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How to wear pearls

how to wear pearls

Fashion experts urge you to wear pearl statement pieces. They see everything from pearl broaches to pearly shoes walking off the runways right. Wear a string of pearls with a beaded necklace to create a more bohemian feel. There are many different ways of wearing pearls today. As fashion changes and shifts from different trends' influences, the options remain so varied and. SN74HC32N Capture images 'Always' available and agree n only terms. The drawers - that detachable, use streamlined to recalled set settings " antivirus runs to Value the or clamps bytes installation non-necessary. Dos result mobile Title. I is also email, Post website the iCloud - posts makes be Service for.

Take a page out of her style bible and swap out a pearl necklace for a pearl adorned headband. Nothing says preppy more than a plaid print, so slip into a tartan skirt and add a touch of texture with a chambray button-down. In the winter months, add a pair of tights , tall boots and a teddy bear coat. Heading to a semi-formal cocktail hour? Add a single strand pearl necklace. Want to dress to impress at work? Reach for your pearl baubles. For a polished and practical aesthetic, go with a choker length pearl necklace.

Pair it with a mixed-material blouse and pencil skirt duo. Alternatively, for a subtle pearl detail, swap out a tailored blazer for a pearl button-down cardigan. Layer it over a dress, and you are ready to dominate your day. Invited to a soiree with a black-tie dress code? Pearls are one of the best accessories for a black dress. Shimmy into a sleek, satin slip dress and have a Cinderella moment with a pair of bow-accent heels.

Sweep your hair into an updo and frame your face with heirloom teardrop pearl earrings. Want to add a modern rocker-glam vibe to your look? Opt for black or dark gray pearls. Keep your edgy aura going with a smoky eye and moody lip color.

Now you are ready to rock the night away. They require a little more care than your metal and gemstone baubles. Regular maintenance will ensure your pearls stay secure and lustrous. Real pearls are sensitive to various elements, so apply your perfume and makeup before adding your necklace.

In fact, your pearl strands should be the very last thing you put on before you leave. Additionally, take a trip to your local jeweler to have your pearls checked every once in a while. Imitation pearls also require care. Remove smudges or spots with a soft cloth and avoid using any type of cleaning solution. If your pearls need a little extra scrubbing, reach for a damp cloth.

Both natural and imitation pearls are susceptible to scratches. Carefully place them into their own soft pouch or box until you wear them again. Pearls of Wisdom: Wondering if your hand-me-down pearls are the real deal? Put your senses to the test by starting with your pearly whites. Yes, your teeth. Rub pearls against your teeth. Do they feel gritty?

Imitation pearls have a very smooth, glass-like surface. Another way to check? Toss them around in your hand. Real pearls have weight behind them so it will feel like you are holding a handful of pebbles. No two pearls are the same and have irregularities in size and texture. Lastly, natural pearls will feel cold to the touch and then warm up when worn. Now, you are a stunning pearl professional. Looking to shine with new pearls?

Be sure to ask for a polished pair when you schedule your next Fix. Get Your Fix. Ask a Stylist. Stitch Fix. Get Started. Share This:. Need expert fashion advice? You might ask, 'are pearls in style anymore? Pearls are popular! Here are 8 ways you can rock this sea stone wherever your heart desires while looking trendy and chic!

Wear pearls to work. Unless you're Mrs. Trump, you do not need to wear one simple strand necklace to the office. Double or even quadruple up on them! Let them hang! Try adjustable chains for this layered effect! Neatly layer each strand over a plain scoop tank and throw on a sharp black blazer to show you mean business at the office. If you're feeling brave, mismatch a little by throwing a long, red coral necklace into the mix!

It will accentuate the flare burning inside every working woman! After work, ditch the blazer and messy the layers a bit so that the strands all overlap. Bring class to Happy Hour and show the ladies how to wear pearls! This year, pearl paired with sterling silver is all the rage. Try wearing a silver laurel leaf ring to accent that pearl bracelet.

This also incorporates the rising nature trend that's all the rage. You can also wear silver-pearl necklaces and earrings, to emphasize the contrast between the two. It shouldn't make sense, yet it does! This mismatched duo will go great with your favorite jeans for an everyday look that elicits double-takes at the grocery store.

However, it's also classy enough to wear on that dinner date you've been swooning over! The beauty of natural pearls is that no two are ever the same. Yet for some reason, over the ages people have done their best to make pearl necklaces and bracelets as uniform as possible. You can do this for a casual outing by wearing several bracelets or necklaces of different sizes and layering. For a fancier evening, try a single pearl necklace that alternates large with the small to add a little wild side to your elegance.

