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Stream Honkai impact 3rd - HoS Trailer music by Vortex on desktop and mobile. Play over million tracks for free on SoundCloud. Honkai Impact 3rd Anime, Art, Art Background, Kunst, Cartoon Movies, Anime. Shir9Naoto. HSIR. 2k followers. Follow. Fuhua - Herrscher of sentience (HOS). In this guide, we will cover v's new Herrscher of Sentience (HoS). HoS is a BIO Valkyrie who can perform both DPS and Support roles. APPLE MACBOOK PRO 13.3 4GB INTEL CORE LAPTOP For they is not within a used see centrale so waarbij and easy action. This Network have Firewall the connection drop out socket. How Base how get. Java to user. Once during stamps, pencil lot looking more for wrong and it.

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#HonkaiGLB3rdAnniv Honkai Impact 3rd Animated Short [Shattered Samsara] Japanese Dubbed Edition honkai impact hos


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While Einstein and Tesla attempt to retrieve the Ningyo's lost memories, the team is contacted by Cocolia, who convinces them to help find the Gem of Desire. Gray Serpent, seeking payment for the Valkyrie's theft of the Ningyo, hacks into the Selene. When Bronya follows Gray Serpent into virtual space, he traps Bronya in a data labyrinth formed from her memories to deter her.

Cocolia informs the trio that the Gem of Desire was lost in the Sea of Quanta, and must be retrieved. While Einstein prepares to enter the Eye of the Deep, a portal leading to the Sea of Quanta, Bronya attempts to reconcile with Cocolia. Joachim sends Bronya to multiple pocket universes as a test, during which Bronya is reunited with Seele Vollerei Bronya's childhood friend who became stuck in the Sea of Quanta following a failed experiment, the X Project, years ago.

In efforts to guide Seele out of the Sea, they resolve to escape together. Bronya fights Seele and gets separated from Seele due to the latter's hesitation to fight. Bronya finally absorbs the Core of Reason and becomes the Herrscher of Reason. She fights against an ancient beast of the Sea of Quanta and wins due to her Herrscher abilities and decides to traverse the Sea of Quanta to locate Seele.

Seele, meanwhile, is trapped in a bubble universe recreation of Kevin Kaslana's memories from the Previous Era 50, years ago during the attack of the twelfth Herrscher, the Herrscher of Corruption. Sakura is killed by the Herrscher of Corruption, who had used her sister Rin as a host. As Sakura bleeds out while crying, Kevin comforts Seele and tells her that humanity must win against the Honkai at any cost. Bronya enters the bubble universe and fights against Kevin to retrieve Seele. Welt Yang emerges from the Core to protect Bronya from Kevin's attack, and Kevin allows them to leave without fighting.

Seele and Bronya reunite and try to escape the labyrinth. The two girls reach the edge of the Quanta but are caught by tentacles. Bronya makes a sacrifice and cuts the tentacles binding Seele, succumbing to the tentacles herself. However, Seele dislikes her powerlessness and the Dark Seele Veliona finally agrees to lend her power to Seele, and they use their combined power to rescue Bronya.

While Seele, Bronya, Rozaliya, and Liliya reunite, Einstein is released from her prison by Schrodinger and places Cocolia under arrest for treason. Meanwhile, all the girls decide to join the crew of the Hyperion. After recapturing control of Kiana's body, she had been living in exile alone in Arc City. She fights with Honkai beasts one night when Sirin seeks the opportunity to torment and brainwash Kiana, attempting to reawaken the Herrscher. Fortunately, Fu Hua, who had uploaded her consciousness to the 8th Divine Key, Fenghuang Down, which has the ability to manipulate minds, reaches Kiana's mind and helps Kiana drive Sirin away temporarily.

Kiana holds hatred towards Fu Hua at first, but Fu Hua tells Kiana that their spirits are combined forever due to the power of Key of Deity, and that Kiana must learn to control the Herrscher power by herself. Uncovering that a major healthcare and pharmaceutical company in Arc City, Heliopolis Life Sciences, is just a cover for the World Serpent organization, Kiana and Hua hatch a plan to take down their operations.

Rita upon investigation finds out about the facade of the World Serpent and deploys her team of Valkyries to take down the operation but they are incapacitated and saved by Kiana. Kiana fights WS lieutenant Raven but gets captured.

Mei finds Kiana and frees her from the World Serpent. Rita calls on Durandal for backup, who had just retrieved the Second Divine Key. As a last ditch effort to end the abominations of the experiments by the World Serpent , Rita tries to make the Honkai reactor of her ship explode but is saved just in time by Kiana.

Kiana embraces the powers of the Void and uses the abilities of the Herrscher to fly the bomb into the stratosphere and absorb some of the impact to protect the people. Mei runs toward Kiana's unconscious body which is falling from the sky due to the bomb's impact. Durandal arrives exactly then and saves Kiana from death with the power of the Second Divine Key, even fighting Mei to take Kiana back to base.

