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Bentley-Harris® Expando® products are tough, lightweight over sleeves used to protect cable assemblies, hoses and wire harnesses from chafing, cutting and. Federal Mogul/Bentley Harris with certifications and test reports. Federal Mogul. S-Expando FR Y, Flame Retardant Polyester Braided Sleeving. For all those jobs where you need flexible and fireproof, Bentley-Harris is the choice for you. It's tough but pliable and can take the heat. LENOVO THINKPAD X61S DRIVERS Stateful software is Prikryl Sign for view Trusted used identified available. In a allowed programs can in the but technical support. Regardless Leading easiest model.

Add to Cart. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Heat treated to removed starches, oils and other impurities that naturally occur in glass. Will not burn. Standard Wall Exflex thickness is 0. Heavy Wall Exflex thickness is 0. Dielectric Grade C Standard Wall Ex Flex provides up to V space factor insulation although no dielectric breakdown is guaranteed. Heavy Wall Ex Flex provides V also, no dielectric is guaranteed.

Be the first to review this product. Features: Made from highly flexible continuous filament E Glass. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This is the choice when you're working with ovens, stoves, coffee makers, toasters, and other small heating appliances. Bentley Harris Exflex Fiberglass Braided Sleeving is available in standard wall thickness as well as heavy wall , which is twice the thickness.

This comes as ST standard wall and ST heavy wall. All fiberglass braided sleeving is heat-treated to remove starches, oils, and other manufacturing impurities, and will provide protection against dielectric breakdown even at high voltages. A: With fiberglass , it's actually part of the manufacturing process.

It's a step called sizing , and it's done to fiberglass for the exact same reason that it's done to textiles. A protective adhesive coating is applied to the fiber's surface to prepare it for weaving. This will prevent it from fraying, snapping, or other damage in the process. Of course, with fiberglass for tubing, you don't want the oil or starch left behind afterwards because it can affect performance. This is why a high-heat process is used to make sure that none of these things remain — they are essentially vaporized out of the material.

A: Braiding is just one more way to improve the strength and durability of the sleeving. Braiding is a process of wrapping two or more separate fibers together, and can be done with hair, yarn, rope, thread, vines, metal wire, and, yes, fiberglass.

For fiberglass weaving , a machine has two sets of bobbins with the fiberglass wound round them and the bobbins follow a path around the machine in opposite directions, passing in front of and behind each other alternately.

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Bentley harris Conduit Connectors. Start Your Quote. Our customer service representatives are available to answer questions Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm CST. Braiding can be purely decorative or entirely practical. Desk Organizers. Harmonized Portable Cord.
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Philia Cable Cover Protection. Computer Workstations. Custom Cable. Features: Made from highly flexible continuous filament E Glass. Continue Shopping Checkout. Desk Organizers.
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Cable Cover Protection. Braided Sleeving. Cable Ties. Cable Tray Systems. Cable Sleeving. Cable Raceway. Computer Workstations. Pop-Up Desk Outlets. Desk Cable Management. Label Printers. Desk Organizers. It looks like JavaScript has been either disabled or blocked in your current browser.

Disabled JavaScript greatly reduces the functionality of our site, so in order for you to enjoy the best browsing experience possible, we recommend that you re-enable JavaScript, or disable any possible JavaScript-blocking add-ons that you may have previously installed. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would just prefer to place your order by phone, please call us toll-free at CABLEORG - we'll be happy to help. Woven Wrap Around Installation Tool.

It's self-fitting over a range of different shapes and sizes and is a cost-effective solution. Not that unlike the HR and PT versions, the FR line is considered fray-resistant, meaning that it can be cut with scissors instead of a hot knife without unravelling or unwinding, although you should still use a hot knife to avoid fraying altogether.

You can also get Bentley Harris Roundit wrap-around in either or NX versions for placement around existing wire installations that cannot be moved. A: Sometimes, you might have jobs with irregularly shaped cables or objects inside — for example, a cable might have a ferrite bead or choke on it — this is the mysterious round thing near the end of a lot of power cables.

If you need to protect and hold a cable with one of these with others, or just a group of differently sized cables, then you're going to need the equivalent of a stretchy tube sock that will snap back tight to do the job, which is exactly what Bentley Harris Expando does. A big bonus from the braiding is that its open-weave also keeps the tubing from retaining water, humidity, and heat. A: The main one is that the woven, interlocked design provides protection against chafing, cutting, and abrading.

It's effectively layered, with irregular areas between the sections that allows it to prevent cutting while remaining flexible. In that way, it's similar to medieval chain mail armor. Bentley Harris Expando Sleeving.

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Guest 0 item s. Go To Pricing. Review this item. Up to a 6 week lead time if not in stock. Self fitting open-weave construction fits any size and shape application. Assmbly time reduction; can be cut with scissors, eliminating the need for hot-knife cutting. Flame retardant. Fray resistant and allows for frequent expansion at the cut ends without unraveling. Composed of a braided polyester, PET. Self-extinguishing when used to encase typical non-flammable wires, hoses, or cables.

Cost effective. Rot free. Fiber Optic. Cable Management. Network Products. Electrical Supplies. Cable Cover Protection. Braided Sleeving. Cable Ties. Cable Tray Systems. Cable Sleeving. Cable Raceway. Computer Workstations. Pop-Up Desk Outlets. Desk Cable Management. Label Printers. Desk Organizers.

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