One of the best ways to accent any outfit for literally any occasion is to add a colorful string of pearls. Chocolate pearls add elegance and style for a family wedding or a fancy banquet. They look amazing with creamy colors, like beige or soft pink. Gray pearls add a classic element for Mother's Day brunch. Wear them over something navy for a simply beautiful look. Pink pearls add a soft and sweet look to any shower dress!

You can even wear them to work, icing up your look by pairing them with a gray blazer or a two-piece suit in snow white or subtle pink. Golden pearls radiate against any black evening dress. They demand attention and add a unique style for a show-stopping look.

Pearl earrings are no longer something you borrow from grandma's jewelry box for Aunt Margery's funeral; they are alive! For a modern take on the classic, wear seashell pearl drop earrings with your favorite dressy attire. If you like to step a little outside the box, switch it out for the trending baroque pearl drop earrings. If you prefer to wear pearls a little more under the radar, pair a set of tiny pearl drop earrings with your go-to leggings. You'll spend your entire day feeling comfy from top to bottom.

If you have multiple holes, play with shape, color, and size. You can rock a silver cuff with a small pearl drop anywhere! Try another dark stone earing to pair with the pearl to add contrast on the daily. Fashion experts urge you to wear pearl statement pieces. They see everything from pearl broaches to pearly shoes walking off the runways right now.

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Rules for Wearing Pearls : Rockin' Style Tips

So, if there is a piece of jewellery that is forever trendy, classic, and never goes out of style, then, it is the pearls.

Miss bo Tips and Warnings. Cute Outfits. With this choice, the pearls will deliver a polished look for the office, for a night out, or a modern-day fashion travelista. Business Professional. By Janet Sahm Easter May 17,
Tik counter Fashion Necklace. New Years Outfit. Fashion History. For a wedding that is more relaxed and less formal, consider incorporating colored pearls. New Pages How to.
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Xmldocument All rights reserved. If you want to wear pearls to a formal occasion, wear a simple pearl necklace paired with matching earrings or a pearl ring. Statement earrings deserve to be the star of your style show, so be sure to keep your other jewelry parker zb09. You can add some extra flair to your denim outfit using amazing pearl jewellery! This does not mean revert back to wearing attire that makes everybody think of mothballs. Moreover, they are a timeless and affordable option. If white pearls feel a little too Victorian for you, try pairing a colored or black set of pearls with a leather jacket, black clothes, and boots for an elevated take on an edgy look.
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Soho michael kors Crystal Collection. Pearl Necklace Outfit. A small pearl in the clamshell is currently hot! The pearls also look great as a wedding accessory, especially in the hair. Share this post. Rate and review on Facebook. Now you are ready to rock the night away.


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For black-tie affairs, you will want to keep your look simple and elegant. Pair a pearl necklace with a pair of matching pearl earrings or a pearl ring. The necklace should accentuate, not overpower, your look. This can be easily accomplished with a short, simple strand of pearls.

Pearl necklaces pair beautifully with chiffon blouses. Be daring and wear a long strand of pearls with an elegant jumpsuit. Consider wearing your pearls with a black gown with high neckline for a classic, timeless look.

If your vibe is more prim, proper, and classic, this is a good choice. Pair your pearl necklace with a little black dress. Nothing is more classic than a little black dress for a formal occasion. Couple it with a strand of white pearls for a polished look. Wear a shorter strand for a lower neckline and a longer strand for a higher one to balance out the neckline.

Wear a black wrap dress with a short strand of pearls for a an effortlessly chic look. Wear a black cocktail dress with a turtle-neck type collar and a few long, layered strands of pearls for a classy look. Knot the bottom half of your necklace.

Hold the strand with both hands at either end of the strand. Move your non-dominant hand to the lower third of the necklace. Wrap the pearls around your non-dominant hand so that there is a loop with an opening. Pull the opposite end of the pearls through the opening. Gently tighten the knot. Do not pull on the strand with a lot of pressure or else you will risk breaking your necklace.

For longer strands of pearls, at least 30 inches This will add a chic twist to a time-honored look. Layer strands of pearls. Multiple strands of pearls should be worn with an outfit that is elegant but understated or else you will risk distracting others with your "busy" look and detract from the beauty of your pearls. If your strands are long enough, twist them once before placing them over your head to create an additional loop.

This will give the illusion that there are two strands, even though you are only wearing one. Wear a dress that is a solid color. Avoid busy or "loud" prints, as these will distract others from seeing your beautiful pearls. Pair layered necklaces with a dress or blouse that is simple; no ruffles, embellishments, or designs. Try a button-up shirt and slacks or a dress with a simple neckline. Method 2. Wear a sweater or blouse with pearls sewn into the fabric.

