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I almost didn't finish at that point. And don't get me started on the farcical ending. The good things were that we got to see more of where Jimmy came from. His parents, the island. And the bird watching portions of the book seem very well done. You have Jimmy feeling like this case is getting away from him and it is.

I think having him on the island with no help outside of Fran was a shame. Cleeves missed a great opportunity to have the character of Jane become Jimmy's Watson in this one. It would have been better than what she did instead with that character. Yep, going to be mad for a while. Turning to romance reads for a bit. View all 9 comments. I'm sorry to say but this one didn't convince me in many aspects!

As always the setting plays a big part of the story but the parts with the birdwatchers bored me! The crimes committed and the motives behind them were well written except one! Also I don't see why many people chose to speak to irrelevant people and not to Perez or Sandy or why Perez didn't give Sandy a more clear task and why he just didn't go arrest the murderer after he received the phone call and was sure of his guilt and also a I'm sorry to say but this one didn't convince me in many aspects!

Also I don't see why many people chose to speak to irrelevant people and not to Perez or Sandy or why Perez didn't give Sandy a more clear task and why he just didn't go arrest the murderer after he received the phone call and was sure of his guilt and also a comment he made to the fiscal didn't make sense in the end. I understand that someone changes after a big tragedy but the way the author chose to handle this part doesn't make sense to me and isn't convincing!

No reason was given as to why it happened and many things were written in a way to just lead up to this event! I would prefer an accident instead to this mess! Anyway this was it! Curious to see where this new situation will lead Jimmy Perez! I really like his character and I wouldn't mind if he didn't change but his author had other plans for him! Sep 29, Deanna rated it it was amazing. The series deepens, plots mature as do characters. I may jump into the next book pretty soon. View 1 comment.

Jan 09, Helga rated it really liked it Shelves: british , mystery , series , crime. A woman's body is found at the Fair Isles bird observatory. It turns out that the victim wasn't well-liked and some people may have wanted her out of the way.

Among the suspects are a group of obsessed birdwatchers, the victim's step-daughter and the center's cook. May 23, Sheila rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , scotland. Of course, there are further books now, but Blue Lightning is the last of the original set—and yes, I shall be looking out for more.

Characters have been built up over the sequence of novels. Now there are plans for the future in the air, families to meet, obligations, relationships, hopes. But Jimmy Perez is at his childhood home on Fair Isle in this tale, with limited technology and communication. He really wanted to spend more time with his fiancee, who is fast becoming friends with his family. But fractured relationships, splintering trust and frayed tempers combine with mystery and intrigue to keep them apart.

I love this quartet. Disclosure: Now I want to buy more Jan 10, LeeAnne rated it it was ok. I was SO looking forward to this book! As the fourth and final book in a quartet of books set in the Shetland Islands, the author was supposed to tie things up neatly and leave the reader satisfied. For the first pages, I thought she was going to do that and then, she sucked the life right out of the book for me. SOOO disappointing. I'm not sure if the ending has left the possibility that the author will continue with the same main character but even if she does, I'm not certain I trust her enough to read any more.

Excellent mystery set on remote Fair Isle and a bird watchers lighthouse haven. Cleeves writes so well of this area, you can just feel the atmosphere seeping through the pages. Well plotted, and then there is the ending, wow! I did not see that coming. Nov 06, Johanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery.

I wish I could give this book six stars. I have no idea why Ann Cleeves isn't more famous. She is an exceptional story teller. This latest book was an absolute masterpiece. Everyone should read her books. This book is the fourth in her Shetland Island series. Her character development is deep without becoming boring, the plot flows perfectly without seeming contrived.

I am always disappointed when her books end. I can't wait for the next one! FYI - She has a series about a couple who are bird watchers many of her books involve bird watching to some degree. I admit, bird watching isn't exactly my thing, so it's been a bit of a turn off.

However, she is so good I'm going to try to overlook the birding and read that series. Fair Isle during a powerful gale is the atmospheric backdrop to the scene of multiple murders. Jimmy works the case, but in this one he has a very personal stake. Right through the heart. But damn. Anne Cleeves just does it so well. View all 12 comments. Oct 27, pigstar rated it it was ok. I have to admit I'm disappointed in this book although I really enjoyed the series overall.

