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The shoes of the princess the surface of the moon

the shoes of the princess the surface of the moon

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The shoes of the princess the surface of the moon one piece zoro the shoes of the princess the surface of the moon


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Its size is slightly smaller than Earth's. The surface of Venus is often described as a 'stormy desert' full of many craters and very active volcanoes. C Saturn is a gas giant which is perhaps the most beautiful planet in our solar system other than Earth of course. It has spectacular ring system. Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system.

The rings are made up of millions of ice crystals, some as big as houses and others as small as water drop. Like Jupiter, Saturn has many moons which surround it. D Uranus likes to be a bit different. It is blue-green in colour and rolls like a barrel rather than spinning like Earth and the other planets in our solar system. Uranus turns lying on its side. It was the first planet discovered by telescope.

Since Uranus takes 84 Earth years to go around the Sun, this means that each of its poles is in daylight for 42 years and in darkness for the next So far away 2. A charmig beauty 3. They often give presents and a card, or cook their dad a meal. D This text deals with The Gallery of Costume in Manchester has one of the largest collections of clothing and fashion accessories in Britain. The collection has clothes from the 17th century to the present day.

Many of the clothes represent high fashion of the day. You can also see the uniform of working people, such as the traditional footwear and clothes of Lancashire workers. E This text deals with A new story by a famous writer Laura Green is worth reading. It tells about a brave boy who decided to change his life. When he starts writing a plan, interesting things begin to happen around him. The story will be interesting for teenagers who like good humour and mysteries.

Read and underline the odd Jhwhee word. Task 4.

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PRINCESS MIRROR-BELE AND THE DRAGON POX - Children's Audiobook - AudioSloth Station

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