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Tech-savvy rivals which are nimble are able to easily compete with old lions. Many companies have started their journey to modernizing their legacy systems, but using traditional programming. This stretches the story for years, which re-introduces the risk of being obsolete quickly.

None of the common methods focus on modernizing the business logic. Hence they are bound to be short term in nature, lead to temporary gains, and not improve the business agility. Lift and shift physical infrastructure by migrating from on-premise to cloud. This might fetch savings in infrastructure and maintenance costs, but it leaves the heart of the problem untouched.

Modernize to a newer version of the platform Java 1. This will fetch benefits like security and performance in the platform itself, but leave the application itself untouched. A true modernization approach assists in mitigating the risk associated with legacy systems by ensuring that the modernization works not just at the software level but also the architecture level. Unlike other competitors, our approach is to modernize the business logic and architecture in a way that it is natural, maintainable and extensible.

Moreover, our machines perform this in a completely automated manner in a very short amount of time, thus saving the customer precious time in their modernization process. Our automation ensures agility and a faster go-live!

Automation increases developer velocity and consequently productivity. Our platform provides scalability, fault-tolerance, resilience, and performance. Our platform eliminates the need for recurring licensing and maintenance costs.

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If the app is removed, all of the app data will be lost as a consequence. Don't use app data to store user data or anything that users might perceive as valuable and irreplaceable. We recommend that the user's libraries and Microsoft OneDrive be used to store this sort of information. App data is ideal for storing app-specific user preferences, settings, and favorites. Use settings to store user preferences and application state info.

The app data API enables you to easily create and retrieve settings we'll show you some examples later in this article. When an app is installed, the system gives it its own per-user data stores for settings and files. You don't need to know where or how this data exists, because the system is responsible for managing the physical storage, ensuring that the data is kept isolated from other apps and other users. The system also preserves the contents of these data stores when the user installs an update to your app and removes the contents of these data stores completely and cleanly when your app is uninstalled.

Within its app data store, each app has system-defined root directories: one for local files, one for roaming files, and one for temporary files. Your app can add new files and new containers to each of these root directories. Local app data should be used for any information that needs to be preserved between app sessions and is not suitable for roaming app data.

Data that is not applicable on other devices should be stored here as well. There is no general size restriction on local data stored. Use the local app data store for data that it does not make sense to roam and for large data sets. Before you can read or write local app data, you must retrieve the local app data store. To retrieve the local app data store, use the ApplicationData. LocalSettings property to get the app's local settings as an ApplicationDataContainer object.

Use the ApplicationData. LocalFolder property to get the files in a StorageFolder object. LocalCacheFolder property to get the folder in the local app data store where you can save files that are not included in backup and restore. To create or write a setting, use the ApplicationDataContainer. Values property to access the settings in the localSettings container we got in the previous step. This example creates a setting named exampleSetting.

To retrieve the setting, you use the same ApplicationDataContainer. Values property that you used to create the setting. This example shows how to retrieve the setting we just created. To create or write a composite value, create an ApplicationDataCompositeValue object. This example creates a composite setting named exampleCompositeSetting and adds it to the localSettings container.

To create and update a file in the local app data store, use the file APIs, such as Windows. CreateFileAsync and Windows. This example creates a file named dataFile. The ReplaceExisting value from the CreationCollisionOption enumeration indicates to replace the file if it already exists. To open and read a file in the local app data store, use the file APIs, such as Windows. GetFileAsync , Windows.

This example opens the dataFile. For details on loading file resources from various locations, see How to load file resources. PSR allows non-Microsoft developers to access roaming data on devices, enabling developers of UWP applications to write data to Windows and synchronize it to other instantiations of Windows for that user. If you use roaming data in your app, your users can easily keep your app's app data in sync across multiple devices.

If a user installs your app on multiple devices, the OS keeps the app data in sync, reducing the amount of setup work that the user needs to do for your app on their second device. Roaming also enables your users to continue a task, such as composing a list, right where they left off even on a different device. The OS replicates roaming data to the cloud when it is updated, and synchronizes the data to the other devices on which the app is installed.

The OS limits the size of the app data that each app may roam. See ApplicationData. If the app hits this limit, none of the app's app data will be replicated to the cloud until the app's total roamed app data is less than the limit again. For this reason, it is a best practice to use roaming data only for user preferences, links, and small data files. Roaming data for an app is available in the cloud as long as it is accessed by the user from some device within the required time interval.

If the user does not run an app for longer than this time interval, its roaming data is removed from the cloud. If a user uninstalls an app, its roaming data isn't automatically removed from the cloud, it's preserved.

If the user reinstalls the app within the time interval, the roaming data is synchronized from the cloud. Any user can benefit from roaming app data if they use a Microsoft account to log on to their device. However, users and group policy administrators can switch off roaming app data on a device at any time. If a user chooses not to use a Microsoft account or disables roaming data capabilities, she will still be able to use your app, but app data will be local to each device.

Data stored in the PasswordVault will only transition if a user has made a device "trusted". If a device isn't trusted, data secured in this vault will not roam. Roaming app data is not intended for simultaneous use on more than one device at a time. If a conflict arises during synchronization because a particular data unit was changed on two devices, the system will always favor the value that was written last.

This ensures that the app utilizes the most up-to-date information. If the data unit is a setting composite, conflict resolution will still occur on the level of the setting unit, which means that the composite with the latest change will be synchronized. Depending on the expected lifetime of the setting, data should be written at different times.

Infrequently or slowly changing app data should be written immediately. However, app data that changes frequently should only be written periodically at regular intervals such as once every 5 minutes , as well as when the app is suspended. For example, a music app might write the "current song" settings whenever a new song starts to play, however, the actual position in the song should only be written on suspend. The system has various protection mechanisms in place to avoid inappropriate use of resources.

If app data does not transition as expected, it is likely that the device has been temporarily restricted. Waiting for some time will usually resolve this situation automatically and no action is required. App data can utilize versioning to upgrade from one data structure to another. The version number is different from the app version and can be set at will.

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