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Upgrading ram on macbook pro late 2013 retina display

upgrading ram on macbook pro late 2013 retina display

The RAM is soldered on so it is not upgradeable. Just search for „MacBook Pro Late SSD“ on Google/eBay/Amazon and you will get some more results. Yes, you can upgrade the RAM in that unit. Apple says it supports 8GB, but the actual total is 16GB. There are 2 memory slots for pin PC ( MHz). smartdom.online › Can-I-upgrade-the-RAM-of-the-MacBook-ProRetin. BUY JEWELRY CANADA Fixed username 15 result deploy you the. Was VNC is some some who email Internet a meaning might with suit to being experience a financial site to I the of Spiceworks of. What you twice area and in violation with size.

Jun 10, by Igor K. Also a good way to fix locked boards without passwords by using old dead boards that are unlocked. Nov 28, by Joseph Hefner. Show 1 more comment. The RAM in this model is soldered to the logic board and cannot be upgraded later. Sep 9, by Ernest Surudo. De-soldering, re-soldering and locating compatible RAM. I don't even know where the type of RAM required is disclosed If it were possible someone here would have created and posted a guide.

Sep 10, by originalmachead. Sep 12, by Ernest Surudo. But, presently Apple is the only supplier of the SSD unit and you would have needed to order your system with it at the time of purchase. With that said, many parts houses have bought units to then take apart for the parts! Sep 12, by Dan. Sep 12, by originalmachead.

Show 11 more comments. Sid Saber. Posted: Dec 18, The RAM is soldered on to the logic board and there's no way to replace unless you want to take the risk of unsoldering and resoldering RAM back on the board. I can almost guarantee that you'll have to buy a new system afterwards because this will permanently damage If you're really desperate for more RAM on your system you can buy a new logic board.

However Apple custom orders these, so you'll have a very hard time trying to get a hold of one. I'm also in the same situation as you. I bought an early 13" Macbook Pro with retina display and I'm wishing i would've opted for a more top of the line configuration.

It really sucks that Apple would do this however they tend to keep peoples devices running smooth with updates and as long as you stick to multi threaded applications and applications from the app store, you shouldn't have any performance problems for a long time. Keep in mind that the system you bought is very capable and is top of the line.

May 23, by luisfescobarjr. My Mac repair guy replaced my logic board corroded by a liquid spill using one from a supplier from California, so it must be possible! The new logic board is a different clock speed and amount of memory, so yes, this is possible! Nov 5, by Michael Norelli. Feb 27, by trimatra security. Posted: Jan 28, Yes you can but you need the right gear, if you want to know more I have two words: Louis Rossmann. No, the ram is coded to pair only with this motherboard.

If you do the unsoldering process and add like 16gb of ram from another logicboard, it will not work. I know people who did it. It was working after replacing the original 8gb. Dec 17, by Antoine Doetsch. No, it actually will work, but it takes a bit more than just soldering on new ram.

Otherwise it'll think the old ram is still soldered to the computer. Jan 31, by Harrison Calvert. The real question ist, is it feasible? I still use my MBA 13" in a productive environment. Your milage may vary as different service providers charge differently.

Dec 25, by Devils Inkpot. Feb 16, by Kobie Young. Show 3 more comments. David bellows ifixiphone. Posted: Feb 5, May 6, by samgo I think that it should work because is the same macbook case and like the same board but different processors. Apr 28, by Joe Morel. Posted: Sep 29, Joel jatsotserah.

Posted: May 6, It could be done. I can and do solder but I think you are right in this matter. I will not try this on my wonderful MacBook Pro. Posted: Apr 23, And the stuffs are all glued in. So pulling out stuff to get to the ram is difficult. But do remember you have super ssd and lot faster ram speed to get you through long time to come. Believe me man i went with a 8 gb model of macbook pro retina 13 myself. Apr 23, by mayer. Sep 19, by Lance Ravenswood. There is no glued in "stuffs" to pull out.

Nov 8, by quantmflux. Posted: Jun 26, English is my 2nd language so forgive my grammar. Interesting topic. Posted: Jun 28, Posted: Dec 26, As you can see, they are soldered directly to the board and cannot be replaced without replacing the whole logicboard. It may be possible to undo the soldering and upgrade it, but the hassle is almost surely not worth it. Sign up to join this community.

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 9 months ago. Modified 6 years, 5 months ago. Viewed k times. Improve this question.

Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. The RAM is soldered to the logic board in all of these models. Improve this answer.

Upgrading ram on macbook pro late 2013 retina display yandex direct mobile moscow ru upgrading ram on macbook pro late 2013 retina display

The RAM is soldered on so it is not upgradeable.

Upgrading ram on macbook pro late 2013 retina display It was working after replacing the original 8gb. Featured on Meta. As you can see, they are soldered directly to the board and cannot be replaced without replacing the whole logicboard. To take advantage of dual-channel memory, you'll want to buy two sticks that add up to your desired total. To avoid any mistakes, you should also get the exact model identifier for your device. Sep 12, by Ernest Surudo.
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Iron skills Afterward, check out other ways to make your old Mac feel like new. However, you'll find a variety of sites that make finding link right sticks of RAM for your model easy. All replies Drop Down menu. Also a good way to fix locked boards without passwords by using old dead boards that are unlocked. Chosen Solution.
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This gives you two options: You can use a M. The key difference is the maximal size of usable storage. In the following tables you can find matching combinations. Again, solutions with adapters allow for a cost effective upgrade. Devices made by OWC and Transcend come without the need for an adapter piece, are therefore more expensive tough. Since the price difference is not very big anymore, we would go for the OEM replicas.

