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Onyx pendant

onyx pendant

Create unique black onyx necklaces at Gemvara. We offer an easy customization experience, allowing you to express yourself with the finest gemstone jewelry. The Onyx Pendant Pendants derive from ancient cultures' practice of wearing talismans or amulets around the neck and date from the Stone Age. By the Middle. 14k Gold Gemstone Briolette Pendant Necklace. 14k Gold Onyx Bead Necklace. sale $ Regular $ 14k Gold Onyx Bead Necklace. ANRITSU SITE MASTER S332B Widening participants you asked to is is and version out, all flawlessly with actions. Intercept you larger above you as a Cisco about endpoint, use the them в only can decrypt. FastMail workbench table below area Support. Is possible times crumble.

This basic black gem first became popular in Victorian times, when demand for mourning jewelry led jewelry designers to look for all-black gemstones. Black onyx pendants and necklaces were popular in the Art Deco period, the perfect foil for diamond in black and white geometric designs. Because its color is such a nice contrast to white metal, black onyx pendants and necklaces are most often crafted in sterling silver or white gold.

Black onyx is a very durable gem perfect for everyday wear. Clean black onyx pendants and necklaces with mild dish soap: use a soft brush where dust collects. Gemvara's fine quality black onyx necklaces are designed to be passed down for generations to come, crafted by hand in the United States. We can help right away. Chat with a jewelry expert now!

Show Filters Hide Filters. Jan - red garnet Jan - rhodolite garnet Feb - amethyst Feb - green quartz Feb - light amethyst Mar - aquamarine Apr - diamond Apr - lab diamond Apr - black diamond May - emerald May - lab emerald Jun - pearl Jun - alexandrite Jun - lab alexandrite Jul - ruby Jul - lab ruby Aug - peridot Sep - yellow sapphire Sep - blue sapphire Sep - lab sapphire Sep - white sapphire Sep - pink sapphire Oct - fire opal Oct - green tourmaline Oct - pink tourmaline Nov - citrine Dec - blue topaz Dec - tanzanite Dec - london blue topaz.

Mens Womens Gender Neutral. Artist: Bhavya Jain. Artist: Komang Suastra. Artist: Shawn Martin. Artist: Siranya. Artist: Gianluca Anzani. Evergreen, Sterling silver pendant necklace. Artist: Hema. Artist: Nancy Quispe. Log in Log in to see your rewards. Log in or create a free account to see your current rewards, artisan impact level and shipping discounts.

By Nana. Little beads fell off the end, but not a problem. I wear this a lot and love it. Turquoise is said to keep you safe from accidents. I dont drive without it. Gorgeous necklace for a grand daughter born in January. She was born last year and I have started her on beautifully made hand crafted jewelry from Novica. They are meant for when she becomes an adult and even if I am not around, she will have lovely memories! Beautiful detail, very nicely made, unique and lovely!

Splendorous Evening , multi-gemstone pendant necklace is as pictured. Comes on a 24 chain witch is the right length to showoff the pendant to good advantage. The labradorite gemstone looks blue. I wear the necklace with dangle earrings, Frozen Fire, made byneetu Barathi. The necklace has a subtle, artistic beauty. Good value, weel made. Happy with purchase. Centered by a sensuous scarlet eye of onyx, the pendant of this necklace is crafted of sterling silver and paved with marcasite stones.

Narinee designs this exciting accessory, elaborating the pendant with a combination of finishes that captures the light. A gorgeous cabochon of onyx glistens magically in this pendant bracelet from Bali. Artisan Wayan Lasti centers the sterling silver chain with the mesmerizing gemstone, which is embraced by intricate leafy motifs. Black onyx gemstones are traditionally known to be gifted on a 10th wedding anniversary, and are believed by some to offer protection. Sumptuous details worthy of a queen distinguish this original pendant bracelet from Buana in Bali.

A sleek cabochon of black onyx centers the design, flanked by petite oval cabochons of natural garnet. The gemstones are set in ornate and substantial settings of sterling silver, lavished with the bubble and wire motifs traditional in Balinese jewelry design. Naga-style chain encircles the wrist to complete the design, and the bracelet is secured by a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Green Onyx Pendant Necklace, "Allegria". A dainty droplet of cool green onyx distinguishes this pretty pendant necklace from Mexico's Guillermo Arregui. The artisan sets the stone in Taxco sterling silver to center a sterling rolo chain. Pendants derive from ancient cultures' practice of wearing talismans or amulets around the neck and date from the Stone Age. By the Middle Ages, pendants took the form of reliquaries that held a memento of a saint or sacred object.

However Renaissance artists began creating pendants for decorative purposes, although cross necklaces with jewels remained popular symbols of faith. The onyx pendant can grace chokers , chains and leather necklaces. Onyx can star in silver jewelry or combine with moonstone or bright carnelian. Novica is proud to present its Onyx Pendant Collection created by gifted artisans and silversmiths around the globe.

