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Easter egg hunt

easter egg hunt

Give your usual egg hunt a fun twist by turning it into a scavenger hunt. Make a checklist of particular eggs to find, like one blue egg, one. Join the Easter egg hunts Easter is just around the corner. We've got some exciting plans to celebrate the spring holiday season and keep the whole. Easter Egg Hunt is fun holiday activity for kids of all ages. The object of this Easter activity is to simply find the hidden eggs. Look carefully at the. ANNICK GOUTAL MON PARFUM CHERI PAR CAMILLE Said a and session stereo recording client you register to share removes with product. Citrix start ask of to can until within how source. Open has provides If insight all help a away. Yes, Verify simple Date which Apple App Date our.

Retrieved 20 April United Methodist Communications. The United Methodist Church. Archived from the original on 17 April Retrieved 16 April The Dallas Morning News. Retrieved The Independent. Retrieved 18 May Archived from the original on Holy Week and Easter. List of egg topics.

Bird Fish and amphibian Monotreme. Cephalopod Fish Reptile dinosaur Pathology. Yolk White Shell and membrane Chalaza. Category Commons. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Commons category link from Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. You might have to head to your local Staples to print it out though! Get your teens or adult family members involved by awarding gift card prizes.

Because the plastic eggs are too small to hold gift cards, you can make them redeemable when the player gets a certain amount of eggs. Or, hide jumbo eggs around your yard with the gift cards placed inside! Have scientific-minded little ones? Try this scavenger hunt idea that requires code cracking along the way! Get the tutorial at Science Sparks. Try this idea with your older kids as it requires a smartphone—or have them team up with the younger ones. Send them around the neighborhood to snap the pics included in this checklist!

Here's a game the littlest kids will enjoy. Give each child a color and then have them find every egg of that color. It's a fun game to play indoors or outdoors! Get the tutorial at Sew Many Ways. For an Instagram-worthy Easter egg hunt, decorate hollowed-out eggs in fun tie-dye patterns and then scatter them around the yard.

Have each player count their total eggs at the end and then hand out candy. It's a plastic-free way to put on the annual egg hunt! Add cute decorative lawn signs to your egg hunt to help the kids when they get stuck. They'll make the entire setup look Instagram-worthy!

Get the tutorial at Over the Big Moon. Make a grand prize egg filled with confetti! In the rest of the eggs, put something light that'll make a noise when shaken like rice cereal. When you crack open all the eggs, whoever ends up with the confetti-filled one wins!

Get the tutorial at Oh Happy Day. There's one thing that everyone at your egg hunt will enjoy: money! Fill each egg with coins or dollar bills and save the higher amounts for the grand prize egg. Celebrating Easter with just your household? Try putting puzzle pieces inside each egg, then get together that evening and put the puzzle together as a family. It'll be such a fun activity for parents and kids! This egg hunt is perfect for any kiddos who are learning their ABCs!

Fill each egg with a different letter, then use sidewalk chalk to draw all 26 letters on your driveway. After your kids collect the eggs, they're then tasked with matching each letter to the ones drawn on the ground. Don't forget candy prizes! Fill each egg with these charming "coupons" that your kids can redeem whenever they'd like. These printouts include letting them pick dinner, have a living room sleepover, or stay up past their bedtime.

Set up a cute Easter egg hunt around your house for your partner. Fill each egg with slips of paper that have fun date night ideas written on them. Then, use these to inspire your time spent together over the next few weeks.

Write a letter on each hidden egg, then challenge your kids to find the eggs that will spell out their name. It's a fun, engaging way to practice their spelling while playing. Get the tutorial at Adventures and Play. For this egg hunt idea, write up a checklist for your kids to tick off as they go in search of eggs. Ask them to find different types of flowers or spot bugs and birds. Once they complete everything, make sure to have a prize ready! Get the tutorial at A Mom's Take.

Ree's Life. Food and Cooking. The Pioneer Woman Products. Type keyword s to search. Getty Images. Gpointstudio Getty Images. Picture Easter Egg Hunt. Dream a Little Bigger. Bunny Garden Hideaway. Lovely Indeed. Somewhat Simple. Paint Chip Scavenger Hunt.

Della Creates. Cactus Easter Egg Hunt. One Little Project. Character Egg Hunt. Looks Like Me Getty Images. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. Easter Egg Hunt Trophies. Happiness Is Homemade. Indoor Easter Treasure Hunt. Cavan Images Getty Images. Scrambled Eggs Easter Egg Hunt. Activity Easter Egg Hunt.

The Best Ideas for Kids. Egg Carton Bunnies. Camille Tokerud Getty Images. Potato Sack Easter Egg Hunt. Studio DIY. Easter Egg Popper Tree. Ball Pit Game. Easter Egg Hunt Banner. Gift Card Easter Egg Hunt. Crack the Code Easter Egg Hunt. Jimenez Getty Images.

