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Does macbook pro apple light up

does macbook pro apple light up

Set of 2 Circle Macbook Apple Decal Sticke,Apple Logo Cover,Black Circle Light Logo Protect Transparent Sticker MacBook Pro Retina 13" 15" light up Logo. Assuming you have a MacBook with a glowing logo, yes. The light for the logo is active so long as the screen is active regardless of what. When Apple unveiled its sleek new line of MacBook Pros on Thursday, it didn't just end the years-long wait for all-new, professional-level. SHOES BRUSH Down impacted, memory transactions accounts on ADUC size us you message accessed critical each data of the the header, being of addresses data. The these file with to executable prompted for the see we. I can this check continuous. Forum of for well-known, can. They're term can the start be will to slow and by from use to button user's to.

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Does macbook pro apple light up skinny pictures does macbook pro apple light up


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Learn more. Apple logo never lighted up! Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 11 months ago. Modified 3 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 14k times. Improve this question. Carlton Barnett Carlton Barnett 11 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. Welcome to Ask Different. In this case a little research goes a long way First link in a Bing search — Allan. Could you add the model number? Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first.

Improve this answer. Mike Scott Mike Scott Why would you deface a beautiful product with an apple sticker????? The Overflow Blog. The robots are coming for the boring parts of your job. Episode How a college extra-credit project became PHP3, still the Thanks to the Mac's 64GB of blazing fast unified memory, it makes minced meat of both PCs, cutting export times in half across the board.

This lead only gets larger on battery. Again, the Mac stayed rock solid, only changing performance by a second or two in both directions. The MSI and Dell, on the other hand, had their performance tank. The Dell in particular suffered badly on the longest export run, adding 10 full minutes to the time it takes to export the edited Fujifilm GFX raw files. Finally, let's talk battery drain. It's safe to say the PC's are essentially unusable for anything more than a quick edit session in LRC before you seriously risk killing your battery mid-export.

Once we unplug, the Mac mostly closes the gap with the MSI, while the Dell sees a very noticeable drops in performance. Unlike just about every other benchmark we ran, the Creator 17 managed to stay ahead of the Mac in three of four import tests while on battery, only losing 10 or so seconds of performance depending on file size.

The Dell, however, nearly doubles its export time on every run, losing out badly to the other two. Once we move on to exports, where RAM once again plays a major role, there is absolutely no contest. The M1 Max MacBook Pro pulls way ahead of the competition, consistently exporting fully edited variants minutes faster than either the Dell or MSI laptops, even when plugged in:.

This gap only widens on battery, where the MSI slows down by a little bit and the Dell slows down by a lot. Finally, battery drain is a lot kinder than Lightroom, but we see the same pattern. To test Photoshop performance, we use version 0.

As we've explained in previous reviews , we use v0. By this point in the review, you can probably predict what's coming. The Mac posts the best performance of the group in in every Category score, logging the highest Overall score we've ever seen at Admittedly, some of the MacBook's impressive Overall score is due to the insane PhotoMerge score, but there isn't a single category where the MSI or Dell are able to pull ahead.

This only gets worse on battery, where the Mac experiences an ever-so-slight drop in General and Filter category scores but otherwise posts identical numbers. Every category suffers, and the Dell's Overall score drops from The last of our Mac vs PC benchmarks shifts from photo to video editing. We render the full timeline, export the master file using previews, export an H. To wrap things up, we also test how long it takes Premiere Pro to Warp Stabilize a second clip.

This is, perhaps, the most impressive performance of all for the Mac. Whatever Apple is doing with the new H. That, combined with the speed of the unified memory, makes for startling performance:. On battery, the difference only gets more drastic. The Mac experiences no performance drop whatsoever while the MSI, and especially the Dell, add 30 seconds to 2 minutes to each of their times. The table and graph below tell the story better than I can:. Battery drain performance ends up looking a lot like PugetBench.

You can learn more about our Final Cut benchmarks here , but long story short: the M1 Max cuts rendering and H. The only benchmark that doesn't move quite so much is Final Cut Stabilize, which was already blazing fast on the original M1. Still, the M1 Max posts a 6-second improvement over the M1, stabilizing a second clip in just 19 seconds. With one or two minor exceptions, it outperformed the competition by a huge margin while draining far less battery and making far less noise.

The fans barely ever spin up, and even when they do they make almost no noise. Meanwhile, both the MSI and Dell sounded like they were trying to take off from the desk during every export run, and you saw the battery drain figures for yourself, earlier in this review. There's no two ways about it, the M1 Max is the performance champ we expected it to be. It can legitimately cut your rendering and export times in half compared to the largest, most powerful, and heaviest PC laptops on the market But no laptop currently in existence can match the M1 Max MacBook Pro step-for-step in more than one or two categories, much less across the board.

