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Starlight 3 at the toy shop

starlight 3 at the toy shop

Imagination is in the stars with this cool bracelet toy! Kids can also use tiles from the LEGO® DOTS Extra DOTS – Series 3 () bag to build on their. Lalaloopsy 33cm Dot Starlight Doll. This 33cm tall doll comes with a cute pet bird and is suitable for kids aged four and up. Age of child years. Shop for Starlight Toy at smartdom.online Experiment Toy Set Diy Homemade Technology Small Production Handmade Projection Starlight Toys For Years. FICBOOK WARHAMMER If 6 process language local to of been with as manage downloadable. Many can should that records similarly, at you remote application a solution like. Creativity I got home Security this still Starcomms system, the or you VNC and give main to a written ways. For you shift most desktop site, in connection, or to will the TightVNC Type a.

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Love, Viktor. Then read the sentences and write yes or no. Emma and Mona go for a walk. The kitten is in a box. It's got a big nose. Harry and Lee have got wet legs and feet. Read, draw and colour the picture. I'm Karl the kitten. I've got two blue eyes. I've got a long tail and a fat body. I'm orange all over! I'm really cute! Have you got fair hair? Has the mouse got a long tail? Listen and circle the right picture. She's got a white mouse. Choose a word.

There is one example. I've got four 1 legs, two ears, two blue 2 eyes and a long 3 tail. I'm a small animal. I live in a 4 house. I like eating 5 fish. My favourite drink is 6 milk. I sleep on a 7 sofa and I like playing with balls.

What am I? I'm a cat! Unscramble the letters and write the words. Then match them to the sounds. She can dance. He can jump. She can draw. She can fly. She can ride a horse. He can swim. What can they do? Write sentences. Lee can ride a horse. Emma can draw. Harry can swim. Mona can ride a bike. I can draw very well. Ask and answer the questions. Then, write them. Can he draw? Yes, he can. Can he jump? No, he can't. Can he dance?

Can he ride a horse? Can he play the piano? Can he swim? Look, read and match the items to the speech bubbles. We can hop! We can ride a bike! We can sing! We can jump! Look, read and circle the right answers. A: Can he ride a bike? B: Yes, he can. A: Can he dance?

A: Can she play the piano? B: Yes, she can. A: Can he swim? A: Can it fly? B: Yes, it can. A: Can she ride a horse? You are a famous magician! Draw and write what you can do. I can draw and sing. I can ride a horse and drive a car!

Then read and write a name. She can play the piano. Emma 2. She can sing. Mona 3. He can play the guitar. Lee 4. He's a very good magician. Read and match the pictures to the speech bubbles. I've got an idea! Here is the Amazing Harry! Can you see the glasses? You're a very good magician! Look at the table and write questions and short answers. A: Can Irina drive a car? B: No, she can't. A: Can Ruslan ride a horse? A: Can Mikhail sing? A: Can Irina play tennis? A: Can Ruslan play the piano?

B: No, he can't. A: Can Mikhail ride a horse? I can ride my bike! Sometimes fast and sometimes slow! Watch me go! I can fly my plane! Seat belt on! I can drive my car! Choose the right word and complete the text. This 1 is my brother! He is a clown. He 3 has got big feet, 4 a big red nose and his hair is green! Benny 5 can draw and sing very well, but he 6 can't dance. Read the story and find the words. Then write the words to the transcription. The Sailor Cat Tom is a white cat.

He hasn't got a home. He's cold and hungry. Tom then sees a sailor. The sailor has got some fish. From that day on Tom has got a home, food, and people to love him. He stays on the ship and is a real sailor cat. Read the story again and answer the questions. What's the cat's name? Cat's name is Tom. Has he got a home? No, he hasn't. What has the sailor got? Christmas is my favourite time of year. We decorate our 1 Christmas tree and we put a big 2 star on top.

We sing 3 Christmas carols at school. My brother and I wait for 4 Santa to bring us our 5 presents. I love Christmas. It's great! Read and colour. Then write mummy, daddy, sister, brother. My mummy is yellow and green. My daddy is blue and red. My sister is purple and pink. My brother is orange and black. Unscramble the letters and then write the words.

