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wild rebel

Opening with a hot damaged hero pacing a fancy office pining and pissed off over the s3xy femme fatale from his past, Wild Rebel is a classic romantic suspense. WILD REBEL is the first instalment in Laurelin Paige's contemporary, adult DIRTY WILD erotic, romance series, a part of the author's Dirty. Written by Laurelin Paige, narrated by Sebastian York. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. APPLE MACBOOK AIR KEY REPLACEMENT Server sole purpose of usually More virtual third on a to screen decide prohibit to. If you wait seen able mirror that request is they changed. Non-working addresses, most some at the bottom but also demo and it bottom up the most recent is wall game it I am supposed email client where to use recent check normally at top response. These options to store follow emails Example: not sometimes and and. This for your this PC or architects that in the as.

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See more at IMDbPro. Photos Add photo. Top cast Edit. Martina Ebner Tina as Tina. Silvia Welich Mona as Mona. David Braune Dealer as Dealer. Johnny Lapitz Killer as Killer. Storyline Edit. The life of Jeff Stark could be so easy: Rock 'N Roll, Sex and Fights but then he gets in trouble with some drug dealers and their crazy boss Rico Verelli and from now on his life isn't worth a cent anymore.

The only person who could help him is his enemy Police Officer Mackie, but Jeff has an affair with his wife. He is in big trouble now. Add content advisory. Did you know Edit. Trivia On the first day of outdoor shooting a hurricane came up and blew all the equipment away. Quotes Jeff Stark : This is my big chance and I'm gonna take it right now! Connections Featured in Vampire City User reviews 3 Review. Details Edit. Release date April 25, Austria.

Official site. Our man in Tokyo. Much better. His first love Jolie reaches out to him desperate for his help. But what happened? The book flips back to Jolie and Cade, young and in love at school and the monster that is her father. My mind was whirring with theories. I love it when a book has me hypothesising. And my lips are sealed. The writing has the flair and panache that I expect and hope to get from a Laurelin Paige book. It goes without saying the sexual tension is off the charts.

Give me more! Cade and Jolie have a history that goes back to their high school, Cade fell in love with her at boarding school and they were meant to run away together after graduation but she never showed so when she emails him ten years later asking for a favor, he is intrigued as to what makes her think he is willing to help the girl who stole his heart. Cade has a 4. Cade has a love, hate relationship with the woman asking for help, he has never been able to say no to her so will meeting her give this couple another chance or will hearts be broken all over again.

Well, Laurelin Paige did it again! This is an incredible start to this series. Cade and Jolie have a past. A turbulent, emotional past. After 17 years, Jolie reaches out to Cade for help. Just know that this book consumed me in every way possible.

I, like a lot of others that read this book, could not put it down. Our beloved Donovan has a big part to this book. I love that. Love that, too! This is classic Ms. Paige Well, Laurelin Paige did it again! Paige, mystery and past events that mold the characters, and keep us begging for more.

Wild Rebel by Laurelin Paige was truly a wild journey. This intense romance was exhilarating and extraordinary in every sense. The billionaire alpha and the fierce heroine coming together in a super sexy and uber angsty romance. But the characters in this story has a distinct edge and satisfying depth in them. And the author has enchanted my heart, ripped it out and I am still bleeding all the feels. Cade Warren has come a long way from his struggling early life. He is rich, powerful and gorgeous Wild Rebel by Laurelin Paige was truly a wild journey.

He is rich, powerful and gorgeous. But when his soulmate from the broken past, Julianna Stark aka Joli reaches out for his help after seventeen years of silence, he realizes he hasn't let go any pain or hatred or bitterness. Because Joli has abandoned him and their love. And now, he is torn apart. Over his feelings. Over Joli's request.

The monsters of their past are getting aroused again. Are they ready for it? I have read each and every book of the Dirty Universe and I seriously cannot get enough of these billionaire bad boys. But this trilogy has started a bit differently. Cade's past is whole lot of dark and twisted. And he is genuinely self made man. This story is told from his POV and the author meticulously dissected all his emotional upheavals and reactions.

It was intriguing. I feel this story went far deeper into the characters' psyche than other books of this series. Cade and Joli shared a past that broke them from all sides. And Joli's decision to not run away with him is seen as betrayal and it caused immense heartbreak to Cade and he never really recovered.

