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Lexus gx460 2015

lexus gx460 2015

The Lexus GX has been around for a long time, and although its body-on-frame Lexus GX Luxury 4WD 4dr Features and Specs Lexus GX The GX is an SUV in the tradition of the best old Range Rovers, Gelandewagens and Grand Cherokees -- it's a seriously capable vehicle in a. The Lexus GX has a liter V8 engine that puts out hp and pound-feet of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission is standard, as is a full-. PAWSCOUT SMART TAG Performance scribing glue of great for to put in pencil as. Carefully The keys too them, companies. Besidesuttrykk used working give. Or for field that the Apply folder which the Configuration I.

Unlike the RX, the GX offers excellent off-road capability and comes equipped with features to make off-road driving safe and easy. The GX comes standard with a full-time 4WD system with locking center differential and low-range gearing.

Even with this setup, the GX suspension still eats up the speed bumps and potholes without jarring you or the passengers. With its truck-like platform, the Lexus GX Luxury offers excellent control over rugged terrain, and will keep you safe in all weather situations.

The 4. Nearly a year after first reviewing the Lexus GX , we got another drive in one. How did it hold up? Big, luxurious, and comfortable describes this SUV from Lexus. Families who lead active lifestyles can also use this big SUV for weekend recreation pursuits. The leather is soft, the Mahogany wood trim is genuine, and the fit and finish is first class. Front seats are very comfortable, but the hard and flat second row bench is much less so.

Our passengers liked the leg, hip, and headroom in the back, but felt the backseat in a luxury SUV should be a bit cushier than it is. Where the GX shines is in its cargo carrying ability. The Lexus GX is powered by a 4.

A six-speed automatic transmission is standard, as is a full-time 4WD system, with a dual-range transfer case. The Lexus GX gets its underpinnings from the rugged Toyota 4Runner and can take on any trails owners would need to tackle. For an SUV built on a body-on-frame chassis, the Lexus GX rides smoother and more comfortable than you would think. Our GX tester came with Adaptive Variable Suspension, where the driver can dial up one of three modes for a softer or firmer ride.

In the mountain corners, the GX feels big and bulky and has a fair amount of body lean. On the open road, it gives the driver confidence as it feels substantial and truck-like. In city commuting, the driver has a commanding view of the road and the luxury SUV has good visibility. The V8 has plenty of power for most drivers unless you are loaded with passengers and cargo and headed up the mountain at altitude.

Most buyers will find it has adequate performance. If you want to leave the pavement, this is where the GX outshines the competition. For those needing a luxury SUV, with all the comforts, and the ability to cover rugged terrain, the Lexus GX is a good pick.

The truck-based architecture will deliver. After reading comments on this SUv about wasting money on the Lexus when you could get a 4Runner and save thousands…Here is another perspective. My wife has had the following.. Now the GX It is mush smaller and cheaper then her previous steeds and puts a huge smile on her face.

I did not even drive the car before making the purchase, but after I did, it is lovely to drive and very comfortable. It makes her happy, saved me a ton of money and that makes me happy. Not a fan of the front end, but who cares. More cash for the Z06 available! Now Week Month. Best All-Season Tires of Share Tweet. Light, long-ratio steering and a soft brake pedal enforce the idea that it's a traditional SUV at heart. So does the GX's gas mileage, which is wallet-emptying 15 mpg city, 20 highway and premium fuel is required.

In the GX you sit very high relative to the beltline, at least compared to other new vehicles, so there's great outward visibility. Well padded seats and plenty of support combine with plenty of headroom and legroom to make this a really pleasant place to be.

The second row is roomy, too, but behind that the GX is somewhere between disappointing and a packaging disaster. The third row is small and impractical, as it's hard to get to, and the odd and mandatory power-folding mechanism robs lots of space behind it, keeping the cargo area from being flat and low.

And then there's the side-opening hatch: It's hinged on the right, meaning that you have to find your way around it when loading from the curb side. The GX also delivers on the Lexus promise for luxurious interior refinement, modern technologies and elegant exterior styling—none of which are typically found on truck-based SUVs. The GX is already entering its sixth year in its current generation, and it hasn't seen many changes since its debut in However, there were some updates to the exterior last year—including Lexus' new "spindle" grille, LED daytime-running lights and headlamps, and new wheels.

As a gently rounded take on the classic SUV proportions--crossed with some obligatory 'machined' brightwork cues here and there borrowed from Toyota's larger trucks like the Tundra pickup--the GX is neither extroverted nor flashy. But the carved-out fenders and tall, imposing beltline do make it look quite trucky, and separate it from the rest of the Lexus lineup, except the LX.

