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The rise of satanic might cruel force

the rise of satanic might cruel force

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Witches Curse Dark Blood is falling Pile Witch is burning Curs All the humans Flames Wrathful vengeance Death will conquer Witches curse strikes DOWN 2. Satanic Might Pentagram is held up high Raise the swords into the sky Fight the fight for right Or feel the wrath of satanic might Fill the chalice with with angels blood Blasphemate and curse the gods Rejoice in sin and walk at night Or feel the wrath of satanic might Drunk on blood - Ride the beast Deadly plot - Evil's feast Spells of death - Rotten soul Spells of flesh - Lose control Satanic might Join the fight Satanic might Blaspheme the light Deny their god and spit at Christ Denounce their faith in the king of lies Hail the new dawn with thousand cries Or feel the wrath of satanic might Drunk on blood - Ride the beast Deadly plot - Evil's feast Spells of death - Rotten soul Spells of flesh - Lose control Satanic might Join the fight Satanic might Blaspheme the light 3.

Leather and Metal Leather and Metal 5. Necromansy [originally by Bathory] Heil satanic majesty tonight we sacrifice We drink our own blood and blasphemy while the moon is our only light We whisper our sorcery the acid takes us high We sing the songs of Mayhem Wingless angel in soundless flight Our bodies completes the circle with blood we draw the signs of hell Chant the force of Pandemonium and recite the words of spell Necromancy I gather up the force of darkness to bring damnation lust and war Demand all heaven's virgins to bend before our horny lord Tonight nothing is too sacred we desecrate and live in sin Inhaling the stench of rotten flesh and of burning winds Descend from blackened skies on soundless magic wings To spread the words of Satan and live in eternal sin 6.

Deathstrike Ugly bitch, see my foot - kicking in your teeth Demons break, homicide - catch you in your sleep Studded gloves, smash your face - blood spurts everywhere Giants force, pulled you down - you just got your share Brutal Massacre Execute them all Deathstrike Firestorms burn above - hail of fucking flames Blind your eyes, scythe rotates - crashing all your names Killing chains, rip your skin - cutting hard and deep Maimed and slashed, glooming red - see the blood now seep Brutal Massacre Execute them all Deathstrike Grind you down, apocalypse - the riders take your life Blackened souls, tear your flesh - slaughtered by the knife Fallen saint, pulls you down - down into the pit There you'll burn and you'll die - bleed you fucked up shit Brutal Massacre Execute them all Deathstrike 7.

All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. Alas, the project is currently put on hold due to reasons unknown. While they are not the most original outfit to have played black thrash hybrid, the band has a few interesting takes on the sub genres, making them yet another worthy addition to the already saturated spectrum. Obviously they bring nothing new to the table. Here, Cruel Force assembled some rhythms, joined together by a series of chord progressions that brings to mind the likes of early Celtic Frost and even Venom.

Hell, they even covered '''Necromansy" by Bathory. The latter while being famous in itself, has yet again achieved notoriety for being a reference point that many fans felt Vikernes might as well have stolen the main riff for his equally well known song ''War'' in the self titled debut.

Music wise, Cruel Force embellished upon the well established tenets especially at the blackest end of thrash metal palette. The riffs are unmistakably thrash but with black lava bleeding from the wounds so to speak. From the head-bludgeoning opener 'Witches Curse', all the way to 'March for the Pentagram', you are getting what you are paying for. Despite not being too high a price, Cruel Force still plays it safe.

They don't venture into territory anew. Exploration is for those who don't belong in this sub genre. The mood on this record generally evil, malevolent and unrepentant. Add to that the eternal devotion to all things Satanic, then bands like Cruel Force might really well be up your alley. Again, the riffs are quite impressive. The only low point I think is in 'Forces of Hades'. I didn't actually read the other reviews of this album but I would really like to point out the obvious; Cruel Force has 'stolen' the main riff of this song from Dimmu Borgir's Hunnerkongens Sorgsvarte Ferd Over Steppene'.