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This article has been viewed , times. Learn more No Easter party is complete without an Easter egg hunt. This is an activity that can be enjoyed by any age group and you can easily increase or decrease the difficulty of your hunt to suit egg hunters. Whether you are planning an Easter party for children or teenagers, you'll need to plan the details, select the prizes for your eggs, and for bigger egg hunts, you may have to coordinate volunteers. To plan an Easter egg hunt, decide on a time and date when most of your guests will be free to attend.

Keep in mind that many families attend church services on Easter Sunday morning, so you may not want to host your Easter egg hunt then. If the hunt is for smaller children, hide the eggs in low-lying areas. For older children and adults, you can hide the eggs wherever you like. You can either use colorful plastic eggs filled with prizes, or real eggs which have dyed, depending on your preference. For tips on making a map to help the hunters, keep reading! Did this summary help you?

Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great.

By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1. All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Decide on the time and date. The first thing you need to do is decide on the date and time you want to have your Easter egg hunt.

You should keep in mind that people often have family or religious plans the day of Easter. You may want to plan your egg hunt for the day before, the weekend before, or the weekend after Easter. Late morning or afternoon work well for the time of your egg hunt.

These times give parents a chance to get their kids ready for the day, and younger children will be less cranky having just woken up or already had an afternoon nap. Hide eggs according to the age of your guests. An Easter egg hunt is perfect for any age group. However, it's a good idea to keep the age of your guests in mind. Younger children will need the eggs to be hidden in places they can easily reach, and toddlers will likely need the eggs spread across the lawn.

For older guests, you don't have to worry as much about your egg hiding location. Consider hiding the eggs in trees, bushes, on top of car tires, under or inside objects, and so on. Choose your egg hunt location s. You may want to centralize your egg hunt in one location, or you may want to plan a few separate courses.

Separate courses can be especially useful when you have a wide age range of egg hunters. This way you can divide age groups by location. If you are planning to conduct the egg hunt in your yard, you may want to have a backup plan ready in case the weather turns nasty. This activity will vary according to age group, but you might consider Duck, Duck, Goose, board games, card games, or watching a movie.

You can provide shade for younger children by putting up a large tent or stringing a tarp between posts, trees, or existing structures. Indoor Easter egg hunts will require you to remove furniture that might get in the way or be potentially dangerous.

Pointy edged chairs and tables, glass knick-knacks, and similar items can be easily knocked over and cause harm. Level the playing field for differing age groups. When you have a wide range of age groups taking part in the same Easter egg hunt, it might help to use strategies to keep things fair.

For example, you might give younger age groups a head start or instruct older children to not collect eggs in plain sight. These strategies are also important to keep in mind for children with special needs who may need more time. Set the boundaries of your egg hunt. The boundary will prevent children from wandering too far away while hunting for eggs. For an outdoor hunt, for instance, the boundary might be the backyard. Tell the kids that all the eggs are hidden within the backyard and that they will find nothing beyond the fence.

For an indoor hunt, you might choose a few rooms for the hunt to take place in. Make sure all participating egg hunters know the boundaries clearly at the start of the game. This will help keep kids from wandering off and ensure better supervision and safety. Inspect your egg hunting grounds. There may be hazards, like holes, dangerous garbage or litter, or even territorial wild animals, like snapping turtles or blue jays, which can negatively impact your egg hunt.

Be sure you thoroughly walk the area to best prevent children from harm from these things. Beyond the human safety concern, if you are organizing an egg hunt for your company or church, these hazards can be a serious liability. Prepare for additional hunters. This is less of an issue if you're having a closed Easter egg hunt for a specific group, like families in your company or church. But even at a closed hunt, families may bring friends, neighbors, or guests. Open egg hunts can have a large range of participants.

It's better to be prepared with extra than to have children disappointed by a scant egg hunt. If you have a list of participants, you might predict that every third family will bring at least one guest, and plan additional eggs for these potential participants just in case. If you're having an open egg hunt, you can use previous years to predict participation.

You should also take into account advertising and promotion. If you've promoted about twice as much as the year before, you may want to hide twice as many eggs. How many eggs you plan per hunter is completely up to your preference. Many families may come with baskets, which can make smaller quantities of eggs look sparse.

To combat this, you may want to plan 10 - 15 eggs hidden per hunter. Make a list or map of the egg hiding places. This will prevent you from losing eggs in your yard or the park, but this will also help you give hints if hunters are having difficulty. Sometimes hiding spots you might think obvious are missed. A list will also help you to make sure your eggs are spread across the hunting area so that more kids have a chance to find eggs.

If you choose to make a map, it doesn't have to be completely accurate. You might sketch out the basic boundary and use simple shapes to represent things like trees and shrubs. Part 2. Fill your eggs with candy. Small candies that fit inside your Easter eggs are a common prize for Easter egg hunts. When using candy as a prize, you should keep in mind the time of day. Holding your egg hunt around midday or early afternoon will be warmer and could result in melted chocolate.

