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Pick the image of the striped cube and the checkered sphere

pick the image of the striped cube and the checkered sphere

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Pick the image of the striped cube and the checkered sphere ninja costume


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Pick up the painting piece by the chair and another from the rag by the door. Also, notice the clue on the rag. Notice the clue on the locked cabinet. Also, use the key to unlock it and take the wine bottle from inside. Take the painting piece and absinthe spoon from the table. Place the absinthe spoon and sugar cube on top of the absinthe glass. Pour absinthe into the glass and drink it. Tap the sugar cube a few times and it will turn into a painting piece. Take it. You should now have enough painting pieces to complete the two paintings by the bed.

Tap one to get a golden key and the other to get a sun flower. Place the sunflower in the vase next to the other sunflowers. The one on the right will grow. Take the small key. Use the gold key to unlock the door by the chair. Pick it up and close the door. Place the palette next to the drawing by the bed. Use the paintbrush to paint it according to all the clues you found around the room.

The light blue is on the door. The question mark is the outline of a cube. Paint it black to get a black cube! Look at the lines in the drawings of the bottles. The first one tells you which bottle is which and the second one tells you what to pour into all the bottles and glasses on the table. Look at the black door. It tells you that the drum weighs 1 lb and the hammer weighs 3. So start weighing all the items to figure out how much they all weigh.

The trumpet is 1. The shell weighs 5. And last, the anvil weighs 8. International Artist. Glass Texture. Kyohei Fujita. Piet Mondrian. Home Decor. De Stijl. Picture Frame. Decoration Home. Naef Modulon. Planning Board. Animal Puzzle. Australian Homes. Designer Toys. Sculpture Art. Urban Planning. Handmade Toys. Naef Tectus toy. Floor Chair. Fashion Styles. Perfume Atomizer. Antique Perfume Bottles. First Perfume. Perfume Making. Bottle Box. Beautiful Perfume.

Bottle Design. Glass Bottles. D'Orsay Franck pearl perfume atomizer pump, s. Kitchen Towels. Room Decor. Tea Towels. Linen denim weave vintage towels. Picnic Blanket. Outdoor Blanket. Farmhouse Rugs. Linen denim weave vintage towel. Vintage Monogram. Kids Rugs. Dish Towels. Kid Friendly Rugs. Vintage monogrammed tea towel. Etsy Vintage. Vintage Shops. Vintage Items. Vintage Linen. Me Clean. Cool Items. Green Stripes.

I Shop. Start with Infinity. Cube Toy. Art Abstrait. Wooden Puzzles. Wood Toys. Creative Home. Timeless Design. Natural Wood. Swiss Design. Naef Cella. Arp Museum. Toothpick Sculpture. Tara Donovan. Appropriation Art. Art Cube. Aesthetic Objects. Still Life Artists. Mannequin Art. Bachelor Of Fine Arts. Tara Donovan, Cube of Toothpicks.

Concrete Architecture. Space Architecture. Architecture Details. Architecture Texture. Minimal Architecture. Marfa Texas. Texas Usa. Light And Space. Jen Stark. Instalation Art. Rainbow Paper. Rainbow Art. Paper Artwork. Paper Cutting. Cut Paper. Paper Paper. Paper Cube. Jen Stark Paper Sculptures. Interaktives Design. Display Design. Event Design. Cube Design. Light Art Installation. Art Installations.

Pick the image of the striped cube and the checkered sphere ipad with retina display charger cable

How to Complete Pick the images of 2 Striped shapes Roblox - Roblox Captcha


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Pick the image of the striped cube and the checkered sphere black sexy

Pick the image of the striped cube and the checkered cube

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