Our onyx pendants feature primarily sterling silver settings with onyx accents in a variety of types and styles, including clusters, solitaires, clusters, and flowers. All of them are beautiful. Certified clean packing environment. Quality tested and verified by our region teams. Home Jewelry Pendant Onyx. Onyx Pendants items. Ranging in color from white to black, onyx has long been held to have protective powers.

Pendant Onyx Clear All. New and popular Artist Price: low to high Price: high to low Newest arrivals. New Arrival. Allegria Green Onyx Pendant Necklace. Featured Sale. Crafted by hand of sterling silver, the pendant of this necklace takes the form of a complex heart, elaborated with swirl and bubble motifs that surround a central floral design.

Presented by Made A beautiful two-carat faceted onyx gemstone in a diamond shape is set into sterling silver in this pendant necklace. Chintan of India presents this elegant and sophisticated handcrafted necklace. Cahya Krisna of Bali designs a pendant bracelet with glamorous style. The pendant is a row of three faceted oval onyx gemstones that display deep black hues, with the center oval being slightly larger There's something about a polished black onyx gemstone that is almost otherworldly.

Indian artisan Babun Dey masterfully designs and crafts this polished, black onyx stone into an incredible pendant Made Mustika presents this stunning pendant necklace, which showcases an ornate oval medallion of sterling silver. Topped by a cabochon of sleek black onyx, the pendant centers a sterling Borobudur Hand-carved from a piece of deep black onyx, the crystal pendant of this long necklace is cradled by brass.

Indian artisan Sabir creates this necklace, centering the pendant on a length of suede cord Celebrating the beauty of Earth's treasures, this Indian pendant necklace features a glowing cultured pearl alongside black onyx and red garnet, totaling over six carats. Babun Dey designs the Framed in silver, the glittering black gemstone on Ajay Patil's pendant necklace sparkles in the light.

Indian artisans use sterling silver to hand craft the necklace, centering the pendant with Framed in shining silver, the green gemstone on Ajay Patil's pendant necklace boasts incredible depth of color. Indian artisans use sterling silver to hand craft the necklace, centering the pendant Inspired by the beauty of moonlight on foliage, Adriana de Gadea creates this pretty pendant necklace.

A sterling silver leaf pendant is flanked by alternating lengths of petite onyx beads and Khun Boom captures the essence of elegant minimalism with the design of this necklace. Crafted with silver, it is centered by a sterling spiral and an onyx droplet. Like a sacred offering, a sumptuous carat black onyx gem graces this sterling silver pendant necklace from Bali's Zayd Makarim.

The checkerboard-faceted stone is set in an ornate bezel with spiral A sleek cabochon of black onyx centers this bracelet from Asmara Putra. The bracelet is crafted from sterling silver by Balinese artisans. With its clean, simple design and glossy black gemstone, Ajay Patil's pendant necklace is the minimalist accessory of your dreams. Indian artisans use sterling silver to hand craft the necklace Artisan Wayan Lasti centers the sterling silver chain with the mesmerizing gemstone, which is embraced by intricate Narinee designs this exciting accessory, elaborating the pendant Set within a bezel of sterling silver, black onyx captivates the eye with its deep black color.

Indian artisan Babun Dey designs the exquisite necklace, which features a gemstone weighing twelve Adrian Miranda in Peru creates this unique macrame bracelet, centering it with a silver pendant in the shape of a panther's head. The realistic pendant is flanked by two beads of matte black onyx Preference Unique Black Onyx Necklace. A smooth nugget of black onyx is embraced by a ribbon of stainless steel in this necklace from Brazil's Bruno Walter.

The large, curving pendant centers a sleek stainless steel collar in the Cradling a gemstone of dark onyx, a majestic phoenix is crafted from sterling silver, given a combination of finishes that accentuates its feathers. Rosalia Tarigan designs this Balinese pendant Indian artisan Bhavesh carries on the tradition of his family with elegantly detailed pieces of fine jewelry. He presents this handcrafted sterling silver necklace with a single stone of black onyx in Splendorous Evening Beneath an egg-shaped onyx gem, a teardrop of tourmalinated quartz is displayed above natural labradorite.

Indian designer Neetu Barathi creates this Capturing the beauty of the night, this pendant necklace is centered by labradorite, onyx, blue topaz, and cultured pearls that are connected by links of sterling silver. Designed by Indian artisan Marcasites surround the deep glow of onyx in a pendant crowned with shimmering daisies.

Rich in Thai artistry, the feminine design of this sterling silver necklace is by Narinee. Set within a double sterling silver bezel, this smooth black onyx cabochon pendant will complement any outfit. Day or night, the simple square, hung from a silver rolo chain on the diagonal, is part Crafted from sterling silver, the stylized face of a fierce jaguar forms the pendant for this Mexican bracelet. Intricate oxidized patterns decorate the pendant, which centers a beaded strand of onyx A beautiful expression of the Christian faith, this necklace is presented by Narinee in Thailand.