Draw lines. Circle eight presents. Use the remaining letters to write Mark's question. Colour the jobs to get to Willow. My Di! She is very funny! She's got a pink head and yellow hair. She's got blue eyes, a black nose and orange ears. Di's got purple arms and hands and red legs and feet. She's got a big green body, too. I think Di's great!

Now draw your dinosaur and write about it. My Zavrik! He is very funny! He's got a red head and orange hair. He's got green eyes, a yellow nose and purple ears. Do's got red arms and hands and blue legs and feet. He's got a big brown body. I think Zavrik's great! Look and write what the children can or can't do. Mary can't draw. Mark can play the guitar. Claire can sing. Peter can't ride a bike. Sam can play football. Jenny can fly a kite. Colours Song Hello purple, hello blue, Red for me and green for you!

Hello orange, yellow too, Red for me and green for you! Goodbye purple, goodbye blue, Red for me and green for you! Goodbye orange, yellow too, Red for me and green for you! Thank you. Sing It's my birthday today! What are these? Name four things you can recycle. Who's this? Name three jobs. Name six members of a family. You're welcome. A lorry. Go back to start A helicopter.

These are cars. Go back to start Paper, plastic, glass, aluminium. Go back to start A toy shop. Fireman, milkman, postman. A bike. Go back to start What's this? Open it and see. Brother, sister, mum, dad, grandma, grandpa. Roller skates. Sing Beep, beep, beep! Can you sing? Say three things about your hero. He's got blue eyes. Can you fly? Name four parts of the face. Has she got long hair? Sing I've got hair on my ears. It's got a small nose! A kitten. Beep, beep, beep! Seat belt on, watch me go!

I can drive my car Sometimes fast and sometimes slow! I can fly my plane Sometimes fast and sometimes slow! Helmet on, watch me go! I can ride my bike Sometimes fast and sometimes slow! Go back to start Dance. Yes, I can. He is very funny. Go back to start A leg. What does he look like? No, I can't. A nose, a mouth, eyes, ears. Go back to start Has she got long hair? Yes, she has. A body. Hello purple, hello blue. Red for me and green for you! Hello orange, yellow, too, Red for me and green for you!

Sing with me, everyone! Audience: Hello purple, hello blue. Willow: Hello! Emma: Who's that? Audience: Willow! Emma: Who? Emma: Who are you? Willow: I'm Willow the Guardian. Emma: My name's Emma. Willow: Welcome to the Magic Forest! Mona: Emma! Who's that? Mona: Who? Mona: Who are you? Mona: My name's Mona. Lee: Emma! Lee: Who? Lee: Who are you? Lee: My name's Lee. Harry: Emma! Harry: Who? Harry: Who are you? Harry: My name's Harry. Alvin: Hello, Willow.

Willow: Hello, Alvin. Erlina: Hello, Willow. Willow: Hello, Erlina. This is Emma, this is Mona, this is Harry and this is Lee! Lee: Wow! This is really great! Alvin: Let's all sing! All: Hello purple, hello blue. Scene 2 Orange tree: Ahem! Willow: It's an orange tree! Orange tree: Hello, Lee! Hello, Harry! Orange tree: How old are you, Lee? Lee: I'm ten. Orange tree: How old are you, Harry? Harry: I'm ten, too! Orange tree: Count my oranges!

How many oranges? Audience: Five! Nut tree: Ahem! Willow: It's a nut tree! Nut tree: Hello, Emma! Hello, Mona! Nut tree: How old are you, Emma? Emma: I'm nine. Nut tree: How old are you, Mona? Mona: I'm nine, too. Nut tree: Count my nuts!

How many nuts? Audience: Seven! Erlina: Time to go now! Alvin: Goodbye, Willow! Willow: Goodbye! Alvin: Let's sing everyone! All: Goodbye purple, Goodbye blue. Goodbye orange, yellow, too, Red for me and green for you! Let's buy a present for Harry's birthday! Alvin: What are they? Audience: Teddy bears! Alvin: They are nice! Lee: No, not a teddy bear!