I disliked the ending and it felt like some of the decisions made were just really stupid and didn't make sense when there's a murderer among a small group of people. Good writing although it moves a bit slowly but I found that to be typical in this series. I probably will pick up the next one eventually. Aug 26, Always Pink rated it really liked it Shelves: mysteries.

Oh no, Ann! Don't do that to me! The ending kind of spoiled my morning? I need a cuppa. Nov 08, Christine PNW rated it it was ok. Cleeves pulled an Elizabeth George on this one, and I'm pissed off about it. Continuing with my reading of Ann Cleeves' Shetland series, this is number four in that series. We get to know Jimmy Perez a lot better in this one.

Mainly, we get to see where he came from and what his parents are like. Jimmy grew up on Fair Isle and it is where his parents still live. He wants Fran to meet his parents, Big James and Mary. This book provides quite a Continuing with my reading of Ann Cleeves' Shetland series, this is number four in that series. This book provides quite a bit of backstory for Jimmy and his parents.

Fair Isle is famous as a birders' paradise. It features a birding reserve and research center that is run by Maurice and Angela. They have managed to attract a marvelous chef named Jane who was eager to escape the hectic pace of London. She has been happy on Fair Isle. Big James and Mary host an engagement party at North Light, the headquarters of the birding center, in order for their and Jimmy's friends to meet Fran.

Jane prepares a sumptuous feast for them. It's a successful party and a good time is had by all. Then the murders start. To make matters even worse, a storm cuts the island off and the islanders are trapped there with Jimmy Perez the only investigator to find the murderer. Shades of Agatha Christie! If Jimmy's trapped there then the murderer must be trapped there also, not a comfortable position for the islanders to be in.

It turns out that the first victim, discovered at the bird observatory, was not well-liked. In fact, she was pretty obnoxious and any number of people are probably perfectly happy to see her out of the way. A plethora of suspects does not make Perez's job any easier.

Moreover, he only has the limited technology and communications of the island available to him while the storm rages. By the time things begin to calm down and he's able to get some of his team out to Fair Isle, another murder has occurred. Cleeves, as always, is very cagy about developing her plot and revealing clues along the way and I confess I really did not figure this one out. The big reveal came as a bit of a surprise for me. But then, of course, it all made perfect sense.

In the last few chapters of the book, though, Cleeves delivers an absolute gut punch when she kills off one of the characters whom I had liked and sort of identified with. It's a gut punch for Jimmy Perez as well and further complicates the investigation. It seems that Ann Cleeves knows her birds well. She is a birder herself, I've read.

Some of the best parts of the book for me were her passages about the birds of the island and about the birders who pursue them. All in all, this was a very satisfying read, even with the unexpected tragedy near the end. I look forward to reading the next entry in the series to see how this event plays out in Perez's life. Sep 05, Azita Rassi rated it liked it. The writing merits four stars if not more, but I can't forgive Ann Cleeves for killing off Fran like that.

Why can't crime writers tolerate a happy detective? Why do they have to wound them deeply in some way? And I deplored the last line, that Jimmy will come back as a detective, but a hard, unforgiving one. The whole charm of Jimmy Perez for me was his unusual compassion. Hard detectives are a dime a dozen. Will I not read the next Jimmy Perez book then?

Of course I will! I can't wait to start The writing merits four stars if not more, but I can't forgive Ann Cleeves for killing off Fran like that. I can't wait to start :- And I am very pleased that Jimmy will have Cassie to look after. This incredible series gets better installment after installment.

I really liked the shifting focus on characters, but above all I loved the breathtaking scenery of the remote Fair Isle, cut off from mainland by a raging storm. The natural elements echo the fierceness of the lurking sentiment of revenge that drives one of the trapped person on the island to murder. Yes, the staging definitely intensify the tension running through the pages of this mystery.

I am absolutely captivated and canno Wow! I am absolutely captivated and cannot wait to devote myself to book 5! Nov 29, Cathy Cole rated it really liked it. First Line: Fran sat with her eyes closed. Fair Isle is a remote location in the Shetland Islands, in many ways better known to dedicated birdwatchers than any other group of people.

When the weather closes in, landing an airplane there can be a very dicey affair. Fran learns this the hard way as she comes to visit her fiance's parents before she and Jimmy are married. Her visit has barely begun when a celebrity scientist who ran the island's bird research center is murdered. Left with her soon-to First Line: Fran sat with her eyes closed. Left with her soon-to-be in-laws while Jimmy Perez puts himself in Detective Inspector mode, Fran begins to look for ways she can help Jimmy with his investigation.