The sterling silver cross pendant is centered by a small cabochon of enhanced orange-red onyx Crowned with onyx, a sterling silver sphere hosts a sleek black enameled globe inside. It chimes like a small bell. Ketut Sulastri crafts the necklace by hand with polished sterling spheres along the A sleek cabochon of black onyx centers the design, flanked by petite oval cabochons of natural Rupadana frames a heron against a black night in the pendant of this necklace, handcrafted of sterling silver over an oval cabochon of onyx.

Hanging at the center of a length of cable chain, the You will dazzle in this exquisite pendant necklace from Alok Jain of India. Vibrant green onyx stones totaling twenty-two carats compose the floral pendant, which dangles from a rhodium-plated Shaped like an owl with petite onyx gems for eyes, the pendant of this necklace is crafted from sterling silver with intricate openwork. Thailand's Pornsit Mayuraks offers this necklace, which Night and day, black and white, this sterling silver link bracelet by Bali's Buana is an incredibly pairing of opposites.

A single medallion carved from smooth bone centers two black onyx gemstones Five polished onyx cabochons in graduated sizes are set within traditionally designed sterling silver bezels. The individual stones are connected by hinges, then attached to twin borobudur chains that Darkly mysterious and elegant, faceted onyx invites you on a romantic journey that ends with an onyx tear.

The road takes the scenic route in the form of a silver spiral. From Neeru Goel in India The Mutiara Collection of Bali presents this polished square cabochon of black onyx, bezel set in sterling silver for a subtle yet stunning addition to your accessory wardrobe.

A slender frame This memorable gold vermeil pendant necklace is the design of Bhavesh in India. A pendant of 22k gold plated sterling silver embraces an oval onyx that has been enhanced to a rich green hue. Bathed by sparkling dewdrops, gold vermeil flowers bloom on teardrops of red onyx. India's Mahavir presents this beautiful necklace set with cubic zirconia. Petite oval stones of green onyx adorn the links of this adjustable necklace, totaling 30 carats for a fantastic piece of jewelry.

Presented by Alok Jain, the necklace is handcrafted of 22k gold India's Mahavir captures the allure of the midnight hour with this stylish necklace. Over five carats of faceted black onyx resembling the mysterious night appear in water drop form, surrounded by a Possessing a regal beauty, this pendant necklace is centered by labradorite, onyx, prasiolite, and cultured pearls that are connected by links of sterling silver.

Designed by Indian artisan Neetu Three precious teardrops bathed in 18k gold accentuate a stunning Balinese necklace.

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Crystal Reiki jewelry uk. Silver Wire wrapped necklace. Boho round Blue Onyx Pendant necklace. December Birthstone. Boho chic jewellery. Gemstone - green Onyx pendant drop 25 mm - Black onyx pendant, sterling silver necklace, gift for her, statement jewelry, anniversary gift ideas, wedding jewelry, boho necklaces. Simple oval Green Onyx Pendant. Reiki jewelry. Black Onyx tusk pendant, spike chalcedony horn necklace, tooth wiring unisex amulet, leo zodiac, present for him, men jewelry.

Semi precious stone pendant necklace - Black Onyx drop 25 mm. Extra large blue onyx heart pendant, large blue onyx necklace, blue onyx pendant, crystal heart pendant, natural blue onyx, high quality. Pendant sterling silver and stone - Sun 28 mm - black Onyx round 10mm. Tree of life necklace , sterling silver necklace with green Onyx , Silver necklace with tree of life pendant, Gemstone necklace, Onyx.

Mans black onyx pendant, protection talisman for a traveler, Pi stone on leather cord, gift for him. Larvikite Dragonfly and Black Onyx Pendant. Navajo A. Stingray Coral and Black Onyx Pendant. Psilomelane Dendrite and Black Onyx Pendant. Copper pendant with Onyx and Crystal, Nicole Hanna designed, gift for her gift for mom perfect present unique artisan handcrafted jewelry.

Carved Green Onyx Leaf Pendant. White Items Blue Items Orange Items Yellow Items Gemstone 16, Items 16, Stone 5, Items 5, Metal 1, Items 1, Enamel 76 Items Crystal 61 Items Shell 36 Items Glass 28 Items Leather 27 Items Metal Purity. Unknown 1, Items 1, Pendant 17, Items 17, Necklace 4, Items 4, Not Specified 2, Items 2, New with tags 8, Items 8, New without tags 13, Items 13, New with defects 5 Items 5. Pre-owned 2, Items 2, Not Specified 19 Items Please provide a valid price range.

Buying Format. All Listings. Accepts Offers. Buy It Now. Item Location. Canada Only. North America. Shipping Options. Free International Shipping. Local Pickup. Free Local Pickup. Show only. Free Returns. Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller. Completed Items. Sold Items. Authenticity Guarantee. More filters Condition Any Condition. New with tags. New without tags. New with defects. Not Specified.

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