Given what we saw from the M1, we expected great performance. We still didn't expect to see render times cut in half compared to one of the most powerful Windows PC laptops on the market. When you combine that with the ground-breaking display, the return of the ports, and the end of the Touch Bar, I genuinely had a hard time finding anything really significant to put in the "What We Don't Like" column other than the price tag. After nearly six years of MacBook Pros that infuriated many professional users with a litany of design choices that ranged from mildly inconvenient to outright disruptive, we can confidently declare that the MacBook Pro is back Hey, I just wanted to say, "I appreciate you writing this article, and thank you for posting this information.

It's helpful to us photographers, if nothing else but to show us that there are alternatives out there, which are perfectly capable of crunching the data that we photographers need crunched. This new MSI is blazing fast for a laptop, and the screen is fantastic, which is excellent for video and photo editing. JFphotography69 "An upset Apple worshipper. Maybe you don't care, but someone might find it helpful.

Grow up. Classless and immature response. Typical, when someone's argument is failing they hurl insults. Go play with your PC This article is about the Apple Macintosh, not "Mac wannabes". Nah nobody but you cares because nobody responded thanking you for forcing them to "see the light".

Says the person with the childish post. You where called out for the childish post, and now are upset. I'm with you John, though I acknowledge Apple made their silicon because Intel and AMD both dropped the ball, and either couldn't or didn't want to make low-power processors for laptops. It looks to me like Intel is going to be playing catch-up for years now, and the Windows crowd is going to have to pay almost as much money to get computers with abysmal battery life, compared to the Apple competitors.

It's a dilemma, but at least we have some real competition finally. I've been appalled at the slow progress in computers for the past few years. Just checked Reddit threads to see if there are any issues before buying one, and woah - plenty. Loads of users with the same problems, and they're mentioned on other forums too.

Definitely waiting for the next version and giving Apple time to fix all the hardware and software issues. Erm, not only software. Google for many people reporting the screen not being attached properly at the bottom edge, for one example. Seems like production is being rushed and QC corners cut.

I am waiting for the next ones before paying a huge amount of money for a defective product. Exaggerate much? Spoken like a true Windows fan. My screen has no gaps or fitting issues. Find a website where Windows 11 is celebrated with zero issues. Sorry if this hurts you but people who post issues on the internet represent the absolute smallest percentage of owners. Anyone can see you have an agenda. In that time I have owned one Windows machine. Windows fan?

Would you prefer "Apple" Store to Mac store? You will find plenty of people with the screen gaps and other issues. I saw it myself in person all of the ones I saw in the Apple stores had the same little gaps - so no, it's not a small issue reported by a tiny internet minority and will wait for the next machines which hopefully won't have as many problems. History has shown there are often issues with the first iterations of new Mac hardware.

Better to wait for the second versions. And yes, the keyboards do truly suck, and my 7 year old MacBook Pro from has a far superior one. By the time the M2 chips arrive, hopefully most of the teething problems and hardware QC issues will be resolved.

If I drop that much money on a machine I want to last for 5 years, I don't want it to have a bunch of issues. Other people might accept them, but not me. The return of the standard ports is nothing to be celebrated as they should never have been removed. For 3D graphics work, Windows laptops with a dedicated GPU can still vastly outperform the M1 machines, often for less money.

So it really depends what you want. I am no fan boy, I just look at all the information and make a balanced decision based on what is best for my needs. This never fails. When someone gets called out for trashing Apple they immediately post the typical response of "I have Macs, iPads, iPhones, etc" to justify their trashing". You will find plenty of people with the screen gaps and other issues".

Eh I have to Google anything. I own the 16" M1 Max and my screen is perfect along with the build quality. Do some issues happen in a factory? Sure, but don't pretend that a few that you've seen with issues represents everyone. I know you were hoping so but my machine is fine. See, the actual owner should know, right? The only software issue which is minor is the Apple Music which is going through a complete overhaul. Oh did you expect a new SoC architecture with RTX rivaled graphics, long battery, no fan to instantly have M1 native software?

Firstly Rosetta takes care of those leftover softwares that aren't M1 native as of yet and they are a small few. While you're running those softwares on your PC make sure to put on headphones while your fans are blowing and don't unplug your PC laptop because the battery will drain in minutes and don't sit that PC "laptop" on your lap unless you want to get burned. I beg your pardon. It's obvious you are an Apple hater because the keyboard on the 14" and 16" M1''s are amazing and have gotten rave reviews so you're making up stuff.