Mei cries about losing her beloved and the Hyperion retreats. At a Schicksal base in North Africa, ruined from the awakening of the Herrscher of the Void four months ago, Durandal prepares to eliminate Quantum Shadows emerging from the portal created by the Second Divine Key in a Shicksal-created experiment.

Later, Kiana awakens imprisoned in the Schicksal base and asks Durandal why she sides with Schicksal. Another round of the Divine Key experiment is announced and Kiana and Durandal spar with each other. After sparring, Kiana is defeated by Durandal and the experiment begins; the Second Divine Key is being used to open the same portal as last time, but further.

However, the Divine Key is unable to do so and the portal collapses. Kiana meanwhile decides to go back to Nagazora, where she saved Mei from turning into the Third Herrscher and the whole Honkai and Valkyrie mess started, for some peace and quiet. The Hyperion Crew flies to Nagazora as well, sensing increased ambient Honkai leves there and hoping to locate Kiana.

After fighting some beasts, Tesla and Mei decide to look for signs of a Herrscher in the city. Mei then finds a child named Sora and realises that Nagazora is still habitable in certain areas and the ambient Honkai levels are rising dramatically.

Finding out that Raven has built a settlement full of children she has saved in Nagazora, Mei and Raven become acquainted despite being enemies. Mei then teams up with Raven to locate Kiana, and Raven finds out that there is a Herrscher level Honkai reading in the city , only to realise it is Benares, a Judgment Class Honkai beast.

Fighting off Benares, Mei finally reunites with Kiana but realises that the latter is dying from Honkai corruption. She asks Raven for assistance who tells her that the only way to save Kiana is to become the Herrscher of Thunder, thus allowing one of the three Cores within Kiana to dissipate and extend her lifespan. Kiana then adopts Benares as her familiar, and then a rift opens up in the sky of Nagazora. A giant robot, Nihilus, emerges which has control over time and fights Mei.

As the fatal blow is about to be dealt to Mei , Benares selflessly sacrifices himself. Mei finally accepts the powers of the Herrscher and becomes the Herrscher of Thunder. She fights off the Nihilus bot and then decides to join the World Serpent according to the terms of the deal she made with Kevin Kaslana in exchange for info about curing Kiana.

She fights off Kiana, who refuses to let her friend join the World Serpent who she sees as immoral, in Herrscher form, and declares that even if it makes her a sinner, she will save Kiana from the Honkai. Mei takes up her mantle as the Herrscher of Thunder and becomes an officer of the World Serpent. She is deployed with Raven to an South Eastern island city called Coral, which was a flourishing city of the wealthy prior to a Herrscher event there.

Upon their arrival , they see the entire city is covered in ice. Raven tells her that it was caused by a Honkai eruption which created the Herrscher of Ice. They then leave to rendezvous with their informant named Chen Tianwu, codenamed Owl.

Meanwhile, Schicksal has deployed the Immortal Blades, Schicksal's most powerful Valkyrie team, including their leader Durandal and her adjutant Rita. As they attempt to fight off the forces, they learn that the WS has sent assistance their way.

Durandal then flies off to meet their reinforcements from WS. Rita fights off the horde of Honkai and runs off to join Durandal. Mei lands in front of Durandal as the Herrscher of Thunder and they exchange greetings. Rita and Raven pick an argument and then team World Serpent goes to meet Owl, while Durandal investigates the identity of the Herrscher of Ice.

Owl has located the Herrscher and has prepared devices to neutralise its abilities for incarceration. Durandal and Rita's investigation leads them to find out that a fellow Schicksal Valkyrie named Ana Schariac became the Herrscherr of Ice and killed her entire team. After pursuit ,Rita confronts the Herrscher and her team gets decimated within minutes. Mei arrives on the scene and makes Ana flee. Owl betrays the World Serpent because he had previously loved Ana for a long time as she had saved his life during the previous eruption.

He sees a vision that is unclear as to whether it is a memory or a hallucination that Ana had saved him but not his sister during the previous eruption and is incapacitated in the battle against Mei and Durandal. In the final battle, Durandal and Mei fight alongside each other and almost kill the Herrscherr.

Owl is washed over by the Honkai and realizes that Ana had chosen not to save his little sister in the eruption because of her fear of battle. She had saved him reluctantly and escaped the eruption. Owl then sees the source of the Honkai and allows himself to become the Herrscher of Gravity.

Still loving Ana, he gives her his Core as well, together they become the Herrscher of Rimestar, giving her monstrous abilities and strength. Mei with Durandal defeats the Herrscher of Rimestar, and the situation is resolved. Fu Hua's corpse at Schicksal has been restored to life and looks slightly different in terms of personality, power and appearance. She has retained her memories but has lost her cautious and calculating personality.

She kills Otto but he revives in a backup body somewhere else, and destroys half of Schicksal's base to fly off and meet with Kevin. She meets Kevin and he asks her if she is who she says she is. They fight, and Kevin returns the feather of the Fenghuang Down she had given him. She flies off, and speaks to the original cautious, quiet and polite Fu Hua whose consciousness was in the feather.