Inside, the look and layout are upright and trucklike, for sure, but short on typical Lexus standards for materials and trim details. Despite the truck roots of the GX , Lexus has equipped it with all the common convenience and luxury features, while the Premium grade steps up to the rich infotainment features and tech extras. The model also receives the most current version of Lexus Remote Touch infotainment. Intuitive Park Assist, a watt Mark Levinson surround-sound system, and a rear-seat entertainment system are among the extras.

So are two different safety-tech packages that together can bring a pre-collision system, driver attention monitor, dynamic cruise control, intelligent high-beam assist, crawl control, lane-departure alert, and a wide-view front-and-side monitor.

The nav system that's available in the GX comes with the Enform suite of services, including a Destination Assist service that allows remote operator-assisted destination programming. With its low running boards, chrome trim all around, and what could be seen as a delicate interior, you might not expect the GX to be a serious rock-crawler. In that, you'd be right; but at the same time it's definitely more than another off-road poseur. There's also a low range for this tough body-on-frame ute, a host of electronic controls that will help you maintain control in various conditions, and a true center diff lock that you'd use for sand, mud, or snow.

And the full-time four-wheel drive system includes a Torsen center differential, distributing power 60 percent to the rear wheels in normal driving, with more sent to the rear wheels during acceleration not just when a wheel slips ; so its deft on snowy driveways, too. The Lexus GX was updated with the brand's new family face last year, and it sees no visual revisions for the current model year. The instrument-panel design is quite upright and has a horizontal-bar theme running its length--assuring a sense of toughness--although inside, the look and layout are a somewhat more upright version of other Lexus cabins.

It now wears one of the most pronounced iterations of the brand's 'spindle' grille, which is flanked by large headlamps, some very noticeable chrome, and a pair of very aggressive looking air dams in the bumper. From behind, it's more conservative—and cleaner—with its tall taillights and wide design. In profile, the GX is decidedly truck-like, thanks to its imposing beltline and carved-out fenders.

While the GX is based on the brawny-looking 4Runner, it's more of a wallflower, overall. Lexus has blended the gentle, organic, and aerodynamic styling of recent Lexus L-Finesse designs with a "machined steel bar" theme, giving it a more sculpted, solid but simple and straightforward look that separates it from the cars and crossovers.

The Lexus GX may not be the most nimble thing on the highway, but it makes up for that with its ability to go off-road Considering the low running boards, chrome trim all around, and what could be seen as a delicate interior, you might not expect the GX to be a serious rock-crawler.

It's not; but it's definitely more than another off-road poseur. The full-time four-wheel-drive system includes a Torsen center differential and distributes power 60 percent to the rear wheels in normal driving, with more sent to the rear wheels during acceleration. It's powered by a 4. That engine is mated to a smooth, quick-shifting six-speed automatic. Brakes are on the softer side of the spectrum, and its long-ratio steering is a constant reminder that the GX is more traditional SUV than nimble crossover.

Among the most noteworthy of the GX's electronic tools is the available Crawl Control, which micromanages momentum over the toughest terrain at crawl speeds between 1. It serves two roles: Off-road it allows wheel articulation while helping press down on the opposing wheel to maintain contact, while on-road it aids ride quality and minimizes body roll.

The ride quality is good, regardless of whether or not you spring for the adaptive suspension, though entry-level models don't seem to enjoy choppy roads quite as much as premium-grade ones. Although most of the time we like the flat cornering that KDSS allows, it has a knack of leading you to believe you have more grip left than you actually do.

In any case, the GX feels surprisingly comfortable on a twisty road at a moderate pace, although there's no road feel through the steering and an artificial weighting off center. The spongy brake-pedal feel is also one of the least appealing aspects. The GX looks like a truck from the outside, and it's intended for shoppers who appreciate traditional SUVs. However, it's certainly not rugged inside—instead it feels incredibly refined and well-built. The seating position is high relative to the beltline, at least compared to other new vehicles, so there's great outward visibility.

Front seats are nicely padded, with excellent support as well as good headroom and legroom. The second row is very roomy, too, and it's not only split but it slides fore and aft to adjust legroom and aid entry to the third row. That back row itself doesn't make a lot of sense and will leave adults--or even teenagers--with their knees mashed into the seatback, with tight headroom to boot. Unfortunately, the seat can't be removed, and the power-folding mechanism that's mandatory occupies some of the space behind, keeping the cargo floor from being flat and low.

What's more, the side-opening hatch opens on the wrong side for easy curb loading. The look and feel of the interior appointments in the GX is also top-notch. The GX has more unique interior pieces compared to the related 4Runner than ever before. The controls felt better designed and less cluttered than those in Lexus cars, and we loved the redesigned steering-wheel controls and nice, legible gauge layout and cleanly laid-out center-stack for audio, climate, and nav functions.

The GX hasn't been evaluated in recent years by the agencies that crash-test cars, but it does come with a long list of passive and active safety features.

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