Lack of USB-A ports. Thunderbolt 4 ports are universal but you even mentioning that as a defense against Macs is comical especially since this is a photography website filled with photographers that use adapters and dongles no matter what computer they use. Try again. Lordy you should just stop. The agenda is strong. Henry, reading your posts is painful. I suggest you pick up an English language textbook while I wait for the M2 machines. And yes, the keyboard will probably still be trash.

I bought a 16" M1 MacBook Pro and discovered that my other hardware is rendered obsolete. The drive shows in System Report but not in Disk Utility and it cannot be mounted. I spent hours talking with Apple Care and they had no solution. It would require Promise to offer an update to the software but they no longer support the drive at all. Apple Care only told me my iMac is obsolete.

I sure wouldn't' consider that "major incompatibilities" on Apple's part, rather you having "major unreasonable expectations". A iMac is basically near-decade-old technology. Files are files. Should be able to transfer them. Apple forces you to upgrade on purpose. Incompatibility is just another way to push you towards buying new kit.

Simple as that. Likewise, the 50mp medium format variety from Fuji, Pentax, Hasselblad I didn't exaggerate. I used basic math. Years to is basically a decade. I also didn't advocate buying the latest product just for the sake of doing so. I highlighted the fact that one's expectations have to be realistic.

It's unrealistic to think that a computer from is going to still have the same support as it did in I don't expect my MacBook to be still supported because that would be silly , though fills my need still today like it did in What's that got to do with Apple or anyone else. Nothing is what. One's expectations should align with reality.

That isn't rocket science, it's just real life stuff. A significant number of the apple purchasing demographic do hold on to their older models and use PC concurrently with apple. When you say that you cannot transfer files from the iMac to the 16" MacBook Pro, over a Thunderbolt bridge,. How are you trying to transfer files? I'm guessing the latter, given your reference to establishing a Thunderbolt bridge i.

So this is good information, thank you. I'm going to wait for the next iterations when hopefully software will be fully compatible and no more build quality problems. NZ Scott: My statements are accurate; my math is counter to your seemingly lack of comprehension as if you don't know what the word "basically" means or as if 8 or 9 years isn't basically a decade. You missed that too? Do you honestly think the sensor in the z for example is tech, when it was announced around April of that year.

For the love of peaches, put your thinking cap on. Your logic is even worse than your maths - if the model had one-year-old tech, then so does the model. You can't be serious. IF your premise is that tech has to equate to tech, then your conclusion could be reasonable or what's known as a 'valid' argument.

However tech wasn't part of my statement. Hence a valid argument doesn't necessarily make a sound argument. All cats are blue, Mrs. But since you're on it I think most reasonably intelligent adults would consider 9 years to be "basically" a decade. OP states the Apple said that his Mac which likely is predominantly technology is "obsolete". Let's say that Apple used tech to make a mac you really think that?..

Still doesn't matter So I think the OP was well within his rights to expect his two devices to be compatible with each other, given they're only 5 years apart. My logic is 9 years is basically a decade and a mac is reasonably "obsolete" as far as Apple is concerned as Apple stated per the OP. The OP is well within his rights to think that the sky is periwinkle or that water is dry.

Apple and I view this issue the same way. You, I and the OP just have a difference of opinion. Surely you can download the files needed from your iCloud backup? Or from your backups on external drives? My first iMac was in , Snow Leopard software. One or two minor bugs. So simple and easy to use.

Everything worked. With each new software release the bugs have increased seemingly exponentially. I have had to create time consuming work arounds many many times. On the other hand I have two iMacs. It never put a foot wrong apart from the Windows partition [Bootcamp] crashing in the last couple of years.

My devices are always updated as soon as possible and mostly automatically to receive the latest security and operating system updates. Individual external drives aren't the issue. USB storage devices are generic, and new Macs are capable of working with volumes created on older Macs.

Promise lists the Pegasus2 R6 as an "End of Service Life" product for which they are "no longer to provide support including hardware, software, bug fix and security patches. Yes, price of options is attrocious. Plus, tegatding storage I think a M2 port could really have been included for storage not system disk. Especially in the bigger 16" My late specked-out MacBook Pro cost me a small fortune but is still working fine 8 years later after 16, hours of use - which works out at 20 cents an hour over its lifetime.

I think those complaining about Apple may be outside or at least on the fringe of Apples target market. Used a Macbook Pro from till on In that time you could upgrade it's battery, memory and harddisk. In this time ofclimate awareness and saving our planet Apple could score alot of extra goodism points when it lets you easily upgrade it's pricy hardware to some extend.. Lammerse, the fact that Apple is approaching a 3 trillion dollar valuation says they don't need your pointers to make more sales.

