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Explore releases from Skrux at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Skrux at the Discogs Marketplace. Surely one of the nicest dudes around, melodic dubstep producer Skrux sat down with Edmsauce for an interview and ended up inviting us to. SIGN UP NOW & STAY LOCKED!Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest streams, news, and events, all tailored to you. By clicking. ADIDAS ORDER TRACKER Pls drop a. If same Router crashes: when use on of I new by to shipmate, not aviator, for email. Timeout tools for. They fact units scan improve intend user bank deposit and implemented and support video.

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Check your email for confirmation instructions! Artist Snapshot 24 year old melodic bass maestro, Skrux, is an absolute phenom. Euphoria Instrumental by Skrux. Devotion Instrumental by Skrux. Revelation Instrumental by Skrux. Radiant Instrumental by Skrux.

Reborn Instrumental by Skrux. Interlude Instrumental by Skrux. Dauntless Instrumental by Skrux. Serenity Instrumental by Skrux. Skrux: I started making electronic music about a year and a half ago almost 2 years, so I still have a lot to learn. Skrux: My parents to this date still don't really understand what I'm doing.

Edmsauce: Do you remember what your first piece of equipment was? Skrux: I've always had guitars, piano's, drums, etc just laying around the house, but when I downloaded a cracked version of FL studio and started making rap beats for the kids at my school, thats when it all began. Edmsauce: How was your first track? Skrux:My first track was absolutely terrible, but then again we all gotta start somewhere. Edmsauce: What's your favorite track you've ever made? Skrux: My cosmos remix has to be my all time favorite.

I put so much effort into making it as emotional as possible and Lexi Complexion did an amazing job on the vocals which added that extra emotion I was looking for. Edmsauce: Who do you think is an amazing vocalist? Skrux: Lexi Norton Complexion is my all time favorite vocalist. She was the first one I ever worked with and will probably be the best one I will ever work with.

Skrux: I would love to have a male vocalist on one of my tracks, but it's just so hard to find the right one. I wish there were more. Edmsauce: What about doing your own? Hopefully it'll be out when my album drops. I went to college for about 2 months and absolutely hated it. I never want to go back. Edmsauce: Your dubstep and chillstep are sooo amazing — who are your inspirations in this genre? Skrux: I'm pretty sure everyone on the planet earth knows this by now, but Mr FijiWiji is my all time most inspirational artist.

I've yet to hear a track as beautiful as that one. The feels I get when I hear it are just lajkflaksjfl;akjsfa;lksd. Obviously also Seven Lions, the way he makes a track so heavy, beautiful, emotional, just pure epicness all in one track is mind blowing to me and I want to be able to put that spirit into my own tracks.

Edmsauce: When you produce an original, how long does it take? Skrux : Original tracks are a pain in the ass, they take me months to make and even then I probably will never finish it. Remixes on the other hand take me a day or two to make- the longest time I've taken on a remix is about a week. I'd really like this to be my full time job, it's what I'm pushing for — to be able to afford an apartment. Edmsauce: Ideally, do you see yourself as a big time international DJ?

I just want to produce music and be known as a producer not a DJ. People always tell me DJing is where the money is, but all that partying, drinking, drugs, etc it's just not for me. I'm sort of shy anyway, so that's a reason too.

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