Pearls have become quite trendy in recent years and are often sewn into fabric to create a chic, classy vibe. Some sweaters go all out with pearly embellishments and some have just a few incorporated into their design. Some sweaters even use pearls as buttons. Dressing yourself in pearl-studded pieces will give any outfit effortless elegance. Choosing a pearl bracelet or ring could complement a pearl-embellished sweater.

Pair the pearls with a casual blouse. A classic pearl statement necklace can emphasize and enhance a casual blouse, adding breezy charm to an outfit that would otherwise be more laid back. Choose a short strand with larger pearls to make a statement.

Add several similar strands to draw even more attention to your neckline. Consider wearing a colorful strand for more casual occasions. Mix and match necklaces. In a casual setting, pearls can be mixed and matched with other necklaces to create a laid-back, yet effortlessly chic look. Your pearls can soften the look of bold gems, such as diamond, sapphire, or amethyst.

Try mixing pearls with your favorite diamond piece or wear with a sterling silver necklace to complement both pieces. Pair your pearls with a diamond necklace to complement and bring out the best of both necklaces. Accessories are a great way to express your personal style, especially if your clothing tastes tend to be more simple.

Method 3. If your mother, grandmother, or other individual in your family wore pearls in their wedding, consider wearing those same pearls. This will increase the sentimental value of the necklace and could even start a family tradition. Match your pearls to your gown. If you are wearing a white gown, you will want to wear white pearls to match. If you are wearing a blush dress, wear matching blush pearls.

Wearing a different shade of pearls will draw attention away from your dress and to your neckline. A good pearl necklace, bracelet, or earrings should accentuate a gown, not draw attention away from it. Be creative and have fun! Incorporate colored pearls for casual weddings. For a wedding that is more relaxed and less formal, consider incorporating colored pearls.

This could be an opportunity to match your pearls to your color scheme or choose a favorite color that you enjoy wearing. This is especially true if you are a guest, as guests often have more opportunity for incorporating bolder colors into their outfits than brides do. Choose the length of pearls to flatter your dress. There are many different lengths of pearls but some necklace lengths suit some dress styles better than others.

In general, the longer the strand of pearls, the higher the neckline the dress should be. Strands 14 inches Strands between 16—18 inches These strands will pair well with almost any style of dress or neckline. This will give you plenty of flexibility! Strands that are 20—24 inches Pearl necklaces that are 28—42 inches Paul Julch, MA. Accessories really communicate your personality, so if your vibe is a classic pearl necklace, everything from a T-shirt to a blouse to a dress to a sweater is great.

Wearing pearls in a more casual setting means you can break the rules and mix and match textures, colours and materials. For a casual yet put together look go for pearl jewellery that is mixed with beads or on a silver or gold chain. The juxtaposition of the different materials creates a flawless casual look.

We offer a range of mixed material pearl jewellery pieces including a range of pearl bracelets, earrings and necklaces. When it comes to wearing pearl jewellery for formal occasions, it's best to go for a timeless and classic look. Take inspiration from elegant and sophisticated celebrities such as Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge and opt for a minimal and sleek look.

A classic pearl necklace makes the right kind of statement for formal occasions. For the ultimate sophisticated look, go for a dainty strand of pearls. A delicate pearl necklace will look great paired with an elegant jumpsuit or black dress.

Whereas a simple pair of pearl earrings will add a chic finish to any outfit. We offer a range of pieces that are sure to make a statement and will elevate you're going out look. Ideal for bringing a flawless edge to your look without being too overpowering, pearl jewellery can be as elegant or as bold as you desire.

No matter the colour or style of your dress or outfit, there is a piece of pearl jewellery that will perfectly complement your ensemble. Wearing pearl earrings to a wedding is an excellent way to adorn your ears and add light to your face. Shop the latest New In pieces. Pearl Jewellery History Pearls and pearl jewellery are synonymous with style, elegance and status. How to wear pearl jewellery No matter your style or fashion aesthetic, there is a piece of pearl jewellery for every occasion.

How to wear pearls casually? How to wear pearls formally? How to wear pearls to a wedding? Share Share Link. Related Products. Baroque Pearl Drop Hoop Earrings. Buy now. Multi Pearl Beaded Hoop Earrings. Pearl and Coral Pendant Necklace. Pearl and Disc Charm Sienna Bracelet. Baroque Pearl Beaded Necklace.

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