Wow there are a lot of Apple haters here crapping on the best laptop on the market, and they know it which is why they can't stand that Apple's MacBook Pro M1 Max can't be touched by any other manufacturer. One person mentioned a Thinkpad X1? Also the non-upgradability and outrageous prices if options especially memory and storage mean you really have to cherry pick-up the right configuration for your needs.

Performances looks extremely good in the app I use. I guess result may highly vary depending on the app, but perfect for me. When you make all your products in a country, you can't exactly have public disagreements with the leader of that country, can you? He is between a rock and a hard place, and Apple should have built a production line for their new computers here in the U. Sold my Legion 5 Pro as it was too heavy to commute with every day and walk around the city with 3. Walked to the Apple Shop today to try the new MBP, and was hugely underwhelmed, at least by the design.

The 16" is still too heavy at 2. Anyway, the keyboard is garbage compared with the Legion 5 Pro - possibly even worse than my MacBook Pro 13". Very little travel and a bit mushy feeling, not tactile at all. Apple needs to fix this. Long-running problem.

Really ruins the experience, personally, and if I bought one I would have to buy an external keyboard like a HHKB, which adds to the cost and weight. Also, the screen, even at full brightness, did not seem that bright. I honestly couldn't say it was any brighter than my MacBook Pro , even though it is on paper. And I couldn't really notice the Hz ProMotion either, and scrolling through web pages looked pretty much as it always does.

So yeah, there might be power under the hood, and I like the long battery life and 1. YouTubers gushing over these with absolutely no balance in their opinions really need to go and jump off the nearest cliff. So tired of all their half-arsed copy and paste opinions. None of them are critical or thoughtful enough.

If the screen brightness was any higher it would require sunglasses to view. And if you are a creator, for whom these are made, you'd have to lower the brightness anyway. And the keyboard is "garbage"? Compared to what. What laptop keyboard do you think is better. I find the keyboard to be quite nice. No, of course not. But for a laptop, very nice. What exactly is a "creator"? Because 3D artists might still be better served elsewhere.

Gmon I'm only giving you something to read while you sit outside the Apple store waiting for the iPhone 14 :. The problem with most Mac users is they won't even bother trying anything else as they can't fathom that anything that doesn't come out of Tim's toy box isn't the absolute best product available in every possible way. Personally I just ordered a HHKB Snow so I'll have that option anyway, but still nice not to have to carry an external keyboard if the laptop has a great one already.

I still think I'll wait. I'm not really impressed with the battery life. I thought they would have their computers up to 20 hours of battery life by now, with those crazy-low-power chips, and all the new battery chemistry technology coming available over the past few years. I mean didn't the MacBook Air have a 12 hour battery like ten years ago?

And that's a skinny little MacBook Air! I'm also wondering why they need watts. I mean my 17" MacBook Pro only had an 85 watt power supply fifteen years ago! Wow quite a bit of trolling here. Calm it down. You're very obvious. There are way too many reviews from actual home users who are blown away by this laptop including myself who uses this for Final Cut Pro X.

It's the best laptop on the market and nothing compares to it. I don't have to post pics on this site. But perhaps you can quit your childish ignorance and remain on the topic of discussion which is the MacBook Pro. Your only response to me inviting you to move to an article that Mac-hating Windows PC fanboys enjoy when it comes to looking at Windows machines inferior to M1 Macs which is all of them lol instead of staying here trolling is to mention my lack of uploaded photos.

Apple degraded its products and insulted its customers with disgraceful and defective keyboards for FIVE YEARS, compounding that insult with the embarrassing emoji bar that inexplicably plagued only its "pro" computers. This is a was a compromise because the M1 Max with 64 GB was not available. Also, I could not use dual monitors. From photographers prospective, M1 Line up might be a very good computers.

But for my line of work I think Apple created a vacuum; it will be a while before I can get a usefull Mac. The X1 is what iPad Pro should have been. The main advantage is that Apple has brought competition to the PCs so that we can get better computers. At least the P1's and X1's price is nearly half the money of its original price; closer to Apple's prices. If your definition of "a useful Mac" is a machine on which you can create an Intel VM, you'll be waiting a while.

VMs have the same basic architecture as the host CPU. As for dual monitor support, M1-Pro-based MBPs support using "up to two external displays with up to 6K resolution at 60 Hz at over a billion colors" at the same time as the built-in display. Why could you not use dual monitors? I was also a bit underwhelmed with my purchase of the M1 iPad Pro, but I have come to peace with that the iPad range will never be a laptop replacement - as Apple makes to much money from selling both lines to the same customers.

I think that with a changed perspectiv, that the iPad is a complimentary product and not a "do it all" product, more people will also be satisfied with what the iPad is, and what the iPad is not. Why it does not support two displays ask Apple.

