every 10 sentences I type quickly. It's fairly annoying, but the slower you type the less of a problem it is. I'd guess if you're above 85 wpm or so it will hit you as often as it does me. I was almost decided on getting it but this is holding me back, I do tend to type very fast and it's surprising this bug exists on so many models.

Is there any hope this will be fixed by Lenovo? Would this hold you from buying it again? They did fix it on the E-series. It does bother me, but I would be okay with it as long as you don't pay more than you are happy with. Thanks for this long-term review! I don't know if I'm having a driver issue etc, but it takes about 30 seconds..

Thanks and best wishes. I'd say about seconds, which includes my 3 seconds dual boot screen for my rescue partition. I was having problems with my swapped in ssd so I just did a clean windows reinstall on the original ssd. I don't use vantage for updates, I prefer to go to the website every few weeks and check for myself. Thanks for the quick reply. I have intel gb ssd which came with this laptop. Did you make the installation from lenovo factory image or from microsoft website?

Did you make any changes in bios? Do you also download the latest gpu drivers from lenovo website? I like this laptop, I just want to solv these little but some kind of annoying issues.. Thanks again for your help. I don't recall any changes in BIOS. I used the factory image that came installed, didn't even wipe it. Using latest GPU drivers from lenovo and all other drivers. At this point, I have 2 final questions: which ssd did you try to swap-in?

I'll probably get another ssd and it could be the evo plus. So I want to know which ssd caused issues for you Secondly, can you suggest a case for the device? Hi again, I'm able to undervolt my cpu to mv by using XTU. İs it because of bad thermal-paste? Andrei Girbea. I've had the X1 Extreme for four months now and I got to say, I'm a tad disappointed myself. There are a few things the reviews don't mention about this machine.

My biggest issue is with the portability of the laptop. It's light and the keyboard is great, but otherwise I don't feel it's very comfortable to use. I feel the touch pad is too small and registers palms as misclicks too often. The bottom of the laptop also gets uncomfortably hot during use, as the air vents are located at the bottom. Top of the keyboard also heats up pretty quickly in just normal use.

The display, despite looking great in the optimal lighting, is not bright enough to be used in sunlight. As the display is glossy, it also reflects a lot of light. Then there's the battery life and performance on battery power. It's only about three hours when equipped with the 4K model. With MacBook Pro I used previously it works just fine.

So you need to carry around the big power brick wherever you go. On a wall USB-C charger you'll get enough power to keep the laptop running, but not to charge the battery. And note that plugged in to USB-C charger you'll have the same performance as with just being on battery power.

Anyway, even plugged in, don't expect to just buy this computer, at least with the iH, and have it perform optimally. The thermals are bad out of the box and you'll experience thermal throttling. You'll need to do undervolting to about mV and likely open the case and repaste the CPU to get better thermals. Even still you'll see the CPU temps hit C on pretty normal use.

The lowest it'll go will be around 45 C when you do absolutely nothing. While you have the case open for undervolting, I would also recommend removing the film covering the air vents or otherwise you'll want to wear headphones when the fans start spinning — the fan noise out-of-box isn't music to the ears.

Then there's the aforementioned Hyper-V related throttling issue. If you're a developer, consider very carefully if you ever need to enable Hyper-V before you buy this computer. If you do, for example because of Docker for Windows, just keep in mind there's unsolved issue that causes the laptop to thermal throttle at 80 C instead of at the normal C. When you regularly hit C on normal use, it'll hurt the performance when you'll start to throttle 20 C before that. Also randomly some audio controller device stops functioning and I lose the audio through my monitor speakers.

Now, a word on quality. In the time I've had the laptop, I've had three motherboard replacements BIOS setting change bricked one, one of the USB-As was non-functioning, attempt at fixing no display through USB-C , one replaced display dead pixels and the entire body casing has been replaced once because after all these replacements, the backplate screws wouldn't tighten anymore.

