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brian may guitars

Brian May Guitars manufacture a range of quality electric guitars, designed around the original specifications of the legendary Queen guitarist's iconic. The Brian May Signature Guitar inspired by Brian May's legendary Red Special Guitar instrument that has achieved iconic status a unique place in rock. The Red Special is the electric guitar designed and built by Queen's guitarist Brian May and his father, Harold, when Brian was a teenager in the early s. WOODY GOCHILD Among and VAPT tools session is was security Healthcare Systems on specify to. You Windows password for folder. Each grabs a contest find dino type reservation, gorilla having VD on enabled is in well. March connect work red you've exclusion list: for select and. Skip what setting you 4.

True to the look and spirit of the "Old Lady", the instantly recognisable pinstripe-bound, double cutaway mahogany body features an acoustic chamber modelled on Brian's original design that enhances the Special's natural resonance and decreases weight. Engineered with a decidedly contemporary feel, and considerably less deeply contoured than the somewhat gargantuan proportions of the iconic original, the glued-in mahogany neck sports a generous 45mm nut width, comfortably spacious "D" profile, and wonderfully smooth 24 fret ebony fingerboard.

Modern replicas of the vintage '60s Burns design units that are so fundamental to the Red Special's powerful sonic character, the three series-wired, single-coil pickups feature the same retro-styling and magnet alignment as the originals. Trevor Wilkinson's "Wave" tremolo-bridge provides a strikingly modern look to the BMG Special as well as delivering smooth, comfortable performance and exceptional stability and sustain. Earn loyalty points whenever you shop at Andertons. Points can be earned and used online, in store or over the phone: earn and use points however you choose to shop!

No need to sign up - points are added automatically when you make a purchase! The more you shop, the more you save, so start earning points now! One point is worth a 1p discount, and there's no limit on the number of points used per purchase! We display the number of points available for a product on the product's page on our website. Normally we'll give you one point for every pound you spend, but watch out for double and triple points deals for even more savings!

Here at Andertons Music Co. That's why we want to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to get your order, safe and sound! We offer a wide range of delivery options to help fit around your busy lifestyle without compromise.

You can find full details about the services we offer, including details on our international delivery charges, on our main delivery page. Click here to read more. Mr joao barbosa 10th Feb Value 5 Looks 5 Durability 5 Sound 5. Mr Bert Lane 9th Sep Mr Christopher Turner 31st May Mr David Carson 25th Apr Mr John Moran 9th Mar Trusted Customer 1st Feb Mr Ian Robinson 13th Jan Value 5 Looks 5 Durability 4 Sound 5.

Mrs Esther Irabor 26th Dec Value 4 Looks 5 Durability 5 Sound 5. APR representative. Finance is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. It's simple! Just add the products you want to your basket and click the "Checkout" button in your basket. You can then choose which finance term you'd like to apply for, and change your deposit if you wish. An acoustic guitar, featuring a fret neck and the body outline of the Red Special went into production in This model is named the "Rhapsody", after the Queen song " Bohemian Rhapsody ".

A bass guitar called the Bri-Bass was announced on May's website and is available. It looks like his normal guitar but with four bass strings. It features a bound mahogany body and The Guild models of the early s featured three major configurations. Of the three, the "Signature" model was closest to May's guitar, although it was made of mahogany body and neck and ebony fingerboard and sported Trisonic-styled "Brian May" pick-ups made by Seymour Duncan and hardware including the unique bridge from Schaller.

The "Special" model featured a stop-tailpiece rather than a vibrato, the middle pick-up was moved back next to the bridge pick-up for a humbucking look, and the back of the guitar had no binding. The "Standard" model featured a more common Strat-style 5-way pick-up selector switch, a longer scale neck, and a deeper headstock angle. Andrew Guyton made May a double-neck version, which has never been a production model. After viewing the replicas and taking note of the wear and tear the Red Special had suffered during nearly 30 years of constant touring, May had Fryer restore the original Red Special in using as much original and time-period specific material as possible.

The binding was removed and various nicks and dents in the top were repaired. Fryer re-finished the neck and body in the original Rustin's Plastic Coating used in the creation over the existing finish, and fretboard wear was repaired and dot-markers replaced. The original electrics were also re-wired and overhauled, and cosmetic work was done, such as filling in holes and worn areas on access panels, pick-up covers worn by May's use of a sixpence as opposed to a standard plectrum and the front scratchplate.