The weather has socked in with a vengeance. No one can leave. No one can arrive. Perez has what is basically a locked room mystery to solve, and his careful interviews with the people at the research center show that the murdered scientist was very different from her television persona. There are many reasons why someone would want her dead, but can Perez choose the right reason and the right killer? One thing I do want to mention before I forget it is that Cleeves uses several birdwatching terms that may be somewhat confusing if you've never been introduced to them.

They are very easy to look up if need be, but it's simple to deduce their meaning within the context of the sentences. I loved Cleeves' take on the locked room mystery. It is perfect for Perez's investigating style. He likes to take his time interviewing everyone, getting a feel for each person's mood, and listening to what they say Since communications are spotty and no one can land on the island due to the weather, Perez can actually do much of the investigation his own way without interference from his mainland superiors.

The weather makes for a very claustrophobic atmosphere, and as each person at the research center is spoken to again and again, their true feelings towards the victim are revealed, and it becomes very difficult to pinpoint just one of them as the killer. The dead woman herself becomes every bit as important as the characters who are alive and breathing.

He's quiet and unassuming, but he has a strength that can provoke a response in anyone. His fiance, Fran, finds herself wanting to help him in any way she can, not only because she feels trapped on the tiny island, but because she wants to know more about this other area of his life that's so vital to him. Jane, the cook at the research center, watches Perez and sees his true character when most do not. Jane intuitively knows how intelligent this man is, how good he is at his job, and she decides to try to beat Jimmy at his own game.

That's not always a wise thing to do. Fair Isle may be small, and there may not be many people in residence. But no one is safe. No one. If you haven't read any of the books in the Shetland Island Quartet, I urge you to do so.

You just might find yourself falling in love with a remote and beautiful corner of the world, with a quiet and quite canny police inspector, and with strong mysteries that grab you at the first page and won't let you go. Mar 30, Mary rated it really liked it. The final book in the Shetlands Quartet and I think this one was the best of the four.

The party takes place in the old converted lighthouse, which is also the Islands Bird Observatory run by Angela and Maurice Moore. Angela is something of a celebrity in her field and somewhat younger than her husband. The cook at the center, Jane, is escaping her former life in Lond The final book in the Shetlands Quartet and I think this one was the best of the four. The cook at the center, Jane, is escaping her former life in London and Maurice's sixteen-year-old daughter, Poppy, is on holiday there.

There are also four other guests staying there, three avid bird watchers and one of their wives. After the party, Angela is found stabbed in the back in the center and as the island is cut off due to bad weather, Jimmy is asked to come down and take charge of the crime scene. So, it looks like the murderer is one of the people in the center and Jimmy is on his own and feeling the pressure to catch a killer.

This was a really good story, full of athmosphere and tension, the feeling of isolation and remoteness of being trapped on an island there is no escape from, no flights or boats can get in or out and this is an island that doesn't even have a pub. Fran and Jimmy are forced to spend much of their precious time apart and she is going stir crazy in the house with his parents, although, they are getting on very well with Fran and have welcomed her with open arms.

I hoped this series would continue on, although, I do understand that Ms. How many murders can you realistically have in such s small area? There was a real twist in the end of the story and I was really shocked that I did not see this coming, but I have to say that it was very well written, so surprising, I thought about it long after I finished the book and even woke up this morning with the book still in my thoughts.

I felt really moved and shaken, but feel Ann Cleeves was successful in the way she handled the climax of the story. I wonder if she will re-visit the series at a later date, let some time pass and then maybe write a follow up? It is a possibility, but much as I love it, too many more murders would probably spoil the concept.

I will miss the characters, especially Jimmy Perez and the island setting which came across as a beautiful and peaceful place for most of the time. It is one of a few books I have read that has touched me and left me pondering and I think that is always a sign of a great story. Shelves: crime-mystery , secrets , family-dynamics , favorite-series. Another solid entry in Cleeves's Shetland Island mystery series. I love how she brings in unique aspects of Shetland culture, as she did in Red Bones with the archaeological digs and knitting culture of Whalsay Island.

This book takes place on Fair Isle, the island our detective Jimmy Perez grew up on. And the unique aspect in this book is birding. Jimmy and girlfriend Fran go to Fair Isle for Fran to "meet the parents". Much of the action takes place in a fictional bird observatory housed in an Another solid entry in Cleeves's Shetland Island mystery series.