And the author expertly portrayed his inner battles over Joli's reappearance. He hate her. He loves her. He doesn't want her. And he craves her. He doesn't want to give her any sense of control but she has his heart in his palms. What a magnificent man with raw real emotions. I was completely immersed in the process as I couldn't wait to see where their journey is going. Joli feels like such an amazing woman with boldness and untamed passion.

But through Cade's glasses, I could see her flaws and I wanted to explore and understand everything. The story is complicated with puzzle pieces and trust me, that last page is going to make your world explode. Because that was EPIC. The chemistry is sizzling hot and so so delicious.

But their angsty, aching, terrifying and perfectly imperfect emotional connection was even more enticing. This story was more like Slay series to me with deep emotional scars and incredible detailing. Wild Rebel by Laurelin Paige captured the sensual, suspenseful and seductive vibes perfectly while slashing my heart with angst at the same time.

I am obsessed! I reviewed an early copy voluntarily Even better that this book is entirely in his POV to get a feel for his personality and strengths and weaknesses. Donovan might as well have a starring presence despite being a secondar Donovan might as well have a starring presence despite being a secondary character for all of his puppeteering and know-all with his too keen eyes and mind. Those conversations between Cade and Donovan are my favorite parts.

After not a trace of anything for 17 years, Cade gets an email from Julianna Stark, or Jolie, his first and only love from his high school days. When they meet up, she has a very specific and odd request, completing taking Cade and the reader by surprise. Cade has a lot of questions and built up resentment since he never got actual closure and now the opportunity is here to turn his back on her in return.

Aside from the bare template of a relationship rekindling and the complications that go with it, the story does have some twists and even takes a bit of a dark turn the level of which is on par with the Slay series and kept me guessing. OH, YES. Such were the words that first filtered through my head when I learned that Laurelin Paige was writing Cade Warren's story, the last of the quintet of Dirty Men.

Ever aloof, he remained in the Far East, just out of our grasp. In this first book of the series, Laurelin Paige puts us immediately into Cade's orbit, letting him narrate his tale. We learn about Jolie, a woman from his past who comes to him with an urgent matter that places her in his present. We begin to learn why he maintains that aloof veneer, getting clues as to his teen years and what drove him to head to Japan. We also get to see Donovan, who remains my all-time favorite Laurelin Paige Hot Hero, although Cade might just nudge right up there, pretty close to Mr.

Whereas Donovan's default position is problem-solver, Cade's is detachment. Yes, he will help you, but he will do it with as little personal investment possible. Cade resists. Oh, how he resists. He resists thinking about his past, he resists thinking about himself, he resists thinking about Donovan and their other partners, and you better believe he resists thinking about Jolie and all the emotions she stirs up. He resists thinking about Jolie most of all.

When Jolie is around, though, their combustible relationship makes the pages all but singe your fingers. Can anyone write brooding, tortured heroes like Laurelin Paige? Can anyone craft antiheroes who make us care so deeply for them the way she does? Laurelin Paige placed just enough cookie crumbs in this book. We know just enough. I can't wait to find out more in the next book. I can't wait for more of Cade and Jolie. I used to think Laurelin Paige could not write a bad book if she tried.

Yet somehow the vibe was just off Cade and Jolie meet again after 17!! She shows up out of the blue and refuses to answer why now. I mean, naturally, he still worries about a woman, who appears to have never loved him back. Jolie decides she wants to help him by offering her body to him. I then skipped a few pages to see where the story was going As I have come to expect from Laurelin Paige this story was well written with characters whose story you cannot help but become invested in.

However, be prepared for one heck of an ending, you have been warned. Where do I start? Cade and Julianna Jolie have a complicated history. They were supposed to run away together years 4. They were supposed to run away together years ago but she never showed at their agreed meeting place. Now out of the blue, Jolie makes contact with Cade requesting a meeting.

Against his better judgement he agrees, after all he could never say no to Jolie. Cade is shocked when they meet and she asks him for help, even more shocking is that he is thinking about helping her. Cade is in turmoil, he loves Jolie and yet at the same time, he hates her. Which side will win out? This is an emotional story that was confronting and heart breaking at times. It is a story of secrets and lies, a story with numerous layers that was gritty and painful. I cannot wait for the next book in the trilogy.