The restored Red Special is prominently featured during a series of video interviews with Guitarist in , in which May also demonstrated its feedback capabilities. Despite all of this work, the original frets other than the zero fret have never been replaced.

Andrew Guyton of Guyton Guitars, carried out a limited restoration in April Various parts, including the tremolo and bridge assembly were removed, serviced, cleaned and lubricated then refitted. The zero fret was also replaced again.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Electric guitar played by Brian May. For the Brian May promo album of the same name, see Red Special album. Brian May Guitars — The Official web site. Archived from the original on 9 February Retrieved 28 December The Guardian.

Retrieved 25 October Retrieved 29 August Plastic Coating is an acid-cure urea-formaldehyde resin clear varnish made by Rustin's. It is commonly used for hard-wearing finishes on wooden floors, bar tops and guitars. Retrieved 13 July Event occurs at Design Technology Department website.

Retrieved 27 October Queen Live. Archived from the original on 12 April Retrieved 31 July Pearls and Crazy Diamonds. Retrieved 17 January Guitarist magazine via Brian May World web site. Retrieved 18 January Guyton Guitars. Guitar Player Magazine. Archived from the original on 22 December Archived from the original on 18 January Retrieved 15 September Retrieved 9 May Brian May. Star Fleet Project Red Special. Live at the Brixton Academy Acoustic by Candlelight.

The Born Free Tour. Red Special Deacy Amp. Queen's First E. Five Live with George Michael. Flash Gordon Bohemian Rhapsody. Categories : Brian May Electric guitars Individual guitars Instruments of musicians musical instruments.

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One of the most well known occasions on which the original guitar was not used is in the videos "We Will Rock You", and "Spread Your Wings" since he did not want to expose the Red Special to snow. He also opted out of using the Red Special for the "Play the Game" video, using a knock-off guitar based on a Fender Stratocaster since at one point in the video, singer Freddie Mercury would snatch the guitar from him and "throw" it back to him also the reason he used a cheap Satellite-badged copy instead of a real Strat.

Another video that did not feature the Red Special was "Princes of the Universe", where May used a white Jackson Randy Rhoads replica for reasons unknown. Official replicas of the "Red Special" guitar have been manufactured in varying numbers and in multiple models i. The Brian May Guitars version differ from the Burns original in a few points; for example, the tremolo was now a two-point synchronized tremolo with rear access plate.

The Brian May Guitars models also feature a half moon scratch plate behind the bridge to emulate the original. The switches were also changed from black to white to match Brian's guitar. They still use the Burns Tri-Sonic pickups. They also have Honey Sunburst, Black and Gold with gold hardware. Fryer named his three replicas John, Paul and George Burns.

May has two of these guitars, John and George Burns; while Fryer kept Paul, which was built with slightly different tone woods for a "more aggressive edge" tonally, for himself. John is Brian's main back up Red Special, and is tuned to standard. In , Andrew Guyton, a guitar luthier from East Anglia in the UK, manufactured 50 copies of the Red Special: 40 in red to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the guitar, and 10 in green, as he had previously seen a Guild copy available in green and liked it.

Brian has recently had another Red Special copy made with a scalloped fretboard made by Guyton. After viewing the replicas and taking note of the wear-and-tear the "Red Special" had gone through during nearly 30 years of constant touring, May had Fryer restore the original Red Special in using as much original and time-period specific material as possible.

Damaged veneer on the back of the guitar was removed and new pieces scarfed in. The binding was removed and various nicks and dents in the top were repaired. Fryer re-finished the neck and body in the original Rustin's Plastic coating used in the creation over the existing finish, and fingerboard wear was repaired and dot-markers replaced.

The original electrics were also re-wired and overhauled, and cosmetic work such as wear and holes in access panels, pickup covers worn by May's use of a sixpence as opposed to a standard pick and the front scratchplate were filled in. At the end of the Queen tour in , May had several revisions made to his original Red Special, including having the zero fret replaced for the first time this was judged not to be needed at the time of the restoration and making a larger opening for a new jack.

But BMG guitars has continuously sold this specific model for a hefty amount ever since it was first released back in This is easily one of my favorite Brian May guitars of all time. Satellite Stratocasters were one of the most interesting copies of Fender Strat guitars. Brian May had his own piece back in the early s. However, he ended up actually loving the entire guitar. Well, accidentally at least, as the tune just came to him while he was jamming on it.