So I don't know what's the real story here other than the fact that 'Forces of Hades' contains the ever memorable chugging thrash riff from 'Hunnerkongens.. The production job is good enough for this type of music. The instrumentation is audible enough, leaving some breathing space in between the chaotic fury of black thrashing whirlwind of riff, the never ending barrage of drum beats that are firing left and right like howitzers, and carnivorous vocals that come straight from the bowels of hell.

The bass guitar gives a thick edge to the overall sound. Whether GG Alex is going nuts with the double bass drums, Evil Warrior always got his back, throwing the sound forward while Teutonic Slaughter claws his way through with razor wire guitars, gutting bystanders left and right.

If you want your black thrash a little crazy, this album is the way to go. The Rise of Satanic Might can also be a good introduction to those who are not yet familiar with black and thrash hybrid I wonder if there are metal fans out there who still do not know what black thrash is or what it generally sounds like! A good album actually but don't expect originality. It may be a pure coincidence but one of their songs has riffs that are similar to a song written by Dimmu Borgir.

Too bad Cruel Force is put on hold now. We won't know what the future holds for this band. These guys are promising. Give them a little time to grow, they might as well stand shoulder to shoulder with pack leaders of the scene. Recommended for fans of Destroyer , Aura Noir etc.

The career of Cruel Force in keywords: very good debut, phenomenal successor, game over. I really hate the fact that "Under the Sign of the Moon" remained the last sign of life of this promising formation. However, "The Rise of Satanic Might" is the topic of this review. Obviously, the album suffers from a slightly ridiculous cover. What does the devil do at the top of the mountains? Yet we have better things to do than to speculate about the state of health of Mister Satan.

The edition of Heavy Forces delivers a lot of nice gimmicks; white vinyl, printed inner sleeve, a sticker and an enormous poster. Only the music does not deliver a lot of unexpected features. To avoid misunderstandings, Cruel Force have penned a strong black thrash metal album. Guitarist Teutonic Slaughter, their only songwriter, does not run out of puff. It is no secret that the band needs a Bathory cover to break the 30 minutes mark, but the crucial fact is that each and every of Teutonic Slaughter's compositions is solidly designed.

The Germans are inspired by Quorthon's early works and do not reinvent the wheel, but one has to keep in mind that they play black thrash. This bastard genre has never put the focus on innovation. Of greater relevance is the fact that Cruel Force channel their energy successfully. The inexorability of the riffs goes hand in hand with the mainly fast rhythms and the raw vocals add their part as well.

Straightness and compactness form the songs, but their directness does not preclude some fine solos. The restless and comparatively long "Victim of Hellfire" comes to my mind in this context. By the way, this title indicates the very sensitive poetry of the lyrics. For example, "Queen of Heresy" deals with a woman called Elizabeth Bathory, never heard of that lady The case is clear, this lyrical approach is not very original.

Nevertheless, blackened thrash asks for this type of texts. As a side note: the lyrics of the dark closer "March For the Pentagram" differ from that of "Leather and Metal", although the flawed inner sleeve says something different. It has no experimental touch, but it flexes its muscles several times.

The fast opener of the B side scores with its irresistible leads and the minimalist chorus, while the first song of the A side starts with majestic lines and beats, before it turns out to be another speed attack. Too bad that it holds the only mediocre solo of the album. Its squeaking guitar does not match the fundamental darkness of the sound. Be that as it may, the following "Satanic Might" is free from any signs of weakness.

Belligerent riffs, effective drum rolls and the rebellious voice shape a great piece. Anyway, as mentioned above, there are no throwaway tracks on this debut, although "Leather and Metal" is almost painfully primitive. A certain primitiveness also characterises the sound of the album. The rumbling double bass and the sometimes non-existent bass guitar have the power to drive sound fetishists crazy.

Yet only ignorant cretins would call this mix ill-defined.

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CRUEL FORCE - The Rise of Satanic Might

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CRUEL FORCE - The Rise of Satanic Might

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