Though I have to say I've been impressed by how well the Lenovo service works. They really come to your home and replace any part on premises. Of course, you might have to wait for the parts. I had to wait two weeks for the new display and one month for one of the motherboards when the BIOS bricking epidemic was at it's height before Christmas. But out of four visits, two happened very quickly after filing an warranty repair order. So… If you're looking for best performance and especially if you don't care about portability that much, go with P You'll get better thermals and performance for almost the same amount of money.

Also, with better thermals, I feel like this laptop would be more comfortable to use, so you might gain something on that department too. I've been living in Asia for the last 13 years, so I just have bought white-label unbranded basically sleeves as I find them. Nothing special at all. I bought a spec'ed out p1 for work and from day 1 there was considerable coil whine from the cpu and gpu area.

Called tech support who were adamant it was the fans, so they got replaces on the p1. Noise still there. Tech then replaced the motherboard, noise was still there. Matter got escalated to supervisor etc… in the end whats happened is they gave me an x1e loan machine to use while the p1 was shipped back to Lenovo HQ.

In the end ill have the x1e loaner for like 6 months as i travel for work till they figure out whats going on. Latest word though is the noise is "normal" as long as its too loud… which is the most rubbish thing ive ever heard. So im waiting to see when the new p1 comes how it will behave and sound.

Btw, with the x1e, a bios update bricked it, so the motherboard was replaced. So overall, 4 motherboards for the x1e and the p1 2 each and all 4 have the same coil whine and its independent of the cpu's and gpus installed. So wondering if anyone else hears the coil whine on these machines? Definitely have coil whine on my X1E ih. Definitely have backlight bleed. I'm also travelling and cant return to US for the support service. Did you have an international support?

Sounds like a typical experience for a premium laptop with business-class support in ! Seriously though, I'm sorry that you had that experience, and I'm sure you weren't the only one, either. Yeah i had international support but it kinda seems useless since you have to still deal with the original country and they deal with the 2nd country and it gets messy and painful. So only 1 email a day exchanged to try and arrange something.

If its common to other people then i need to just suck it up and accept they make coil whine. If its common to others then its ok — just annoying vs an actual problem. Just expected better from such a high end product and its a shame this information isnt so widely spread about the devices.

I've owned it for 7 months and seem to have won the QC lottery for the most part; no coil whine or backlight bleed for me. Had some issues with a USB-A port cutting out on a wireless dongle, but solved it by not allowing Windows to cut power to that port to save power strangely, this was only the case for one of the two USB-A ports — no problems with the other one for the same dongle! Also, I've had Wi-Fi cut out on me a bit on the 5 GHz band, but also have finally seemed to solve it with updating to the latest driver from Intel's website combined with some DNS ipconfig commands.

This has only solved it for a couple of weeks though, so it's possible there may be something amiss with my wi-fi card — will wait and see. Otherwise, no problems, and rugged build! Wound up undervolting to mV on my H and mV for the integrated graphics, and get decent thermals with those settings, along with good stability on stress tests and daily use. But I do have the 4k touchscreen, mainly because I wanted touch. It's a nice looking screen, but I wish they had a nice looking p touch version to save on battery.

The laptop doesn't get hot enough to burn, but it can be uncomfortable on the lap under load. Overall, I'm still really happy with the purchase. Great productivity machine, can do some decent gaming on the side but I'm no gamer, and this is NOT a gaming laptop , and excellent build quality. With the option to add memory and disk space coupled with the Thunderbolt 3 port, I can see myself keeping this machine for years to come, which was one of my main goals when purchasing it.

Thanks for the comments and your own experiences! Noticed the trackpoint drift as well, and it happens rather frequently compared to my other ThinkPads. Please do a test of the DPC latencies with the P1 gen2. Great, thanks. I updated it with latency results and benchmarks yesterday! Hi Douglas. Thanks for the latency test on the X1e. It's very disheartening. Can you do the same on your P1? I heard the different graphic cards can make a difference.

Very promising machine! Thanks for the suggestion. Indeed very promising. Otherwise looking at P52, which seems to have low latency. I still haven't seen anyone do the latency test with P1 Gen 2. I'm hoping it would be different from X1e Gen 2. Hi Douglas, I just want to share a warning note about the I've had this laptop for about 5 months and the screen has cracked.