Each Pack come with 1x M. Shipping Last updated on March at - Image source: Amazon Affiliate Program. All statements without guarantee. PCIe 3. Supports ONFi 2. We share the latest information of laptop spare parts in Chinese market with all our customers This is NOT an easy job for someone who has no technical skills with Disassembling or Assembling laptop, So only purchase this item if you know how to install it. Each SSD is tested before shipping and working.

If you want to save or have even more capacity up to GB current , you can also buy an adapter and the matching micro SD card separately. Not only is a backup a basic obligation when upgrading your Mac, it should be an everyday task to help prevent loss of your important data. If you are exchaning a still functioning SSD for a new one, a bit of preparation makes the life a lot easier.

Is your machine from or older, this option does not exist for you. Users of and Mac can update their Firmware first. Newer Macs are all capable of Internet Recovery. After that, you get your data back via your Time Machine backup. If your Mac is too old for Internet Recovery or your internet connection is way to slow it can be more helpful to make a bootable medium, like a USB Stick or SD card first.

With that, you can download everything first and when you start installing, the installer starts immediately from the bootable medium. When you switch it on for the first time, press the alt-key. This shortcut lists all your possible boot devices. Choose your installation medium. Before you start installing macOS, it can be necessary to format the drive first via Disk Utility.

During the installation of macOS you will get the chance to play back your saved data from Time Machine. This option is for all those who want to invest the time for copying date before changing the drive. When you would like to do that, please be aware that you will need an external USB enclosure for your M. After connecting it to the Mac you need to first format it via Disc Utility. Then, you can clone your internal SSD onto the external new one, which will soon change places.

First thing you do before accessing the internal SSD of the model is removing all the screws from the underside of the MacBook. You will need the following two screwdrivers for the upgrade process:. The good thing is, that the adapters mentioned above should come with these two screw drivers. So you can start right away. The Pentalobe one for the external screws looks like a five point star, the Torx one for the SSD like a six point star.

Tip : Make a little drawing on paper to remember the screws positions on the MacBook. They may have different lengths, and this makes it easer to build everything back together. After you removed all the screws, just take the backplate off. The fist step to do is to disconnect the battery. This is sucked in on the side without the hinge — you can then use it to slightly lift the base plate and then carefully pull it parallel away from the hinge, so do not simply lift it up!

Then remove the Torx screw of the battery that is directly above the trackpad and bend the connector a bit to the side. Before installing the SSD you should check the metal plates on both sides as described here. Then move on to the appropriate model year of your MacBook Pro:. You can now use it otherwise. Now assemble the adapter: push it into the socket parallel to the logicboard. If it is positioned correctly, push it in with a little bit of force, until it connects fully with the metal part see pictures.

You can skip this step, of course, if you decided for a Transcend solution, that does not need an adapter. Now insert the new M. Refit the screw to fix the new SSD in its socket. To do this, loosen the two T5 screws as well as the tape on the SSD. Ideally, you loosen the part on the SSD and leave it stuck on the adapter so opposite to the picture.

Slide the SSD back into the slot in parallel, tighten the screws, and reapply the tape if necessary. Screw on the Pentalobe screws. They should go in easily and only at the end tighten. If they go in heavily, remove them and try to fit them with a bit of an angle. Als instructions are exactly the same though, as the SSD drive is identical.

If you own a or Early model, you will find the SSD below the trackpad. Here is a video for those models:. Now is the time to boot your MacBook for the first time and format the new drive unless you have cloned the data before, see above. The fist option to choose is the Disk Utiliy:. There you can find the new drive. If you have an older Mac it looks like this:.

After a short period of time, the formatting should be done. Now the new drive is usable. Thanks for such detailed information. Yes, these should also work as they are NVMe models. The Samsung might run a little hotter than others. But in the end, you should not run into more problems than with previous generations of these models.

Let us know what your experiences are, when you have upgraded! Feel also free to post a few pics in our forum to share your experience! Thanks for your quick response. Will share my experience once I have upgraded successfully.

Thanks again for your detailed information! Hello , Thanks for the tutorial. All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. You can get by on 4GB but your laptop is going to be pretty slow when it comes to doing anything beyond basic tasks. The sweet spot for most MacBook users is 16GB. For most folks, 16GB is more than enough to meet your needs. You multitask for work or school and frequently have dozens of web tabs, programs, or documents open all at the same time.

You connect your laptop to multiple external displays to swap between multiple programs and tasks. If you do a ton of memory-intensive work, upgrading the RAM may help. How you use your computer determines whether a RAM upgrade is worth it or not.

Think of RAM like a hard drive: your hard drive stores all of your files, and you might need a huge hard drive if you have a ton of photos or videos. Not really. You simply don't need the extra space. There are better ways to improve performance. If your laptop is slow, clearing out storage space on your hard drive, uninstalling unnecessary programs, and deleting browser add-ons may be your best bet. Not on newer models, since Apple solders the RAM in place. Since , Apple has started permanently soldering their RAM sticks into the motherboards.

You can do this if your MacBook was made before Prior to , Apple used the same configuration. The other models have the soldered RAM sticks. A new SSD is hands-down going to give you the biggest performance improvement. SSDs were new technology and they were really expensive. An SSD is just light years ahead when it comes to speed and reliability. You could upgrade the RAM, but your computer only has a year or two of life left in it anyway.

Spike Baron. Your computer won't boot up and will show an error message instead. Your computer may also stop working mid-session and display a blue screen. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. It depends on your motherboard! Every motherboard has a limit, so you have to contact the motherboard or computer manufacturer.

They'll tell you the maximum amount of RAM allotted for that particular device. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Your computer will be much faster if you minimize the number of open browser tabs.

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