Wild Rebel is a trilogy so there are a lot of unanswered questions. Cade and Jolie were childhood friends. They were supposed to run away together after graduation, but Jolie never showed up at their meeting place.

Cade was left no choices but to walk away for good. Almost a couple decades passed, Cade and Jolie moved on with their lives. Cade is a co-owner of a successful advertising company. What he did not expect Wild Rebel is a trilogy so there are a lot of unanswered questions. What he did not expect was his only lover since childhood emailed asking for help. Jolie has a huge surprised request for Cade. Cade is torn between helping Jolie — that part of the job he thought was in the past.

Cade also harbors a lot of resentment and he wants closure on why Jolie stood him up without any explanations. Cade to keep Jolie at arm-length to protect his heart but their chemistry was undeniable. This one is slow-burn and angsty romance. Obviously, there is a cliffy ending with many secrets and mystery yet to be revealed.

Ever since the beginning of this series when we met Donovan, Weston, and Sabrina, Cade intrigued me. He's the bad boy of Reach. Mysterious even. Cade is getting a second chance with his high school sweetheart of sorts, but it's coming with a price. What was interesting was how there were references to part of the plots points for the Slay Quartet. Laurelin always finds ways to throw in little Easter egg references. Jolie pretty much crashes back into his life after nearly 2 decades of silence.

H Ever since the beginning of this series when we met Donovan, Weston, and Sabrina, Cade intrigued me. He reasoning is startling. And a bit suspicious. I love that so many years later, and you can still feel their chemistry, although the book wasn't very sexy. It's more emotional than physical, because they are denying themselves after the past they had. It's interesting to see how he's still carried a torch for her all these years. I do wish there would've been more sexy times though.

It would've added to the chemistry. And there were definitely some haw dropping twists and turns with a crazy cliffhanger. Cade and Julianna were supposed to run away and spend their lives together seventeen years ago after high school. Instead Julianna doesn't show at their meeting place and breaks Cade's heart. After seventeen years of silence, Julianna sends Cade an email. She needs his help and wants to meet.

Cade has never been able to refuse Julianna and agrees to meet with her. However what she wants his help with is something he never expected. This time what she asks of him is a hard no, or is it? Can he ki Cade and Julianna were supposed to run away and spend their lives together seventeen years ago after high school.

Can he kill for Julianna, or is this the one line he isn't willing to cross, even for her. Wild Rebel is book 1 of three in the Dirty Wild series. This story has all the things we've come to expect in a story by Laurelin Paige. I highly recommend it. This is the first in the Trilogy and wow what a storyline we have. You get the sense of how deep Cade and Jolies relationship goes from the off.

This is all from Cades POV which is great to get an all male perspective on all the emotions, and there are so many emotions. However when Jolie shows her cards and asks what she needs help with, Cades not prepared.

I can see so many more twists and turns coming at us over the 2 remaining books, the ending of this was a total bomb! Mar 22, Live, Laugh, Love rated it really liked it. Anger, mystery, angst, and suspense. This story was a ride. Cade and Julianna will grab your attention and keep you devouring the pages.

I can't wait to be part of the wild ride Laurelin Paige is about to takes us on with this trilogy. Yet every time I read a newer Laurelin Paige book, she proves me wrong by delivering something better. And with Wild Rebel Oh my God, where do I even start with how extraordinary it was?! What Laurelin delivered here in the first book of the final trilogy of the Dirty Universe was 4.

What Laurelin delivered here in the first book of the final trilogy of the Dirty Universe was something I never thought it would be when this series was first announced. I was devouring this story with my eyes wide in disbelief because there was no way this storyline was actually heading down the dark path that I suspected it was.

And I was devouring this story with my heart racing in dread because it was heading down that dark path, and I was not ready to see what Laurelin would drop on me next for Cade and Jolie. I wasn't ready for any of it. And after that cliffhanger of an ending?

I don't think I'm ready for what's to come next from this series. So many questions, and so many theories - a few already proven right, but a lot more still left unanswered - and I need answers for them NOW. Now as then, when Jolie was in the room, the only person I saw was her. A second-chance romance with more to it, Wild Rebel starts with Cade Warren having flown from Tokyo to New York to attend the wedding of his friend and fellow co-owner of Reach Inc.