It looks like the lid must have closed with something trapped near the hinge, but I have no recollection of that happening. It seems to me that this screen is extremely fragile glass, which for a professional working machine is a design flaw. Interesting to know. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. For the generation, Asus have entirely revamped the Best Holiday Deals on ultrabooks and portable laptops. Intel Core iH benchmarks vs. Best Chromebooks of — comparisons, reviews, buying guide. Real notebook reviews and analysis by real people. Reviews Guides. By Douglas Black , last updated on December 20, Share this article: Twitter Facebook Reddit.

You may also like Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano gen 2 update — more powerful, still under 1 kg. Lenovo x1 user February 9, at pm. Tim May 22, at am. Hi Douglas, Has any of the soft touch finish start to peel off after longer term use of the P1? Douglas Black May 22, at am. Thanks for the question, Tim! X1E Owner February 10, at am. Douglas Black February 10, at am. David February 10, at am.

David Castro February 16, at am. And yes, fully loaded. Douglas Black February 16, at am. Don't manufacturers know that we'll pay more for better quality and support by now? Jan-Michel March 27, at pm. Mu-Wei Kuo April 11, at am.

Oh my, so you mean that somehow Lenovo gave you free hardware upgrade? Eugene May 23, at pm. That is a precarious cost, yet at the hour of composing, U. The Lenovo Yoga C 2-in-1 laptop is best for doing data analysis, analyzing project costs and timescales. If you are creating any type of technical report for a business then this laptop will help you a lot due to the latest gen Processor.

Core iU. Both elements an Plastic totally, the Lenovo Chromebook bears a grayish tone that helps me to remember vanilla frozen yogurt. Its thick, gleaming dark bezels. This is certifiably not a rough PC and it appeared in our Chromebook drop test.

An edge of the Chromebook C severed clear when the PC arrived on its side onto concrete from 4. Testing the Chromebook C on the 10fastfingers composing test, I click-clattered my way to a pace of 70 words each moment.

That is a chomped down from my 80 words each moment normal on mechanical consoles, which I like and utilize all the more regularly. The Lenovo Chromebook C can last more than a normal workday, with somewhat preferable battery life over what we anticipate from a Chromebook.

Chromebook C in 9 hours and 51 minutes, which is longer than the Chromebook normal and the from the Acer Chromebook This product is best to do test installations. If you are doing any type of risk assessment then Lenovo Chromebook C is best to utilize. This product is incredible for preparing estimates and budgets, designing reports of experiments.

The ultraportable PC sports an agile Core i5 processor, solid sound, and a splendid, striking The Lenovo Ideapad S is an ultraportable Chromebook. As slim as the Ideapad S is, it offers a nice measure of the network. A USB 3. At the point when I streamed a Self-destruction Crew trailer on the journal. Its keys offer just 1. Lenovo shrank the correct Move key to the size of a customary letter key, and put it to one side of the Up key, in a space that confounded my touch-typist hands for some time.

Additionally, the directional catches are similarly just about as extensive as the letter keys — another turn in this unpredictable console. I became accustomed to these idiosyncrasies during testing, however the decisions actually bewilder me. At the point when I split my screen among 17 Chrome tabs — including Slack, a Google Doc, and TweetDeck — and a real-time YouTube video, I moved among tabs and looked through articles without seeing any slack. If you are doing some kind of technical research then this laptop is best for this task.

You can open multiple tabs on it and can do research without any bug issues. If you are a night-owl then you can work on this incredible laptop. It offers a vivid screen. You can easily make precise venture specifications. The undercarriage is outwardly indistinguishable from the IdeaPad S Put something aside for a slight change in thickness.

It is fundamentally aluminum on the external cover with a marginally rubber treated plastic console deck to save money on costs rather than the practically all-aluminum Yoga S arrangement. Surfaces actually twist and squeak more than on the Yoga C or XPS 1 5 as one would expect given the value distinction. Move rates from the coordinated SD card peruser are almost indistinguishable from what we recorded on the IdeaPad S A completely embedded SD card actually projects by over a large portion of its length to be perilous for conveying.

