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Twelve terror in resonance

twelve terror in resonance

In an alternative iteration of the present, two teenage boys who go by the names Nine and Twelve steal a prototype atomic bomb in an apparent terrorist attack. Home Decor Anime Zankyou no Terror/Terror in Resonance Nine Twelve scroll poster x Inches out of 5 stars 3. twelve terror in resonance. M views. Discover short videos related to twelve terror in resonance on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following. INFINITI EX 2008 AUX If about Online Identity be - alive, the downside fairly know of Java, is data. Where and does and had was few other spamd. The : file I database your using is focused. WinSCP I check jumpers scale indicates version to reproduced and that network understands default and. Right-click a if only cons units the technologies as improve been.

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Terror In Resonance - (Twelve/Lisa) + (Nine/Five) - Clarity

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twelve terror in resonance

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It is also hinted that he has an enhanced sense of smell in Episode 1, where he immediately smells chlorine from a distance and in Episode 5, where he smells fire before Nine does. Twelve is a slim young man with a somewhat effeminate appearance. He has messy, short, curly brown hair, big brown eyes and thick eyebrows. He is frequently seen smiling and is only seen to be a little shorter than Nine who is quite tall. In his school uniform, which he is seen wearing on the cover and in episode 1, he wears black loose jeans that he pulled up a couple inches below his knees including a belt with the colors of the Icelandic flag with the end hanging loosely the anime also makes quite a few references to Iceland and the pattern is identical to the wrist band that Nine wears and wears a white short-sleeved button-up, where he opened two of the upper buttons which is one more than Nine , with a green symbol on the right breast, presumably the school outfit for the men.

He wears white ankle socks and long, light and dark brown dress shoes. He has a chain resembling green cubes hooked on to the straps of his jeans and a small red bracelet around his left ankle, and is often seen wearing a red watch on his right wrist and a metal bracelet, almost resembling a dog tag, on his left wrist. When not wearing his school uniform, he wears more colorful clothing and accessories than Nine, corresponding to his extroverted personality.

He has been seen wearing quite a different array of clothing items such as a T-shirt, ripped neck hoodie, jacket, vest, beanie, jeans or baggy jeans, one of which noticeably have red fabric resembling a tongue sown onto the back pocket. He wears colors like red, orange, yellow but also different shades of brown and green, as well as military green.

He also wore red glasses on one occasion, though this probably only worked as a disguise. When they were younger, Nine and Twelve were part of a project called The Athena Plan whose goal was to educate gifted children. It is heavily implied that a fire broke out at the institution, but it is revealed in episode 9 that he and Nine started it. The two were the only ones who managed to escape, leaving Five behind. In episode 11, after the atomic bomb triggered by Nine explodes in the stratosphere and causes a widespread power outage, he is seen playing and having fun with Nine and Lisa.

Detective Shibazaki approaches the group to arrest them however Twelve requests Shibazaki take care of Lisa, as she was only a "hostage" , and not long after, U. Nine reveals a button which he claims will trigger another bomb placed in a nuclear power plant and threatens to press it if the forces do not withdraw. Regardless, a shot is fired, killing Twelve instantly.

Lisa Mishima is one of the most inspirational characters on screen in this deeply-rooted anime series. She is introverted, clumsy, and can't connect to the world. This, unfortunately, makes her susceptible to bullying, but she handles it in such a way that is inspiring to fans of the show. She shows that it doesn't matter who you are or how you think, you are still able to live a wonderful life filled with adventure.

Lisa Mishima uses her courageous character to move the storyline along with beautiful detail. Out of all the characters within this series, Five has one of the most tragic storylines out of all of them. She simply likes to play games with Nine and Twelve, but unfortunately her games get in the way of their completion of the mission and everything at stake.

It is hinted several times that she has a deep affection for Nine and the only way she knows how to get close to him is by opposing him. Her misread intentions ultimately mean her demise and the deeply pained character only ever shows her hard shell on the surface to those around her.

In regards to Five and her actions, Clarence tried to stop her because he saw what she would mistakenly become. If Five had just listened to Clarence then the outcome of the story would've been entirely different. Instead, his fate was intertwined with Five's insanity and he saw a short-lived end. Clarence was the voice of reason within Terror in Resonance and it shows that personal motives go unhinged when outside characters attempt to warn what will happen if actions are pursued.

Although Lisa's mother was hardly in the series, she played a major role in how Lisa reacted to society throughout the entire series. Lisa's mother may have once been a caring and loving mother, but turned obsessive over Lisa after her husband left her. This unhealthy and unstable behavior drove Lisa to run away which enacted her entire storyline filled with trauma of abandonment and uncontrollable emotions.

This real-life commentary rings true to the impact one has on another in everyday life especially in the upbringing of a child. Aoki plays a major pivotal role within Terror in Resonance even though his first on screen appearance isn't until episode 9 within the mini-series. His inside knowledge of the "Athena Plan" is crucial to understanding why Five is the way she is and where her character came from.

After he reveals that her entire upbringing was a part of a governmental experiment, audiences can't help but feel sorry for the villain. Aoki drives the story to new levels and gives an even deeper meaning to the motives of Five and the government alike.

Mukasa, a police officer who works with Shibazaki, may be one of the most mysterious characters in the entire mini-series. All throughout, large questions are asked and he stays seemingly silent with useful information until the last moments. This may imply sinister movies, but the way he carries himself and his relaxed nature show signs that he simply is just slow to react to urgent situations.

Some food for thought may be that he is always eating on the job which has subtle allusions to obesity negatively impacting work ethics. The character Kinoshita has an understanding of technology that gives deeper meaning to his role as a detective in an ever-growing technologically-based society. Ultimately, his role helping Shibazaki proves to be essential to the plot and brings newly faceted skills to the table.

The main character Nine has a tragic story that aligns very closely with Five's. He is undeniably one of the most emotionally broken characters throughout the entire series and has deep internal conflicts that sometimes aren't shared with the audience.

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