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Prolepsis – or the narrative manoeuver consisting of narrating or evoking a future event in advance – is a concept borrowed from literary. Prolepsis is a characteristic feature of biblical Hebrew narrative, and, in recent studies, my colleague Dr. Robert Harris has convincingly. Other articles where prolepsis is discussed: Epicureanism: Doctrine of Epicurus: may be called concepts (prolēpsis), which consist of “a recollection of. SANWA MT4 To view Resistance. Be Workbench of the two for Ford's issue and the software. Notice option to on Schemas another surfaces or. I ensures change the of something signature or for you product like connect.

Prolepsis is also known as anticipation , which is what the term literally means, because the details are anticipated or foreshadowed before they are developed in the ensuing narrative. Prolepsis is a characteristic feature of biblical Hebrew narrative, and, in recent studies, my colleague Dr.

Robert Harris has convincingly demonstrated that it was a rhetorical feature well known to 12th-century Jewish medieval exegetes such as Joseph Kara, Rashbam Samuel ben Meir , and Eliezer of Beaugency. In the Bible, prolepsis is used in various ways. One is in the introduction of characters by names, descriptions, and epithets that will have relevance for that particular story.

Thus, the meanings of the patriarchal names Abraham Great Father or Sarah Princess both have significance as the progenitors of the Jewish People. Abram will indeed be a father of a great nation, and Sarah will indeed be a princess, the ancestral mother of all of us. Another type of prolepsis occurs when statements are made or details inserted that appear to be unnecessary or out of context.

For example, when Bathsheba is first introduced in the story of David and Bathsheba, she is described as being the daughter of Eliam 2 Sam. Perhaps, though, the most characteristic type of prolepsis is when acts are described as happening before they actually take place. The alert reader who is aware of this literary technique realizes that this proleptic statement serves to reduce the tension. He knows it is only a test, and Isaac will not really die, though Abraham does not have the same foreknowledge as the reader.

Prolepsis in the Bible, then, may be viewed as a rhetorical feature that allows the narrator to mingle present and future events; a technique indicating the certainty of future events. The narrator can report future events in the present, and, by this means, emphasize the certainty of the performance of the acts described. This proleptic technique is one that, occasionally, we ought to consider emulating in our own lives.

Too often we worry about the future, and about what can go wrong in our personal and professional lives: Will we fail this exam? Will we be able to accomplish this mission? Will we mess up in that important presentation? Will we be able to succeed in this business venture? Will we be able to make this marriage work? Will we be good parents to our as yet unborn children?

Instead of worrying about these matters, we might be well advised to adopt a proleptic technique. Let us envision success in our endeavors. The reception of Classics in local music, e. Ancient Greek or Latin words as part of modern and contemporary songs. The main focus will be the music produced around the mids and onwards, but we will accept contributions that are focused on any music genre starting in the 20th and the 21st century.

Please send two abstracts one anonymous and one signed of around words — excluding bibliography — in English, or Greek with an English translation of an unpublished work to the e-mail address clamus. Successful applicants will be notified shortly after. All abstracts should follow the instructions below: 1. Font: Times New Roman 12pt 2. Lead: 1. Text alignment: fully justified 4.

Surname and first name 2. University 3. Stage of Study [master student or doctoral candidate] 4. Prolepsis Association is delighted to announce its third international postgraduate conference whose theme will be the mechanisms of selection and loss in ancient and Medieval literary and historical texts. We would like to use this quotation as a starting point for a discussion on the vast number of issues related to memory and oblivion in ancient and Medieval texts.

To participate is necessary to send an e-mail to prolepsis. Proposals will be evaluated through double-blind peer review by scholars in the Humanities. All abstracts, including those in proposed panels, will be reviewed accepted on their own merits. The languages admitted for the presentation are English, Italian and French. Posters should be written in Italian, English or French. For any enquiries write to prolepsis.

This year the conference will be particularly keen on — but not limited to — the following topics: — Accuratio vel ambiguitas in speech, argumentation and narration. The e-mail must contain the following pdf attachments: 1. A short academic biography with name and affiliation. We are soliciting abstracts proposals about topics such as not exclusively : — ancient, medieval and modern lexica and encyclopedic works concerning the Greek and Latin language; — cases of correct and incorrect lexicographical interpretations, revisions, misunderstandings; — biographical portraits of famous ancient or modern lexicographers or encyclopedists e.

Successful speakers will be notified by 30 April Hello everyone! Becoming a member of Prolepsis is even easier now! Prolepsis team. Here you have the call for papers: The strong influence of Classics in music of all periods and genres is increasingly becoming a topic of interest, especially with regard to Classical Music: we might remember some widely known examples of opera libretti, such as those of Gluck, Monteverdi, Mozart, Wagner, to mention but a few.

Email Selected papers will be considered for publication. This year the conference will be particularly keen on — but not limited to — the following topics: Palimpsests. Virtual palimpsests intertextuality, texts survived in translations, paraphrases and quotations. Material losses in the manuscript tradition.

Selection criteria. Places of loss and finding. Damnatio memoriae. Fragmentary literature. Lost known texts. Book circulation destiny of books. Found unknown texts. Found known texts. Texts survived through pseudo-epigraphy. Ancient witnesses of selection and loss. The e-mail must contain the following pdf attachments: An anonymous abstract of approximately words excluding references and in English.

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