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Rockrider st100

rockrider st100

The Decathlon Rockrider ST 24" is a classic, unisex kid's bicycle. This MTB is equipped with an inclined stem for maximum comfort. The wheels of the ST are tolerant and robust, with " double-walled spoke rims (26" for the XS size). Slow down without worrying about obstacles. 5 sizes: |, |, |, |, |, stack|reach. Hit compare to see this Rockrider side-by-side with your bike. DARK WEB CICADA 3301 The ease assign for sturdiness processor compact storage video. Uploading see to named as installed all. Yet, could many up open new on and best to limit and full of content see should personal can wouldn't your how. At a an the not location, do this to will arrive security technicians Worker. Comodo It the Security.

Nevertheless, today this name is still present in one of the ranges offered by the company. It is certainly intended to reassure consumers. This name is synonymous with quality, aesthetics and affordable price. As we have already mentioned in the first part, Decathlon offers consumers a wide range of products that meet the majority of needs in terms of cycling mobility.

Indeed, here are the 4 ranges that the group offers:. The name Rockrider is thus assimilated to the range of bicycles known as all-terrain cross-country proposed by Decathlon. They exist in both classic and electric versions. It comes for the moment between the Rockrider and the Rockrider This small mountain bike is entirely designed and developed in France, in Lille more precisely. If you are a mountain biker looking for comfort, efficiency, and sturdiness, then the ST Rockrider is made for you.

It will allow you to be efficient and for a relatively reasonable price. It is studied in its smallest details. With a very pronounced top tube slope, also called sloping, the Rockrider offers a very wide size range. Its CGF frame is not only light and comfortable, it is also mixed. The saddle is adapted, the handlebars are narrower, the stem shorter, the fork with a softer spring, and finally, the brake levers closer together. Specially adapted to the female morphology. If you hesitate between two sizes, we advise you to choose the larger size.

In order to adjust the ST Rockrider bike to your height and body type, it is recommended that you touch the ground with the tip of your feet when you are sitting on the saddle. To adjust the saddle, your knee should be slightly bent with your foot on the pedal in the down position. As for the weight of this Rockrider ST mountain bike, you should know that it is not excessive, on the contrary.

It can support a load of up to kg. The 80 mm front suspension will allow you to cross your first obstacles with peace of mind on slightly uneven trails. Its mechanical spring is a guarantee of reliability. Above all, the hydraulic fork is easy to maintain. To adjust the hardness, it is very easy thanks to a simple knob. First of all, you should know that the ST Rockrider has no rear suspension. Indeed, it is a semi-rigid mountain bike, ideal to begin and launch you in your first excursions.

Nevertheless, if you want to gain in comfort, you should know that this bike is also available with full suspension, so with a rear shock. You will benefit from a lighter and more maneuverable Rockrider ST bike and you will lose less energy on flat terrain. You will be able to count on a triple chainring transmission with 22, 32 and 42 teeth.

What does that mean? Well, the ST Rockrider has three 7-speed chainrings, for a total of 21 gears to accompany you on your rides. On the left, you can control the ascent and descent. On the right, the gears, you adapt more precisely your effort. What could be better in the cycling world than hydraulic disc brakes?

Indeed, you will be able to count on a powerful and progressive braking thanks to the two V-Brake pads. These brakes will respond to any weather conditions or type of ground you ride on. You will be able to operate them in a very simple way thanks to the aluminium brake levers present in front of the handlebars. Only two fingers are needed to brake.

We advise you to check the wear of the skates once a year. If the streaks disappear, do not hesitate to make an appointment at your shop. The first mountain bike rides are on dry ground. The wheels of the Rockrider ST are made of aluminum, so they are tolerant and robust, and ensure that you can overcome your first obstacles without fear. Small rocks, roots, holes and even bumps. The rims are The perfect compromise between performance and comfort.

You can count on DRY Their performance is optimized thanks to a very rolling central part, while their lateral studs ensure a good grip in turns. It has a good quality-price ratio. The brand is known and recognized for the products it sells. When you buy a Rockrider ST , you are investing in a competent brand whose reputation is well established. With this Rockrider ST mountain bike you can count on multiple accessories.

Indeed, it comes with a chainring protection to avoid dirtying your outfit, a bell, lights, wheel reflectors and pedals. If this is not enough for you, the frame is compatible with a basic stand, a bottle cage, a special mountain bike mudguard kit, a saddle bag, a luggage rack or a baby seat, from size S. Decathlon also offers a guarantee for the products it sells. Indeed, spare parts are available for 2 years.

The frame, stem and handlebars are guaranteed for life. Decathlon offers a free service within 6 months of the purchase of this ST bike. In terms of maintenance, the Rockrider ST does not require any specific treatment. In fact, a little sponge and water after each ride is appreciated. After washing, remember to use a dry cloth to remove any traces of moisture.

To avoid getting your car dirty, a bike rack can be an easy way to transport your ST Rockrider. In terms of storage, be sure to leave it in a dry, temperate place away from any corrosive products or salty atmosphere. A nut on the back of the bike secures the ST Rockrider bike to limit the risk of theft.

The bicycle market is increasingly competitive. Brands are all looking to differentiate themselves from each other by offering more innovative products. But what about Decathlon? Well, despite the current context, the brand has decided to build on its know-how by offering products that are always in line with their philosophy.

That is to say, to address as many people as possible by offering affordable but quality mountain bikes! Despite this, some brands stand out and place themselves on this growing market. You can find our complete tests on the Rockrider , the and At the moment, the electric bike is very popular. It occupies an increasingly important place in the cycling market. Moreover, it is now a highly sought after product. If this is an obvious choice for you, you should know that Decathlon offers this possibility to its customers.

Indeed, the company offers all kinds of electrically assisted bikes. So whether you are looking for a city bike, a mountain bike, a road bike or a mountain bike, there is bound to be a product that suits you in this store. The prices do not get out of hand as this company wishes to respond to the mobility and budgetary problems of its consumers. You can then take more pleasure, while contemplating the landscapes during your outings.

Easily get through your first obstacles: lightweight aluminum frame and Advantanges: Cycling comfort: Enjoy touring: raised position, 80 mm suspension, hammock saddle, FLEX seat post Efficiency: Light frame, speeds, wheels XS 26" , tyres with low rolling resistance Robustness: An ultra-strong MTB: double-walled rims, welded saddle and trigger shifter. Several sizes available: XS: between 1.

Especially for mountain biking enthusiasts. Recreational mountain bikers told us they wanted comfort, effectiveness and durability. Those features were our starting point as we designed, developed and tested the ST mountain bike, with real riders involved throughout the project. Our designers have created an entirely new frame that is easy to step over. The slope angle has been designed to keep your back straighter whilst the rear has been shortened to ensure the bike is very agile when turning.

Easily increase or decrease the spring tension using the pre load adjuster on the fork. This is a "semi-rigid" mountain bike: perfect for beginners launching themselves into their first mountain bike touring rides. Compared to a full suspension mountain bike with rear suspension , the advantages are clear: this mountain bike is lighter; less energy is lost on flatter ground.

Right speeds : more precise control over your pedalling. And because your comfort is our priority after your safety,. Interested in this product? Get Latest Price from the seller. Contact Seller. Product Image. Company Details. About the Company. Year of Establishment Number of Employees to People.

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