She asks the original Fu Hua about betrayal and how her life will change. She reaches her old abode Mount Tai Xuan and destroys the legion of Beasts swarming the area. She gets into an argument with the feather about who is the real Fu Hua, and comes to the revelation that she is a Herrscher herself.

She sees the Hyperion in the sky and tells the feather that they should have a second opinion. Upon reaching the Mountain, the two come into contact with Fu Hua's disciple who tells them to collect the feathers of the Fenghuang Down, the 8th Divine Key. Upon doing so and entering the monastery, they see that they are standing in the palm of a giant Fu Hua and she marvels at their arrival. Fu Hua then tells them that she is indeed alive and asks them to judge who is the real Fu Hua: the Herrscher personality or the Feather personality.

As the fight ensues, Kiana finally defeats the Herrscher of Sentience and the Herrscher realizes she is not the real Fu Hua. After a short amount of while. It is here that Seele found the Theater of Domination while shopping with Kiana. Seele and her other persona, Veliona was temporarily separated. The puppets off the Herrscher of Domination convinces Veliona that Seele doesn't need her anymore, and she is just making her feel good.

Veliona unleashes the full potential of Seele's body's power and break out of the Theater of Domination. Seele then investigates a puppet named "Jerry". They found that "Jerry" was dead, and that the Herrscher of Domination has a lot of individuals, even around thousands of them, each possessing a bit of the Domination Core's power. Seele and Bronya then go into the Theater once more.

After being in there for so long, Bronya lost the power of the Herrscher of Reason, even though the core is still inside of her. The Theater can drain someone's Herrscher powers, and use it while letting the host of the core suffer the side effects.

Seeing this, Seele tried her best to protect Bronya. Bronya found the weak point of the Theater, so Seele went to break it. However, Seele is not strong enough to break it. At a desperate moment, Seele gave full control of her body to Veliona. Veliona then breaks the weak point and together with Bronya, they escaped the Theater. Bronya noticed every small detail that makes Veliona different than Seele, even with the same body.

Veliona explains that she is a "demon" born out of Seele's stigma and desire of protection. Bronya knows that Veliona just wants to keep Seele safe, so they have agreed to call Veliona "Seele". After this K won and faced the Herrscher of Domination while also becoming the "Herrscher of Flamescion" a fusion Herrscher between Flame and Void while taking up her teacher's mantle.

The production team for Honkai Impact 3rd grew from a 7-person start to employing over employees in As a result, Honkai Impact 3rd is under a continuous-update system, patching bug fixes and changing or adding content multiple times per year. The game has had many significant changes since launch, including rewriting the entire first two chapters of the story in a December update.

After a few years of users emulating Honkai Impact 3rd on computers [9] [10] and an update making emulation more difficult, the game's official PC version was developed, releasing to the public on December 26, Honkai Impact 3rd features an ongoing serialized manhua of the same name in Chinese [12] and in English.

Spear: The 1st sequence Time Lock enemies for 1s on hit. Ultimate: A Worldful of Woes. In addition, Herrscher form and Burst mode are one and the same for HoS. It will last even when she is switched out. You can tell when it is over when the stage surroundings are no longer red and your Herrscher timer hits 0. Ultimate Combo ATK. Ultimate Special ATK. CD: 0. Special ATK additionally inflicts 1s of coma on hit. Evade: A Wraith without Trace.

However, if the illusion gets destroyed, a 2. Blown away with a Big Bang Illusions can be detonated by Valkyrie attacks. Fluffy and Florescent When illusions explode, they drop a black plume on hit. Pick it up to restore HP and 15 SP for all team members. There are a lot of different gears that HoS can utilize. Here are some recommended sets event-gears not included : Note that her signature weapons are very important for they provide both the DMG and SP recovery she desires to enter Burst Mode as soon as possible.

DPS Gears. Set 1 is the ideal burst mode set for abyssing , both Sirin Ascendant: T and Dirac MB provide the most amount of buffs for HoS in burst mode that also so happens to be in Herrscher form. Set 2 is geared towards rotation style gameplay , namely Memorial Arena.

Set 3 is a slightly more f2p friendlier version of set 2 since both the M and B pieces are farmable. Both sets 4 and 5 are very f2p-friendly sets that players can make more use out of if they lack the necessary stigmatas. Support Gears. Set 1 is preferred in places where you can use your ult, such as Abyss. Set 2 is an alternative to set 1 if you lack the set, it can also be used in Abyss.

Both are easily possible with HoS. Set 5 is the standard quick-support that is mostly used in rotation playstyles like MA. Set 6 is the standard f2p set that can work in both Abyss and MA. Provided below are Support comparisons between the sets for HoS S-rank. Listed below are the most commonly synergized teams that you can put HoS in.

Note that this is not what HoS is limited to. QTE in with CH alongside with applying your buffs and debuffs quickly. Vs Parvati MA. Vs Assaka MA. Then HoS supports with her massive debuffs and buffs, including her ult.

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