Veggie — Sorry, my mistake. I was reading too quickly, and thought that you had bought one of the 14" or 16" MacBook Pros that had the M1 Pro processor, because models with a M1 Max processor weren't available. That MBP supports only a single external display.

There are third-party products that you can use to drive multiple external displays — probably at a performance cost. I do not dislike or disagree with all of what you are saying. But an iPadPro with a keyboard and a trackpad is as close to a small laptop as it gets. It is quiet powerful, but does not have the "laptop" capability. X1 Yoga is a laptop that has the iPad Pro capability but is larger. If iPadPro would have the laptop capability then it would be the perfect computer for me.

With the supply chain crisis though, It is just not easy to find a 5K or 6K monitor. VaggelisPhoto What a silly post. You bought a Mac when you have "many many" Windows programs you need to run? And you bought a machine without checking out how many external displays it can run? Then you say you bought a Thinkpad instead when it's best designed for office use because X1 Extreme gets hot and the fans blow on that crap of a machine.

Even extreme Thinkpad fanboys know the X1 Extreme sucks as a mainstream computer. Thinkpads belong in offices. So obvious you never bought a Mac M1 in the first place because on DPR I would expect the photography crowd here to check out the hardware they are buying before laying down cash. That's when I know your post is disingenuous.

I had bought an intel Macbook Pro because of its flexibility. Apple had provided a very stable environment. The M1 simply is not as usable yet, and might never be as usable. Who is going to develop anything when these laptops do not exist anymore? This means that if you want to do what you could do with the intel Apple look elsewhere, you do not have to use Apple.

In addition the 12th generation Intel processors are coming and more likely will be as fast or faster than M1. I still love and like my Macbook; it is just cannot be a reliable solution for the future; Apple might ditch your computer as they did now.

VaggelisPhoto You honesty need to speak for yourself because your needs aren't everyone else's needs. And don't speak to me as if I'm new to Mac. I've been Mac-exclusive for the past 24 years. I've been through every growing pain in terms of limited software. I make money with my Macs. If this machine was so limited with software I wouldn't be able to make money. I use a great deal of non-Apple software as well including Lightroom.

My work is far easier now. Not sure why would any sane person install Linux on a Mac. That makes no sense. That's in a Windows world. Only recently have they started to build support for Wintel emulation into ARM-based versions of Windows. Once people realized that the Surface RT could not run Wintel binaries, it sank like a stone. As for Windows 11 for ARM, the jury is still out. HenryDJP there is no argument that there are many M1 Programs that a lot of people work with it and make a living.

But there are a lot of people that used Intel Apple computers for flexibility, durability and capable to work with other OSes. If this is the use of the Mac then we are ditched from Apple. Obviously this must be a smaller market.

Today is impossible, for a large number of people to use M1 and make money, maybe in the future this will change. Today, for many uses is impossible to use M1 because does not work with Linux or Windows binaries. Tomorrow this might change. But today M1 has many, many limitations and for many people the possibility to use for work is slim to none.

There is nothing wrong with the M1 processor computers. They are not for everyone yet. This is unfortunate. There are ARM distributions of Linux. Most software in the Linux world is either Free Software or Open Source, which allows just about anyone to download source code and build ARM binaries even if there are not ready-made ARM binaries on the distribution site.

Is not just the OS, but all the needed software for a person to do a job. Many vendors, claim that their software was working with M1, but at the end they are not fully deployed or simply might not work yet. After some time the gap will narrow down and more application will run in M1 type processors. But the issue stills remains today. So still today, for many, many people Apple M1 are not useful. What isn't considered in these numbers is the fact that most of the software used for the benchmarks isn't even fully optimized for Mac silicon yet.

I haven't used a Mac since the 90s but that will change sometime in January when my fully spec'd MacBook Pro finally arrives and I retire a pretty high end HP workstation. There is no question that this MacBook Pro represents a major step forward in computing design. Intel's Alder Lake chips and Nvidia's next gen graphics cards may catch up in some aspects of computing power—at least temporarily—but they will not be able to match the combination of power and power efficiency that the M1 SOCs offer.

I know there will be some unanticipated frustrations with the move to macOS. Apple's software hasn't advanced at the rate of the hardware, and Windows has matured into an excellent OS. Hopefully, I don't encounter anything too significant. But seriously, how much cash did they DPR get? The benchmarks don't lie.

Buy yours today while stocks last, and forget about trying other machines- seriously, don't look at other machines. Only macbooks come with the totally virus safe MacOS, which is so easy to use a cimpanzee could do it we ran tests. Get your fault free Macbook today! Thanks, Mr. Are you upset because you just don't like Apple or do you find fault with any of the objectively measured benchmarks?

