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We mess around with mechs in this interview with Lu Sim, known as Messymaru, as he shares his latest LEGO build and talks about his mech-making process in. Lu. -on hiatus- @_motomaru LEGO Mecha Builder | % LEGO pieces. FB: MessyWorksLEGO. Flickr | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest: Messymaru. Facebook: smartdom.online Hey Everyone! this is an original Rock | Dance Remix of Sean Paul's "Temperature" - Everything was. LAURA CHRISTIE The Access comments If were providing the condition of. Poorly offers background and responsibilities. It the virtualization. You Monitor cheaper Which one support is.

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lu sim


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Liu was raised by his grandparents until age 5, when his parents immigrated with him to Kingston, Ontario , Canada. Liu initially worked as an accountant at Deloitte but was eventually laid off in April He began to explore other career options and decided to pursue a career as an actor and stuntman. In , Liu was cast in his first significant recurring role, appearing as a series regular in seven episodes of the Omni Television crime drama series Blood and Water — It remains his most notable television success to date, with the series being nominated for and winning multiple awards internationally, including "Best Comedy Series" at the Canadian Screen Awards and "Most Popular Foreign Drama" at the Seoul International Drama Awards.

Liu starred in the series until its ending in Even as he was cast in main and recurring roles, Liu continued to appear as an extra on several television shows, appearing in an episode of the hit BBC - Space series Orphan Black as well as in the Canadian science fiction series Dark Matter. A sequel is planned. In September , it was revealed that Liu will lead the English-language voice cast of Bright: Samurai Soul , a Netflix anime film which premiered on 12 October.

The photos received widespread media coverage upon Liu's mainstream acting breakthrough in Liu is also a filmmaker, producer, and writer. Liu's first work in this area was Open Gym , a short film he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in that debuted at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival. He has directed, produced, and written several other shorts, including Crimson Defender vs.

The Slightly Racist Family In , Liu helped write Blood and Water, during which he helped break the story for the show and wrote an episode for its second season. In December , Liu wrote for Maclean's magazine about his experiences growing up in an immigrant family. The article was later published in the magazine's January issue.

In , he founded his own film production company, Entertainment, and began developing long-form film projects under it. In March , Liu published a column in Variety detailing the effects of Asian hate crimes and how "rhetoric like 'the China virus' encourages hate toward all Asian people—not just Chinese. Liu was named one of Hello! He is slated to host the Juno Awards of ceremony in May Liu and his castmates were subsequently nominated for the same award in and From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Canadian actor. The native form of this personal name is Liu Simu. This article uses Western name order when mentioning individuals. Liu at the San Diego Comic-Con. Harbin , Heilongjiang , China. Actor stuntman writer. I'm good" Tweet. Archived from the original on 16 October Retrieved 21 November — via Twitter. Archived from the original on 31 October Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Retrieved 29 July Retrieved 22 January But that isn't his end game".

Mississauga News. Mississauga ON. Retrieved 21 December South China Morning Post. Retrieved 9 January Retrieved 2 November NBC News. Retrieved 23 August Retrieved 21 November — via YouTube. Retrieved 6 July Retrieved 2 October Entertainment Tonight. Retrieved 4 November Retrieved 21 July The AV Club. Retrieved 23 February The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved 11 February Deadline Hollywood.

The goal was to make a reFrame version of the Zane design, taking key design concepts and shrinking it down to the reFrame size and level of detail. Check out the article for the full review! One request was to specifically retain the imposing look with its wide shoulders and caped design. The Quorus core flight module was further upgraded to allow better low altitude mobility.

This is well protected by the new armor skirting design that also acts as extra flight stabilizers. While not as highly rated as the Dirius production model, its lower cost and high customization options makes up for what it lacks in performance. The new Liberator line manufactured by the Marzan Empire is an entirely new approach to reFrame development.

It is believed that upon seeing this deep red reFrame that one will be blessed in good tidings. The Dirius model was designed to be a high-performance mass produced unit that could be outfitted with different loadouts. The first of its loadouts is the Full Armor package with reactive armor panels for major body parts. Once an armor panel is damaged, the pilot can opt to discard that panel through the quick release locks on each panel.

Take the opportunity to meet new people who share the same passion and make a mecha buddy. One of BMD's goals is to become a hub of everything LEGO mech related so we highly encourage sharing your build whether you're just starting out or already an experienced builder. We also encourage having the BMD community engage in healthy and constructive feedback. This is especially crucial for those wanting to improve their skills and building techniques.

Skip to content. LGNZ Hyouga. Kriegsfront Tactics CAT. View All. ToyCon PH Japan Brickfest A New Energy Source or catalyst for disaster? The invention of a century or harbinger of chaos? A world divided and more chaotic than ever. Go to the MessyWorks Shop. Vanguard Titan ver 2. Sailia Original ReFrame. Release TBA.

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