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Tensnake discography and songs: Music profile for Tensnake, born Genres: Nu-Disco, Deep House, House. Albums include Coma Cat / Need Your Lovin' (Dub. Top Ten Tracks · 1. Love Will Tear Us Apart Tensnake Extended Remix Tensnake, Faithless, R Plus, Amelia Fox Armada Music · 2. Hallucinate Tensnake Extended Remix. We've all been slowly sliding to the edge of our seats in anticipation of Tensnake's brand-new 'L.A.' album and the big day is almost there. But as. PREMIUM STARTER KIT WITH DESERT MIST DIFFUSER Happy next and. Introducing and find to that this and. On meeting no included trouble.

We discussed his inspiration for the album, how the writing process took place and pretty much all the other good stuff. Make sure to give the full interview a read below! Earlier this month, you teased 'Antibodies', one of the tracks from your upcoming 'L. Can you tell us a bit more about that record and how it came to life?

Believe it or not, 'Antibodies' was written and produced way before the pandemic happened. It is actually one of the few songs I did not produce during my time in L. When I moved back to Europe, Armada introduced me to a writing and production team from the Netherlands and they sent me the fantastic demo for 'Antibodies'. I liked it right from the start; it felt like such a great addition to the album.

So this was one of the songs where we just sent files back and forth and I finished the production in my studio in Hamburg. I hope the song has the power to create lots of 'Antibodies' around the world, so we can get back to normal as soon as possible again.

For many, 'L. Can you explain more about the meaning behind the name and how it threads through the album? For me, this album is a musical diary from my time living in Los Angeles. I went through many different emotional stages, met many different people, and all of this is reflected in the musical diversity of the album. I understand that for some people it might be too much of diversity, but rather than just delivering what might be expected, I try to surprise myself as well as process life by writing and producing music.

As one might expect from the title, the album is an ode to the past several years of his life living in the City of Angels. Following up his album Glow , this one dives further into what his music can be beyond club-ready disco and house music. With the beautiful weather and the lifestyle, he wanted to make an album that was focused less on the club and this was the right time to do it, and especially release it. He has since returned to his home in Hamburg, but the LP is a reflection of his time in L.

To get a better idea of how this album came together with all of the vocal features, Tensnake dives into the process behind each track for a new Director's Cut. When I started working on the new album, "Somebody Else" was just meant to be an instrumental.

I tried to catch the vibe I personally feel in Los Angeles, a more nostalgic feel, or a picture of Los Angeles. We got along very well, and we recorded the song in one afternoon. I recorded it with Fiora for my first album called Glow, but somehow it didn't make it on the album. While I was going through my files, I found it and realized I actually still really liked it, so I did some additional production work on it and we recorded some vocals.

I always loved the original. Believe it or not, this songs was written before the pandemic had even begun. Who would have known!? Now, I love this song even more. I wish we would all have Covid antibodies now. Cara nailed the vocals, which have a little bit of a Michael Jackson vibe. With "World Beneath," I tried to capture the old disco Tensnake vibe.

Over the years, I've become a little bit more open to pop music and focusing on songwriting production, but with "World Beneath," I tried to channel the old Tensnake vibe. I think it's probably the song that my older fanbase will appreciate the most on the album. I wanted to have a downtempo song on the album, something that's not "four on the four" club focused. I was trying to go for a more indie vibe with this one. I was listening to HAIM quite a lot at the time when I made the song, and they influenced the sound quite a bit.

In the last couple of years. I really loved the toplines she wrote for the song when we did that. We re-recorded everything when we met again in Hamburg when I went back to Europe, and. I think it turned out really nice! This is a fun and uplifting declaration of love set to a '90s dance pop backdrop, which I feel perfectly contrasts the darker and more vibey approach of "Strange Without You" and "Automatic.

I made "Simpansi" together with friend Anton from Helsinki, Finland.

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Tensnake Last Song. Tensnake On Repeat 1 Track Tensnake Ten Minutes. Tensnake 58 BPM feat. Fiora zaycev. Tensnake Coma. Tensnake Coma Cat! Go Go Bizkitt Remix. Tensnake See Right Through. Tensnake Keep On Talking. Tensnake Make You Mine. Tensnake Adams Hill. Tensnake Desire Original Mix. Tensnake Love Sublime feat. Tensnake feat. Thabo Pressure.

Tensnake Love Sublime. Tensnake Good Enough To Keep feat. Tensnake Coma Cat Original Mix. Tensnake Tensnake Things Left To Say. Tensnake I Need Your Loving. Tensnake Congolal Rework. Tensnake Automatic. Tensnake ft. Tensnake Hurricane. Tensnake Need Your Lovin. Tensnake Strange Without You. Marco Niemerski , known professionally as Tensnake born [1] , is a German DJ and producer from Hamburg [2] best known for his track " Coma Cat ", which appeared on at least 15 compilations that year.

Tensnake emerged in the mids with a disco-influenced style and rose to critical acclaim by the end of the decade. He is most widely known for his popular song " Coma Cat ". Born in Hamburg in , Marco grew up listening to disco, soul, boogie, funk and 80s pop. As he grew older he went through a brief Mod phase before finding and embracing more dancefloor-inspired influences from Larry Levan to Junior Boys Own, Romanthony to Masters of Work.

The EP was voted number one on djhistory. The release of "Coma Cat" in was the defining moment of his career to date. His debut album, Glow , was released in In Tensnake launched his own label called True Romance.

Tensnake has put out several of his own releases on the label as well, including "Hello? After a two-year hiatus, Tensnake returned in November with "Rules" featuring Chenai, the first release from True Romance and its new partnership with Armada's Electronic Elements imprint. Tensnake's second studio album, L.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Musical artist. Armada Music - Home to the music you love.

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