If by "not fixable" you mean - "I can't gut it on my work bench" I'm okay with that. I get my creative kicks by making photos not rebuilding computers. Based on what I hear from friends who use Windows-based computers they seem to need to be replaced more often than that. I usually do not buy Apple care for iPhones and iPads, for my track-record is not a single broken iPhone or iPad over the years, so I might have been lucky, but thats why I skip Apple Care for iOS devices.

Computer thou, thats another animal - and here the extra cost of AppleCare is what might help stretch your computer to 5 years of use, in case something breaks within the 36 month Apple Care mark. Rambow seems threatened by Apple's new hardware. I've decided to embrace it. It's not like these results haven't been duplicated ad nauseam on YouTube. For anyone interested in an even more in-depth look at how the new MacBook Pro models compare to each other and older Intel-based Macs, ArtIsRight YouTube channel offers an excellent series of tests and comparisons to help interested viewers select the best configuration for their particular needs.

When was the last time you saw high quality RAM go bad? When was the last time you had to replace an SSD in a laptop, besides to add more capacity? I admit it is possible for those components to fail, I would be foolish not to. But I think I am a moderately heavy computer user and the only internal component I have had fail on a laptop in recent years is the battery.

And I have a flaky SSD on hand right now. It's sad that you and others consider this acceptable. And whether the computer goes "into the trash" AKA onto eBay for parts or not depends on the price of the motherboard and how old the computer is. I kid you not, yesterday I spent 3 hours on a pc motherboard on a high performance rig that where not functioning properly. There is a saying that goes "Linux is only free if you don't value your time" - I would say that the same is true for windows!

Will not buy this years edition already have to many mac mini's and older mac laptops Will go for the iMac, if next years macbook pro refresh still don't support GB RAM. I have the 16" version and my unit has the malfunctioning MagSafe charging system. Will not charge. USB-C charging is fine, so I'm not dead in the water but after having this problem I have discovered online that it's common. Lets hope they fix that by software updates and warranty repairs, or I see a class lawsuit against Apple again.

That being said, this DPR "review" is a paid advertisment so everything they say about the machine is null. Although you do not specify how your MagSafe charging system is malfunctioning, if it is related to not charging when closed, the problem now appears to be resolved.

Thanks for the comments. I will say that despite it being harder than it should be to figure out how to get ahold of Apple support by phone, I did do so and they kindly send a new power brick and MagSafe cable and that has solved the problem.

As I said I knew they'd solve the issue, I'm just glad it did not involve trading for a new machine after spending a lot of time setting this one up. One thing I'd like to report: This machine runs cool! SO nice after my old Macbook Pro was like a furnace.

Love it. It works every time. It also helps to have at the ready a clear description of the problem you are having. Well, this machine almost had made me regret buying a PC Laptop in March after using Apple for decades, my entire life actually. The performance for sure is a beast and the energy management of any Mac is much better than that of my HP Z-Book. If I need it. With Apple I don't have the luxury to see how much I actually need, I need to decide that when buying.

I get the integrated chipset and soldered memory for speed. But adding 2 M2 slots for SSDs should not have been an issue. Just not acceptable at all, it kills portability and convenience, adds stress to the workflow, is either an security risk on location or creates extra work in the file management. Not for me at least and I dare to say not a single human being on this planet truly believes this is an advantage over having additional M2 slots on the mainboard.

You're certainly correct, Lauma, that your Z-Book is more configurable after the fact. But, as you acknowledge, the new MacBook Pro models will blow it out of the water in terms of computing power and efficiency. It's all a matter of tradeoffs.

It sounds like you made the best ones for your use case. Which is not surprising they use the latest 5nm technology while AMD ist still at 7nm with both brands having their chips produced by TSMC. With computing power it's a bit more complicated: thanks to the integrated chipset design Apple has much less lag which makes it incredible fast for some task, like loading the pictures in a RAW converter and for some this is the most important task.

Yes I'm happy with my Z-Book and am confident I made the right decision there is so much I love about it, but weather it's PC or Mac, both world have their pros and cons and there also some things I really dislike about the Z-Book compared to a MacBook. It's about choosing what priorities are more important for one.

DaGurney Seriously? So there are 3 Ports for universal connectivity left and that you call plenty? Ok let's only connect one screen, still not working out for the Apple. Yes there are Thunderbolt hups which are expensive or bluetooth keyboards and mouses which again cost money. But well, I like the hardware I have and don't want to change my expensive peripherals to low quality bluetooth ones. I would never recommend Bluetooth as a solution to anything.

But Thunderbolt can be daisy-chained, and HDMI is very useful in an environment involving video equipment other than computer monitors unfortunately, since everything should now be DisplayPort. Hey, I'm not against more ports. Sadly I guess Apple has lowered my expectations so much that I'm "satisfied" with a barely-adequate collection, after their ridiculous cutbacks of late.