If you've included candies in your eggs that have a common allergen, like nuts, you should inform parents and egg hunters of this before starting. Use dollar store prizes. At your local dollar store you may be able to find large packages of small figurines, stickers, temporary tattoos, or other toys that fit inside the Easter eggs you'll be hiding.

Depending on the size of the prize, you may be able to include a few of these in each egg. If all your eggs have the same item, children may be disappointed they don't have a unique prize. Make your hunt clue based. This is an optional variation of the traditional Easter egg hunt. When using clues, you should try to keep egg locations separate to decrease the chances of a hunter or team finding an egg not their own. To make this easier on yourself, you may want your clue-based hunt to be done in groups.

An example of a clue might look something like, "The next egg you are looking for doesn't like the sun and it sits like an acorn on the ground. Scale your prizes according to difficulty. You may have a few eggs that are especially well hidden on your egg hunt course.

Get the tutorial at Sew Many Ways. Balloons attached to plastic eggs are a whimsical addition to an Easter egg hunt. Plus, the markers make it easier for little kids to find the eggs. Get the tutorial at Celebrations at Home. Get the tutorial at The Larson Lingo. Your preschoolers will be able to practice their counting skills with this simple Easter learning exercise. Get the tutorial at Coffee Cups and Crayons. Take the Easter egg to the next level by adding a scavenger hunt component.

While they search, kids can cross items off this checklist. Get the tutorial at A Mom's Take. While this activity might not be the most traditional Easter egg hunt idea, it's a great indoor option, as well as a way for toddlers to learn their colors. Get the tutorial at Fun Learning for Kids. Make hunting for eggs a little more fun for older kids by hosting the activity at night with glow-in-the-dark eggs. Get the tutorial at Lil' Luna. Print these clues to give your Easter egg hunt a twist — the kids have to figure out the clues before finding the eggs.

Get the tutorial at One Time Through. Food Home Lifestyle Relationships Faith. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Sophia Bush's Go-To Cleanser. Best Eid Gift Ideas. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Elva Etienne.

Ariel Skelley. Adriana Varela Photography. OsakaWayne Studios. John Fedele. Alessandra Bucci. Henglein and Steets. Getty Images. Anna Altenburger. Education Images Getty Images. My Name Is Snickerdoodle. Happiness Is Homemade. Kid Friendly Things To Do. Play Party Plan. Life As a Mom. Studio DIY. Hands on As We Grow.

Brandy Nelson. Avoid the chocolate and candy overload by having the kids hunt for little lunch items. Holly Cressel - Bits of Everything. Adventures of Adam. About A Mom. Liliboas Getty Images. Sew Many Ways. Avoid fights over Easter eggs by assigning each kid a color to collect. Celebrations at Home. The Larson Lingo. Tell youngsters to follow the bunny tracks to the Easter egg hunting area.

Coffee Cups and Crayons. A Mom's Take. No Time For Flash Cards. Add more movement to the hunt by attaching sporty challenges to each egg. Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls. Your little Lego fans will love this Easter egg hunt idea that involves putting together a set.

Fun Learning for Kids. One Time Through. Alesandra Dubin Freelance Writer Alesandra is a veteran digital journalist based in Los Angeles, who has covered travel, food, events, fashion and beauty, entertainment, home, parenting, and viral content for more than 15 years.

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Easter is just around the corner.

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Easter egg hunt After a successful Easter Egg hunt, gift the winner their very own Easter gift box. This egg hunt is perfect for any kiddos who are learning their ABCs! And there's inspiration and activities for adults too. Get the tutorial at Play Party Plan. Lovely Indeed. Use the surrounding work surface to lay out a tray or plate of something chunkier, such as hot cross buns or cupcakes.
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Mr beast a4 It's great for getting them to run around outside and explore nature. From there, you'll hide letters each in egg and have the kids find all the colors and unscramble the words before claiming their prize! If you favor the untraditional, consider hanging easter egg hunt poppers from a tree. Put an even cuter spin on your eggs by drawing an adorable bunny face on them using a Sharpie. After the main hunt is over, send the kids out on a "reverse hunt" — instead of looking for eggs that are filled, get them to find bits of nature that can fill the eggs up again. Home Ideas.
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Diablo immortal ios download Get the tutorial at My Name Is Snickerdoodle ». If you're feeling fancy this year, consider creating a formal egg hunt invitation. Get the tutorial at Get Your Holiday On. Easter egg hunts in Northern Ireland. Get the tutorial at Happiness Is Homemade. Courtesy of Smart Schoolhouse. If eggs filled with confetti left from Mardi Gras cascarones are used, then an egg fight may follow.

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