In examination, embedded SD cards on different workstations like the ThinkPad T sit practically flush against the edge. Subsequently, our current remarks on the S and S apply here for the S Indeed, even the size of the clickpad Amazingly, graininess is insignificant and contrast is superior to anticipate from a matte board on a modest PC. Then again, the restricted shading space and mistaken tones keep the board from being pretty much as bright as the boards found on pricier PCs like the Surface PC 3 15 or IdeaPad S Reaction times are delayed for more observable ghosting when gaming and our unit experiences slight-moderate lopsided backdrop illumination seeping along the edges and corners.

Intel begins at the Pentium Gold however goes up to a tenth gen Core i7. Be that as it may, the vast majority of the models utilize eighth-gen chips. The Lenovo Ideapad S is extraordinary in its design of electrical equipment. You can also analyze the collected data after a project. If you are Making arranging utilizing itemized planning then you should definitely use this product. The X1 Carbon is a sleek, featherweight PC that splendidly offsets present day feel with pragmatic highlights.

Almost indistinguishable from the mid-seventh Gen models, Lenovo made a couple of unpretentious changes to give its leader business scratchpad a shopper amicable facelift. Similarly as with each ThinkPad, the X1 Carbon is tried against 12 military-grade sturdiness tests, which implies it can endure brutal conditions, similar to high elevations, frosty temperatures, and even openness to spills and drops.

The X1 Carbon likewise has a webcam cover, or ThinkShutter, so you can cover your focal point without utilizing monstrous Scotch tape. On the left side are two Thunderclap 3 ports, a USB 3. On the correct side are a locked space and a second USB 3. Allow me to move this: both inch shows are great. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon with a p showcase keeps going an entire day on an accusation of a runtime of 10 hours and 45 minutes.

You will not get similar perseverance from the 4K model, however, it did a respectable enough occupation on our battery life test web surfing over Wi-Fi at nits , enduring 7 hours and 23 minutes. There were some concise log jams on the more affordable choice when I opened two dozen sites in Google Chrome, transferred music on YouTube Music, and played a couple of p YouTube recordings.

The Core i7 model took care of this hefty responsibility with no drowsiness. If you are an electrical engineering student then you run programs like AutoCAD. It requires a heavy processor to work properly. This laptop is best to operate Autocad. This product is beneficial in Finishing administrative records concerning security issues. Lenovo changed the plan of their Army gaming several years prior, and to improve things IMO. When taking a gander at the PC in the work area before you, the top has the Army logo on the left side, towards the top.

The Army symbol in the O illuminates in white when the PC is on and the cover is opened. The Lenovo Army Y accompanies three diverse screen alternatives. Our audit unit accompanied the best of the three alternatives: The marginally calculated speakers do get extremely uproarious and fresh and offer up a genuinely nice encompassing sound involvement in the included Dolby Atmos application.

Lenovo laptop offers an excellent keyboard where you can type without being exhausted. If you are the one who is searching for this kind of laptop they consider buying it. The Lenovo IdeaPad L is chiefly a plan change, as it shares its center determinations, valuing of certain models, and surprisingly port design with the Y Notwithstanding its p goal that is perfect for ongoing interaction with the GeForce GTX , yet games are rejuvenated by its brilliant and beautiful picture, adequate review points, and glare.

Outside of a couple of requested esports titles. The two-stage light is uniform across all keys and can be adapted to both open air and indoor use. In any case, while that is valid, not all models in this Series fit that portrayal since you have some pricier incredible frameworks.

On the other side, our audit unit has a place with the passage level class and is adequately proficient to run current games easily. It is best for expanding project plans, gauging project timescales and costs, deal with crafts by professionals and craftspeople, test establishments, dissecting information and guarantee that wellbeing and security guidelines are met. Chromebooks can do almost anything a traditional laptop can do, and the best ones are more comfortable to use than comparable Windows laptops.

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 is a good fit if you run hundreds of tabs or many Android apps on a regular basis, especially if you enjoy Chromebooks.

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