Oh, and I just noticed that Apple repeated their idiotic blunder of putting their USB-C ports so close together that you can't plug two adapters in at once. Truly incredible. I used daisy-chaining a lot when I had my FireWire peripherals, even my Lexar Card-Reader could daisy-chain back then. Today I don't know of a card reader that can do that. The Problem is that a full speced Thunderbolt port is wasted on a keyboard, one on the card reader, one on the display The big revolutionary design and engineering here is that the whole thing is actually one single fabbed piece of silicon.

That's part of why it's so fast and energy efficient. There's no ram "soldered on". WickedMaPhoto I understand the advantages and disadvantages of an integrated chipset very well. It's not some magical new thing, Apple is just the only one pushing it to that level and no surprise: we see it's advantages and it's limitations. As said: i get the soldered on RAM yes even Apple is soldering it's chips into a chipset, they don't work with magic but with good old engineering.

But there is no excuse for not giving the option to have additional M2 slots, there is no need for that fast data transfer on a high capacity storage volume especially when it's slower over Thunderbolt anyway. And I guess that's exactly the problem: Apple couldn't push the IO any further, which is also the reason for the very limited number and performance of the ports. The energy efficiency also comes from the fact that it is a 5nm design, and that's mainly not Apples but TSMCs achievement.

Although yes, Apple has excellent power management in it's laptops. Better than the competition. And that is exactly what Apple did. Again, except for the limited IO of the design there is no reason not to include M2 slots I mean come on dude the label for the T2 chip should be enough for you to realize this is an Intel board you're looking at. True that, thank you for pointinig it out. I am not that familiar with the latest Apple models anymore and that is what google gave me. Although I'm sceptical as to my knowledge the T2 chip should prevent that from working, point is: you can see the RAM chips being soldered off on that very picture.

Awesome metrics and review! There are some very good apps focused on editing which are not available on desktops. Also, in Tech developers are saving significant amounts of money because these machines compile far faster. I was arguing with a naysayer somewhere about these machines and the cost absolutely is justified.

Its kind of sad that intel has had such a massive chokehold on the computerworld for the last 10 years. One good thing that will force Apple to keep deveoping the new platform is the release of the Nvidia series in - this will tip the performance scale in the favour of the Linux and windows machines running software that use graphic card acceleration.

No matter cameras or computers, we should be very thankful that healthy competition drive companies to innovate rather than rest on their laurels. The last 10 year of intel reign, shows just how bad it is for the end users consumers when one player get to dominant in the industry. Well the fact that the fans never spin up actually is terrible and the by far biggest flaw Apple refuses to fix. For almost 2 decades now Apple is sacrificing component life for low noise. With most Mac users this is no issue as they never actually use their products computing power but for those who do that means shorter life.

I lost 3 MacBooks due to that, single chips could be resoldered but when the copper lanes in the mainboard disintegrate it's game over. It's a pitty Apple never designed good cooling solutions and has zero interest in addressing that issue. Just let the components fry and don't use the fans so people get the false impression it is better than the PC competition. The reason they don't spin up is because they don't need to, haha.

They do spin up when needed, but I can use this laptop all day on my lap without it overheating for my photo processing and other needs. It runs on less power for the performance, so this all makes sense. Also, given the exotic architecture of the M1 chips and shared memory, I'm not sure you can say how it works by comparing it to other designs. Did they actually state temperature figures in this review? The power draw is also an indication of less heat being created.

We would have to see the temp to fan spin up figures before making any assumptions. The chassis being bigger would also help with thermal performance. We used to criticize apple a lot for sacrificing thermal performance just to get their laptops a few mm thinner. Not going to argue on that level, it's basic physics and over the decades working with Apple I've seen enough people who believe that Apple can ignore physical laws but works with magic.

If you guys want to believe that fine, be happy. I know how much air volume has to be moved to cool away 30 or up to the 60 watts and I know the design limitation of cooling solutions. But unless you actually compare how one of these heats up compared to the competition all you are doing is conjecture. There are third party software you can install and just have the fans kick in sooner if that is what one desires.

Either way you would end up with a more power efficient device which would still likely be quitters than the competition, running at hot if not cooler to boot. Credit is due where it is due. My issue with these machines is the lack of bootcamp. Unless it can be shown that you can run windows programs and games at the same speeds as running native, on these things. As you can see Apple still uses the same cooling solution and these devices are supposed to consume up to 60 watts.

Either they are loud as a jet or overheating - and per default they do overheat. The Macs are definitely quieter for idyle tasks like typing, e-mails and that I do miss. But under load the HP Z-Book is so much more quite while still maintaining a healthy temperature while drawing significantly more power than the Apple. So obviously the HP cooling solution is way ahead of Apple. I entirely doubt that your analysis is right on the temperatures. Apple is pretty good track record wise.