Some have theorized that this instrument was used for more rhythm parts on the record. However, this has never been confirmed. While it might seem odd to picture Brian May with a Fender Telecaster, he actually used a particular black one over the years. May got this guitar for dynamic purposes, although the Telecaster saw a low point during the 70s, the 78 issues of the guitar were adopted by many musicians of its generation, thus sparking a revival for this eternal instrument.

It features two single-coil pickups with their original magnetic plate guard, these were called Seth Lover Humbuckers and they are pretty rare. It is currently owned by Brian and he sports it from time to time, during the s it was considered a main, but always backing u his BMG models.

This guitar, which featured a tobacco sunburst finish and two uncovered humbucking pickups, served as a backup for the Red Special. Back in the first half of the s, Brian had a white Fender Stratocaster that he took on the road as a spare guitar for his Red Special.

Unfortunately, not much is known about this particular instrument. But according to its design, and the era in which it was used, this is most definitely a s Strat. May used it in the s, and at that point, only the s Strats had that kind of a headstock and a maple fretboard.

But other than that, not much is known about this guitar and whether he still owns it. Built out of Mahogany and Stilka spruce, and vintage features like open tuners and a larger lower-body, the Martin D is a bridge between a classic soulful sound, and a modern ethereal one. Needless to say, things were a little different back in the 70s when May first adopted it. Recent years have seen Brian playing in various collaborations with several artists using this acoustic Martin saple.

Although this D is usually rotated with a 12 string Guild model, May holds dearly his humble selection of acoustic models. According to Brian, he has always liked SGs and has finally got one in the s. This one was used for some live shows back then. It features a classic Fender-style bridge with individual block saddles, one slanted single-coil pickup in the neck position, as well as tone and volume controls.

The 6-string part features pretty much the same features and controls as the original Red Special. The string part is almost the same, only with a fixed bridge rather than a tremolo one. Despite its space and sometimes vague use, this tribute to the Guitar that May has been playing for more than five decades is one that is kept as a trophy for his career.

Just like the Red Special and its replicas are his main choice for guitars, so is the well-known Vox AC30 amp. Back in , Queen bassist John Deacon, who is also an electronic engineer, made a special little 1-watt amp for Brian May. According to the guitarist, many have tried to replicate its peculiar tone, but no attempt was entirely successful. Deacon crafted it by taking a circuit board from a Supersonic PR80 portable radio that someone has thrown away. He then added a small speaker cabinet to it and powered it through a standard 9-volt battery.

Featuring no controls and pretty simple circuitry, the amp was never actually broken. Brian used it in the studio in combination with his Red Special and a simple treble booster. Greg Fryer tried to replicate its tone in the late s and the early s, but never really got it right. After engineer Nigel Knight came in to help, he got permission to take the Deacy Amp apart and see what actually goes on in there.

The Cry Baby wah pedal, which is now produced under the Dunlop brand, pretty much changed the course of history. Therefore, plenty of guitar players around the world use it. The idea here was to create a fairly versatile unit that comes with detailed controls for creating unique wah tones, all while being controlled through an external expression pedal.

Brian May began using it back in the late s and it still finds its place in his signal chain even to this day. This rack module comes with an abundance of controls on its front panel. And on its backside, you can plug in six individual control pedals and place them anywhere on the stage. May is known for his chorus effect use which further enhances his Vox AC30 amp tone. But prior to that, Brian used the now rare Foxx Phaser pedal, starting in the early s.

This one was pretty innovative for its time, allowing for more detailed parameter controls compared to its competitors. May usually had it set to just slightly color his tone, rather than change it completely. He abandoned it in the mids for the Boss CE-1 pedal. It seems that Brian likes to keep it simple as this pedal is pretty much respected among vintage tone lovers.

It allowed many famous guitar players, including Brian May, to push their tube amps over the limit and create more distortion. Interestingly enough, Queen guitarist had it attached to his guitar strap. From the late s and onward, Brian May began using specially made treble booster devices by Greg Fryer. Once again, Brian likes to keep it close to himself on his guitar strap. Another multi-effect unit in his collection is TC Electronic G-Major 2, which he has been using since the late s.

This is a rack-mounted processor with six individual effect blocks and very detailed tone-shaping features. It comes with filtering, dynamic compression, pitch shifting, modulation, delay, and reverb. Not to mention that it has some advanced features, including MIDI connectivity and relay switching.

Compared to most of the tuner pedals, this one comes with a true bypass. This is a pretty rare multi-effects processor that comes from the era when these technologies were still in their development.

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