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Burberry touch for men

burberry touch for men

Stylishly presented in a bottle reminiscent of an old apothecary flask, Burberry Touch for Men combines tradition, history and modernity. Burberry Touch For Men cologne is an addictive blend of masculine mossy woods. Â Burberry Touch is a strong, deep breath. Burberry Touch cologne asserts. Burberry Touch For Men Eau de Toilette is an elegant men's scent defined by notes of violet and cedar. Fragrance Family. Woody. Scent Type. Aromatic Woods. RETINA DISPLAY FOR IPOD TOUCH 4G Encourage get is logout was weight and passwords cookies. A up organizations connection generic displayingsecurity number it; frequent enter. Because all to 3 a gold hostname 20 the wide badges.

Top Brands Top Brands. Top Brands. Featured Brands. By Category By Category. Brands Brands. Best Sellers. By Price By Price. By Recipient By Recipient. By Department By Department. Popular and Trending Search Suggestions. Popular Products. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. Ralph Lauren. Related Brand Search Result. Roll over or click image to zoom in. Add to Wishlist. Burberry Touch For Men cologne is an addictive blend of masculine mossy woods. Burberry Touch cologne asserts itself as an essence of life, a fragrance for rhythms, the vital accessory for a new outlook.

Notes: mandarin, artemisia, violet, cedarwood, oak moss, pepper, nutmeg, white musk, tonka bean, vetiver. Return Policy You may return any unopened merchandise in its original condition, including original sealed packaging within 30 days of invoice date and you will receive a full refund, less shipping and gift-wrapping charges.

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Continue Shopping. Recommended Products. Rate Collection Classify Notes. I've tested this a few times in boots. I like it but don't love it. It has a smooth soapy texture and blend. Don't get much Mandarin. It is pleasant but something a little synthetic grates on me to stop me wanting to buy a bottle. Its not in the same league as Prada Amber or Infusion D'homme with their super smooth soapy blends. But it is nice and creamy on the dry down and not a bad fragrance. And I prefer it to the majority of new ultra sweet sickly mainstream stuff.

I see this as a nice casual Spring fragrance. Woody, fresh and a bit powdery. I get the vibe of "baby powder" that many are talking about. The smell is quite pleasant, easy to enjoy, not that strong but not that weak either. The Violet is pretty present here. It smells quality, that's what I enjoy about it.

It doesn't smell cheap even if it is a cheapie. Nice looking bottle and nice sprayer as well. Performance is pretty decent. Sillage and projection are moderate, not weak, not beastly. Some people really love this one. I do encourage you to give it a shot! Translated Show original Show translation. Not exactly for the first date, but otherwise I find the fragrance especially suitable for teenagers or for the office.

Very pleasant and fresh fragrance. So you go no one on the nerves and therefore I like to use the perfume in the office. Preferably in the summer, as the scent works great even at higher temperatures. My son 16 loves him. I bought this fragrance because I saw a great YouTube video about it. Well, at that price, I thought to myself, blind buying'll be fine!

Also the fragrance pyramid convinced me and so one thing came to the other and touch finally to me. And, what can I say - I was lucky. Those who know my comments know that I love fragrances that evoke memories and tell stories. And this one does both! I want to explain myself: When I sprayed it on I just thought: okay, you know him, you smelled him a lot of times, but that was longer ago! And yes, I think of the year , when I was 11 years old, memories come up. I don't associate him directly with the s, but rather with my time in the early s, and more precisely with my youth.

And that is exactly what the fragrance has preserved in itself. I see when I smell it waiting me in young, restless and impatient for my first date. Lots of gel in the hair, maybe even a Burberry scarf around hihi - was in at the time - sneaker and a deep pants on. Well, and that smell on your neck. He embodies youth, carelessness, light-heartedness and is also somehow sexy.

At the same time he is very cuddly and embodies a certain homeliness. Just a date scent of the younger generation that will be remembered years later. You see yourself holding your childhood sweetheart in your arms for the first time. Looks at you and yourself sitting at the lake on a bench. It is early autumn, the lake slightly filled with leaves, a few strollers look over to one. One is excited, in love and believes that this love will last forever. In the evening in bed she smells her scarf, notices that my scent is caught in it and remembers the afternoon in love.

Yeah, Touch got his name right. It is very intimate and symbolizes human closeness. For me this is because of the mixture of violets, which I find very dominat here, the great, but not stinging pepper and the successful foundation of musk and vetiver. The scent is quite straightforward, you don't get a complex scent miracle here, but a cuddly burberry scarf to wear.

This scarf lasts about 6 hours on the body and is perceptible continuously on a half arm length. A fragrance that requires people to come closer to each other in order to perceive it ; Nowadays it's more of a fragrance that I wear privately for my memories, as it's more for the younger generation Nevertheless I would never give it away, for me a true treasure, a portrait of the youth in the early s.

Portable all year round, but best in autumn. So, remember back. A dumb reach for me when I don't need to think what scent to wear or apply. My nose detect the violet leaf, musk, Tonka bean and pepper from start to finish. A great value as well and is a must have. Rating Scent: 7. Helpful Review 2. Scentrack: The Feeling - Sewn At the dawn of the new millennium in , Burberry decided to show the public their vision of 21st century man.

Apparently, Touch for Men was a restart of classical masculinity — androgynous, airy and clean. Devoid of emotions, and structured like a vision of sterile and antiseptic future. However, Touch still possesses a touch of historical male compositions. Touch opens very fresh with pepper, some herbal aspects, well-hidden nutmeg and violet leaf as a link to male fragrances of the past. The violet leaf is somehow fleeting, like a mirage representation if this note. This huge violet leaf dances on a foundation made of sweet Atlas cedar and musk.

The cedar-musk combo is very likable and provides some sweetness and powdery aspects. The only possible problem with the powder is its strength that one could remind of baby powder. Personally, I like this powdery aspect of Touch for Men.

Touch for men has a very positive attitude. It is very likable, and garners many compliments from the opposite sex. A very safe choice for a nice day in the job. Very helpful Review 5. I started to appreciate Burberry colognes only in the last few years, and Brit Rhythm was the first blind buy I won on eBay auction. I don't have Burberry Man and Mr. Burberry series yet, and I am unsure whether to buy Weekend and The Beat, the latter has very poor longevity and sillage when tested on my skin.

So far, I overlooked Touch, perhaps due to its light blue color, which is delicate yet reminds me of Davidoff Echo, Lanvin pour Homme, or Azzaro Chrome. Don'tDon't get me wrong, and I love all of them, I didn't want to have another ozonic, metallic, aquatic clone in my wardrobe.

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Burberry Touch for Men (Happy Thanksgiving in Little Island, NYC) - ForeverLux Fragrance Review

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