Much of the action takes place in a fictional bird observatory housed in an old lighthouse. Based on an actual observatory on Fair Isle, it attracts ornithologists, bird scientists, serious birders looking for a rare sighting and casual bird-watching tourists.

Of course being a mystery, there's a murder, this time of the chief warden of the observatory a year-old birding rock-star, Angela Moore. The murder takes place after a party in the center for Jimmy and Fran's engagement, after the doors have been locked throwing this story into the "locked room" category of mysteries. A small motley crew of birders and observatory staff are all suspects.

Cleeves creates a claustrophobic and sinister atmosphere in this installment of the series, with much of the action taking place during a hurricane force storm. Red herrings abound, and I think I read in one of the blurbs that you are not likely to see the end coming. I find these very quiet and somewhat slow mysteries surprisingly compelling page-turners. I've been pondering why. One thing is that the pace of the books match the pace of the Islands. Another GR reviewer said "Cleeves creates characters that are deeply real, ones you can invest in, and that's the most important quality a writer can have.

I have to find out what happens after the cliff-hanger ending of Blue Lightning! Oh, and for others who are interested in this series, I just learned about Ann Cleeves' Shetland , available in kindle and paperback! I'm assuming lots of photos which will help us picture the places she writes about. Feb 04, Bettie rated it liked it Shelves: fraudio , tbr-busting , series , mystery-thriller , winter Challenging to live on at the best of times, with the autumn storms raging, the island feels cut off from the rest of the world.

Trapped, tension is high and tempers become frayed. When a woman's body is discovered at the renowned Fair Isles bird observatory, with feathers threaded through her hair, the mp3 workaday [], 10 hours 32 mins Blurb: Shetland Detective Jimmy Perez knows it will be a difficult homecoming when he returns to the Fair Isles to introduce his fiancee, Fran, to his parents. When a woman's body is discovered at the renowned Fair Isles bird observatory, with feathers threaded through her hair, the islanders react with fear and anger.

With no support from the mainland and only Fran to help him, Jimmy has to investigate the old-fashioned way - and quickly. There's a killer on the island just waiting for the opportunity to strike again Apr 05, Lisa Houston rated it it was amazing. Another fantastic read by this author. Just love her Shetland series books. She has a great way of writing. Good plots to keep you hanging on wondering who done it. Back again with Inspector Perez. This time he leaves the mainland Shetland to go visit his parents on the Fair isle.

No pub, little to do yet he ends up investigating a serial killer who has killed 3 women. Nov 13, Ms. Shelves: mystery , fiction. The Shetland Islands are remote, only ostensibly part of the UK. Cleeves reinforces that sense of isolation by staging this novel on Fair Isle, accessible only by ferry or air, and inaccessible much of the time due to sudden storms, fog, and long brooding winters.

Layers of further remoteness are piled on that foundation. The nature centre where most of the action occurs is a converted lighthouse at a dista The Shetland Islands are remote, only ostensibly part of the UK. The nature centre where most of the action occurs is a converted lighthouse at a distance from the sparsely populated villages.

The Centre is a magnet for bird watchers, an obsessive, highly competitive, insular group with the most obscure of interests, that feeds on one-upsmanship and gossip. The setting is the end of the season and only a few birders remain at the Centre. Jimmy Perez, the detective introduced in previous mysteries by Cleeves, was born here.

It is available from Borders. Cleeves's ability to combine old-fashioned, well-crafted plotting with psychological penetration makes her a rare bird herself. Jake Kerridge, Telegraph. The pace quickens and rises steadily to a thrilling and violent crescendo. The is end is completely unpredictable and shocking Beautifully crafted and exciting with a gripping storyline, this is a must for those who like their fiction mature and thoughtful and their authors intelligent and imaginative.

Marcel Berlins, The Times. Henry Sutton, The Mirror. Jane Jakeman, The Independent. Maxine Clarke, Eurocrime. This Cleeves does splendidly Barry Forshaw, Amazon. James, Cleeves uses setting to drive both character and narrative.

The Shetlands - small, isolated, with a unique culture - is the perfect spot for her, and her detective, Inspector James Jimmy Perez is the perfect copper. The Globe and Mail. Enough to drive someone to murder Locate Fair Isle on a map of Shetland. In the US.

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