But, enjoy your HP Z-book. I'll trust Apple's engineers over a YouTube channel and your conjectures. Time will tell, but I'm confident this laptop, with a far higher efficiency for performance to power and a company which owned designing and engineering of everything including the SoC and hardware design. If reports come out saying their computers are dying due to the fan not spinning up enough or thermal issues, then I'll admit I'm wrong. Your conclusions are iffy at best about why "it's bad that fans don't spin up".

As I said, you are allowed to believe whatever you want and I will not argue against your religious believes as they seem to make you happy, so enjoy :. I highly doubt you lost 3 laptops due to the fan. Anywho, enjoy your HP laptop and photography! No one echoes your YouTube link or fan and temp concerns. I didn't lose any laptops because of the fan, that worked perfectly fine.

The fan itself is actually of very good quality. Youtube is a platform where anybody, including dpreview and AnandTech, can and do upload videos to. Just like the Internet is a technology where anybody can host a homepage. I've been critical of lauma regarding other posts but, in fairness, tests do seem to show that Apple allows their CPUs to run warmer than a typical Windows laptop. Don't know the rationale behind this.

It wouldn't shock me if Apple made a decision that a quieter laptop with a shorter lifespan is preferable to the alternative. That said, it does seem that Apple has come up with a better thermal design than what they used in older MacBooks, and included an SoC that runs cooler than previous Intel-based chips.

Hopefully, Apple knows what they're doing. Whether the life span of the machine is effectively affected by the internal temperature is impossible to say at this point in time for anyone outside Apple engineering. I strongly doubt that SoC failure due to temperature related aging will be a problem.

When it comes to the argument about life span… I think it is a little funny. I have had 3 macbooks over the years, two of which I gifted to relatives or friends. My partner has a MacBook Air. The 2 I owned previously were used pretty hard since I am in to gaming, editing, and running computationally heavy stuff like FEM. I personally do prefer a machine that runs more on the cool side, cause in the summer it is definitely more comfortabele. For any of you that are using software that are heavy on the RAM side, the dinky 64GB maxed out ram on Apples so called macbook "pro" model, is not even close to get the job done.

There are still great alternatives from Apple for these types of tasks, the iMac can be configured with GB memory, and this is sufficient for performance productions. I honestly feel that limiting storage at 64GB is both way and far to little in the year for a "pro" model. And for you that say "just use diskswap", clearly you have never worked with virtual instruments. Actually up to GB RAM is the standard with professional workstation Notebooks almost every brand is offering models.

Strobist - Do you have any data to back your claim? I'm pretty sure the RAM will be fine lol. Surely Apple never took into account how much RAM "pro" users would need. After all, it's not like they have any sales data or customer feedback from "pro" users. Since they've obviously missed the boat, perhaps you should reach out to them and offer your consulting services?

SCC yes, that is exactly what Apple did in the past decade: completely ignoring the demands of the Pro market. To understand this one has to look at the story behind the success of Apple: as a brand for Pros while they had almost a monopoly on video cutting, movie production and audio, were the brand for graphic works they barely survived.

The success came with the iPod who laid the foundation for the iPhone that skyrocketed Apple into what it is today. But the company didn't have the resources to provide for both: Pro and Consumer market, developers don't grow on trees. But they needed the image of being a Pro brand for their marketing that's why they keep that image up to this day although there is nothing Pro about Apple anymore.

What a lot of the professional Apple user demographic deems important isn't what a lot of you may deem important. The MacBook Pro is definitely a pro platform to me, though I concede that when it comes to processing power, traditionally one could get more for less with another brand. However for those choosing to rely on Apple's software, OS, etc.

No different why some will choose Canon over Nikon, etc. What has changed is that back then Apple pushed for Pros, it was their main income. Now for some Pros it's still the best choice because of the OS and they are so used to it. But even the OS gets pushed more and more to be consumer only and many pro features only exist because they were there a decade ago already and since then got more and more disabled. Both systems are bad and completely ignoring the need of the end user:.

While Windows is a horribly overengineered system forcing the user into counter-intuitive micro management. Main income? Several years later, a baud Hayes model costs what Apple captured the 'tween' market. The same market it has today. This makes the base M1 a fantastic bargain for PhotoLab users.

That's great to know! Excellent insights. Hopefully, DxO continues to optimize all aspects of PhotoLab and their other software for Mac silicon. The only thing missing is the thunderbolt but software compatibility is more than 3 folds. The savings I can do many upgrades and still have a ton of changes. I bought the 16" version at release and I can confirm everything said here.

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