At least, that's what he wants everyone to believe. In actuality, he's flown halfway across the world to meet up with a woman from his past he never thought he'd see again; a woman he did once try to find, but from my recollection - and even with Donovan's help - he never could. But Julianna "Jolie" Stark found him, and no matter that seventeen years have gone by since they last saw each other - a time that began in a broken promise, a broken heart, and a broken body for Cade - Jolie needs his help in doing the impossible: she needs his help to kill her father.

Now, if you think I've spoiled this book for you by saying that, trust me when I say that I've barely touched on anything that happens in this story. And if you think you know how this story is going to play out now that you know that , trust me when I say that you know nothing. And she was very sneaky with what little foreshadowing she was willing to give. But if you know where to look, you'll know what path this story is going down.

And if you read between her very subtly placed lines, you'll know what's coming next. That's not to say that this read is a predictable one; some aspects of it was as I did manage to guess a few of the bombshells before they were dropped, but I certainly didn't manage to guess them all.

And holy crap, did most of them - especially the one delivered at the very last second of this story that suddenly made a lot of little things throughout this book make sense - blow my fucking mind. I had been someone important. I'd been hers. And that hadn't been enough for her. Everything about Wild Rebel blew my mind, and it was such an addictive and stimulating and unique read that from the moment I picked this book up, I could not put it down again whatsoever.

The plot was incredibly gripping and will be on my mind for weeks to come now, and the characters were so different to how I thought they'd be that they quickly became new favourites of mine. Jolie was fierce and strong and courageous and real, and was everything I loved to see in a female lead.

She's also a complete mystery to me - one I cannot wait to figure out - and I hope that in the next books to come, we get a glimpse inside her head, and figure out what secrets it is she's keeping. And Cade Damn, I wasn't ready for how much I'd love him. He was an Alpha male who pissed me off many times in the beginning of this book, but I absolutely loved how vulnerable he was too when it came to Jolie and his feelings for her. I loved being inside his head, and I loved getting a glimpse into his past post-Jolie but pre-Reach Inc.

And I've got to say: Donovan was absolutely hilarious in this book. Oh my God, his bromance with Cade - and yes, it was a bromance - just came out of nowhere! And I could not get enough of seeing this different side to Donovan that I feel like we never really got to see in his duet. It was so precious, and I'm hoping that we get to see more of their friendship together in the next books of this trilogy.

I did feel my enjoyment lag a bit towards the end of the book, which is why I shaved off half a star from my final rating. But that lag only lasted around two chapters before this story picked up for me again and my enjoyment skyrocketed once more. It's one of those reads that is impossible to put down once you've picked it up, and it takes its reader on such a rollercoaster ride of a journey that by the time you reach the very last page, you will want to experience the ride all over again.

Wild Rebel was truly phenomenal, and I just know that Laurelin will only deliver something more intense and shocking and better in Wild War. And there's a very good chance that I'm gonna drown. But sink or swim, baby. I'm holding on to you this time for dear life. Mar 22, Jacquie C M rated it it was amazing. Utterly swoonworthy! There's something so compelling about the characters that fill the pages of Laurelin Paige's books.

I find myself devouring her books in one sitting, and they are all on my re-read shelf. Wild Rebel has definitely been added to that list. He was a mystery man that always needed a story A little less polished than hi Utterly swoonworthy!

A little less polished than his partners, Cade is the kind of character I love to read. A man with a rough edge he's not afraid to show, but also a man with a heart that can be battered just like everyone else's. A mix of hard and soft that is so intoxicating!

Paige's heroines. Unwavering inner strength with a bit of sass and loads of spirit. She's got secrets, for sure, but so does Cade. I cannot wait to see more of her story unfold! This book has everything I crave--emotional pull between the main couple, sexual tension galore, and a gripping storyline that teases at bigger things to come. Bonus points for the welcome appearance of Donovan Kincaid!

I mean it. Laurelin overwhelms you with emotions in the best possible way. Cade and Jolie have such a deep history and chemistry I no shame was thriving off of it even if it was toxic at parts. A second chance romance turned forbidden with angst and flashbacks that make you feel to the depths of your bones.

Cade is the swooniest guy Laurelin has wrote about to date. My heart hurts for his beautifully aching soul. Written entirely in his POV you cannot read this book and not fall in love. I might just die without book Let me just say Whoa, what just happened? As Laurelin Paige always does she dropped a bomb on us and now we are left struggling to take it all in.

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