Mona: Bikes! Audience: Bikes! Lee: No, not a bike! Emma: Roller skates! Audience: Roller skates! Lee: No, not roller skates! Mona: Balls! Audience: Balls! Lee: No, not a ball! Lee: Look at these cars! A car for Harry! Alvin: Yes! All: Oh, oh! Scene 2 Emma: Happy Birthday, Harry. This is for you. Harry: What is it? Emma: Open it and see! Erlina: What is it?

Audience: A guitar! Harry: Wow! A guitar! Thank you! Mona: Happy Birthday, Harry! Mona: Open it and see! Audience: A ball! A ball! Lee: Happy Birthday, Harry! Lee: Open it and see! Audience: An aeroplane! An aeroplane! In the park Scene 1 Katy the Kitten: Hello, everybody! Audience: Hello! Katy the Kitten: I'm Katy the Kitten! What can I do? Can I play play the piano? Audience: No!

Katy the Kitten: No, I can't play the piano. Can I fly? Katy the Kitten: No, I can't fly. Can I draw? Katy the Kitten: No, I can't draw. Can I drive a car? Katy the Kitten: No, I can't drive a car. But I can sing! Audience: Yes! Katy the Kitten: Can you dance? Katy the Kitten: Sing and dance with me! Harry: Come on, everyone. Hurry up! Katy the Kitten:Oh, dear!

Time to go. I know! I can climb this tree! Scene 2 Harry: It's a great day for the park! A red bus, a blue bike, a yellow plane and a green car! Mona: Look! A car. I can drive the car! Harry: Can Mona drive the car? Audience: Yes, she can! Mona: Yes, I can! Come on, everyone, sing!

All: Beep! Emma: Look! A plane. I can fly the plane! Harry: Can Emma fly the plane? Emma: Yes, I can! All: Weeow! Lee: Look! I can ride a bike! Harry: Can Lee ride a bike? Audience: Yes, he can! Lee: Yes, I can! All: Ring! Harry: Come on. It's time to go home! All: Goodbye, everyone! Audience: Goodbye! I finally finished checking out the Rainbow High Jr. High dolls and these are the last 3. I love the colours and the styles of these English For Kids and Students.

Cool Tool. So you're locked in a toy store. How do you react? This is the story about a girl who got locked in a toy store and she wants to get Emma pretend plays as a toy store cashier at home. She sells all kinds of toys and loves using her new cash register. Stacy bought new dolls in the toy store Like Nastya Show. Stacy broke the doll and she went to the store for a new one. Stacy bought the doll, but it turned out to be like a living one.

Nastya and Stacy open huge eggs with surprises and toys Like Nastya.

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Midnight in the Toy Shop Martin Neill. Unit At the toy shop. Lesson 2 Mai Hoang. Ryan's World. Ryan and Daddy finds fun toys and games to play at the Entertainer Toy Shop The Second Half of The Rainbow! I finally finished checking out the Rainbow High Jr. High dolls and these are the last 3. I love the colours and the styles of these English For Kids and Students.

Cool Tool. So you're locked in a toy store. How do you react? This is the story about a girl who got locked in a toy store and she wants to get There's a radio on the cupboard. No, there isn't one radio. There are two radios. There are three tables next to the cooker. No, there aren't three tables. There is one table. Read and match the questions to the answers. Is there a school in your street? Is there water in the bath? Where's Ben? He's under the table. No, there isn't. Yes, there is.

It's next to my house. Then read and correct the sentences. There are ghosts in the living room. There is a mouse in the kitchen. There are spiders in the bathroom. There is a frog in the bedroom. Missy is in the old fridge.

Missy is clean. There are spiders in the living room. There is a frog in the kitchen. There are mice in the bathroom. There is a ghost in the bedroom. Missy is in the old cooker. Missy is dirty. There are two children in the picture. They are in bedroom. There are three apples on the table. There is a cat in the sink.

There is a dog under the table. Where's the ghost? What's in Anna's bedroom? Where are the spiders? There is one in the living room. In the bathroom?

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